Monday, September 5, 2011

Elder Terry-- September 5, 2011

Josh is doing great! He leaves for Minnesota bright and early tomorrow morning. Here's today's letter....written like a giant text! Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

Wow i cant believe that i have already been here another week. time really does go by so fast. except for sundays. thats when i think about the family and close friends the most for some reason. all is going well though! for the most part anyway. I never imagined that my job as district leader would be so hard at the mtc. sadly if i could describe my experience here for the most part would be babysitting. Dad you told me that my biggest dissapointment while being a missionary would be to see those who dont care about the work and are wasting the lords time. i feel like there are a lot of kids in my district that are like that. Ive caught kids with cell phones, stealing, not only stealing but stealing the book of mormon, and doing other things that i dont want to mention but i am just really disappointed in some of the people that come out here and are representing our savior. make sure that all of you who are going out soon dont ever do that! Elder Holland came and spoke to everyone on Tuesday. that was one of the most powerful talks. I knew it was for the kids in my district. His main point was that we dont have the right to disgrace the image of a missionary! Perfect topic for a bunch of punk kids that need to shape up. However i have loved my experience here and my testimony has grown so much! im just excited to get out into the mission field and get started in this work.

it was interesting to me as i was reading the first verse of 1 nephi chapter 1. it says having suffered much Afflictions. the footnote for afflictions is blessings. i thought about that for a minute and it is so true. i know that when we go through the hard times it will just make us stronger and God will bless us for it. thank you everyone for all the letters! it is so nice to here from you out here. And thank you mom, The whittles, and the einfeldts for the packages! so nice of you. This past week everyone is getting pretty sick. my comp. and i got pretty sick a few days ago, personally i think it is from the food here. nothing compared to moms cookin! i sure miss that already. yesterday during our devotional the opening song was two sisters singing 'his hands' that one that mckell and mindy sang. it made me miss jake so much! how is he doing in Argentina? keep me updated. let me know about the ties too. last night i went and hung out with elder whittle and elder moore in his apartment for a little while. it was so nice to get back with the group again. sad that i will be leaving them tomorrow morning but so exciting as well!! Sorry that my letters here are pretty boring. everyday blends together because we are going to class and learning all day. just know that i am loving it. there was a quote i really liked i heard yesterday 'equally as important as what you do to get the spirit, is what you do not to lose it.' that applied very well with our district. Nate make sure you can be the best missionary you can be, never slack off and disrespect the work! i know you wont though, your a stud. sad news, the temple is closed for my last P-day. i wanted to go one more time! hopefully i can go in St. Paul. mom, before i forget i leave at 5 am from here so expect a call between 6 and 8am. i have no idea when it will be. but i am going to go by a calling card today. Cant wait to hear from you! and happy birthday to nate tomorrow! i wish you could come out to minnesota and join me. thank you mckenna and momma sherri for the quick email :) i will be sure to get you my address when i get it!! for the rest of the family i hope you are having a tun of fun out in Park City! miss ya. We will have to go up there again when i get back. mom, i saw that you said you took out all the personal stuff. i decided i realy dont care if people read anything. its ok. haha but thank you! Dad, thats sad about not being able to go up to northern MN in virginia. hopefully they will re-open that before i leave so i will have the chance. when we go back on our trip we should do splits with the missionaries up there. that would be awesome i think. nate, nicki, natalie, lane. i will hopefully get a letter to you off today. but i have to pack up completely so if i cant i will in MN! however i have the next 10 hours to do nothing so i hopefully will be able to find time. one more quote ' when obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.' i love that. anyways time is out. I love you all so much. Family i look forward to the call tomorrow!!!

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