Friday, September 23, 2011

Elder Tyler Hartvigsen--Sept. 21, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!

So again, sorry about last week being such a short email, i only had about 15 min. on the computer total, and i had to write my mission president! so guess what?? i had my first baptism yesterday!! i was able to baptise this girl named kaitey, i taught her the very first day i got here. she is so strong in the gospel, she reminds me alot of you mom, because none of her family are members, and yet she is so strong in the gospel, and she has such a strong desire to follow christ. its been a really great week. we have about 5 people on date for baptism next month, and we are very excited about it. baptising kaitey yesterday was one of the best experiences for me. i wish you all could have beent there! but the pictures will just have to do. ;) i am so happy to have this opportunity to be a missionary. it is such a privlege to be a tool in the hands of the lord. fergs i got all your letters and its so great to hear from you all! i loved the pictures. janice and abbey, i got your letters too, thank you all so much!! brooke, going on a mission is something you would never regret doing! if you pray about it, i know that you'll get an answer, i prayed very hard about going on a mission, and i got the strongest answer ever that i needed to go! this has been one of the best decisions i have ever made, i am so happy to be out here, and i have already learned so much! i feel like a new person! i love reading the scriptures now! haha i finished the book of mormon in exactly one month, and now im reading it over again, as well as the new testament. i love it here so much, and i love you all! stevie, im sorry about the elbow man, you have been in my prayers! tj, thats cool that your taking an EMT course, well i guess you might be, haha that is very cool though! i went to this members house the other day, and he had SOOOO many guns, he had over 40, he showed them all to me and my companion, i was just drooling over them! haha he had a legit reloading set up as well, it was really cool. haha anyways i hope everyone knows that i love them, and i appreciate all of the support, i'll talk to everyone in a week!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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