Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--November 28, 2012

Hahaha Boo Ya!
I'm glad Josh caught that:) haha It's possible that I could extend. The thing is with all these new missionaries coming in it might throw some stuff off, but if I do extend it will only be a couple of weeks. I hope I can! That would be awesome!
So for thanksgiving we ate some super narsty stuff. We ate a Phillapino delacacy called Balut. It's a half-incubated duck egg. It was pretty disgusting. We filmed ourselves eating it and we felt like throwing up a couple of times, but we ate the whole thing. So the egg is warm, and you crack it open and some juice starts to come out so you suck the juice out. (That made me wanna barf haha.) The juice was like brown and didn't smell the greatest haha. Then you break away the rest of the egg shell. Well to my luck the first thing that I saw when I opened the egg was the long neck and the head all squished into the body. So I uncovered it more and asked sister W. what I do next. She said just bite into it all. So we just started eating it all like a boiled egg. There were a couple of times I felt a little bit of a crunch. (probably like the beak or something haha.) The egg white was pretty gross too. It was all down at the bottom and it was really hard, and tasted like we were eating crumpled up rubber. So ya it was a fun experience. Sister W. was just laughing the whole time, and then said well now you don't have to eat anymore all day. You just ate an entire duck haha. She's so awesome!
I've been just teaching in english, but still get to talk to people on the street in Spanish a lot. It's fun. I just got to go on exchanges with Elder Simmons in spanishland here in Vista. We saw so many miracles together. He's the District Leader now in the Vista Spanish District so I get to see him quite a bit. There was a hispanic lady that we talked to and we asked her if we could come by and teach her and her family about Jesus Christ. She said no, la verdad es que somos catolicos. (The truth is that were Catholics.) So we asked her, well have you ever wondered why there are so many religions and different beliefs. She said ya know I have. I've wondered that same thing. So then we told her well the original church that Christ established was lost once the apostle's were killed and everyone just began to do their own thing, but we know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been brought back and that God has called a prophet and twelve apostle's to guide his church. Then we asked what would it mean to you if you could know that Christ's church was restored? She told us it would mean everything to her. Then we said what if we were to tell you that we had evidence of that, would you be interested in seeing that evidence. She said yes I would. So we explained to her what the book of mormon was and about Joseph Smith. She then said that we could come by this weekend and share it with her family. It was a really neat experience. People don't understand what we really have, but the more they begin to understand it, the more they want it in their lives.
I hope that Josh is doing better. I keep praying for him as well. Tell him I will write him soon, as well as the Choster. I'm glad that he'll be closer now. I miss that guy. I think about him a lot, and pray for him. How's Justin Christensen and Caleb Weeks doing? They're home now right?? That's so weird. I can't believe it's already almost December. Tell them all Hola por mi:)
Things have been going really well. Super busy, but good! It was really neat to have Elder Schwitzer here with us. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Love you all. Keep looking for missionary opportunities:)
Con amor,
Elder Witle!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 26, 2012

Subject: Nothing Like a Good Ol' Thanksgiving Dinner

Gobble, Gobble, oh wait thanksgiving is finally over, now its time for the best part of the year. Yes as you may have guessed I do love the Christmas season, but let me give you a re-cap of the week of Thanksgiving. Well the week started off with a good meeting with the leadership of our zone. We got together to discuss the successes of our zone and to see what goals we could set for the month of December to help us be better missionaries. So that went really well, we were able to generate a lot of ideas, and we will be meeting this tomorrow to finalize the zone goal of December. Tuesday night we were able to go and have dinner with a less active family and to show them the new website. Unfortunately they didn't have it in Spanish so we just watched the video and other things in English. All in all I hope that it was a good experience for them and that they were able to feel the christmas spirit. After that we passed by a members home, and as we were walking to the door, I almost walked right into a spider. Elder Garrett walked just to the left of the spiders web, and I was walking right next to him. But as I started getting closer, I saw something floating in the air. Then I realized that it was a huge spider. I took some photos of it so you will be able to see it.
So for Thanksgiving, we ate in the house of our Bishop. When I say we I mean, Elder Garrett and I, and the other two elders in the ward, Elder Thurgood, and Elder Petrie. Our Bishop is a white man that served in Argentina, where he met his wife, I thought that was interesting seeming how my brother did the same. And so Sister Ma made all the food, and it was so good. We had turkey, obviously, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, yams, macaroni casserole, finnel, and amazing pie. Basically it was like I was eating American food, but with a different family. I was a good thanksgiving dinner, and then after we went over to other home to pick up some food, that another member had made for us. It was a good thanksgiving, just without the board games, and family.
We were able to see M. and E. this week, and then they cancelled the appointment on saturday, kinda a bummer, but M. came to church yesterday which was great. She really enjoyed it, and said that next week her mom is going to come as well. I will be good. We were able to set baptismal dates with them for the 23rd of December, so they are excited about that. Also I talked with Elder Hardman and he said that the M. family is getting baptized on the 9th of December, so I will hopefully be able to make it down there for that.
Well it sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful for all of you. Are you all getting ready for Christmas, and the spirit of the season. Remember not to get too caught up in the material aspect of things. Brayden congrats on the baby stuff, I'm sure it will all be great. Hope that everyone is having a great time, and enjoying life. Thanks to all who have been writing me emails every week, Oma and Opa, my wonderful parents. Hope to hear from you all soon.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

Elder Taylor Ferguson- Novemer 26, 2012


Thanksgiving has come and gone supes fast. And this week I finished my 2nd transfer, and training woot woot. haha, The week was....interesting. For thanksgiving day, we had a turkey bowl, which was fun, w/ a lot of the missionaries, and the ward. Then we went to The professional Skydiver/basejumper's house, kinda ate w/ him a little, which was good/sad cause he is going through some rough family stuff right now/recovering from surgery and he was all alone for t-givings. Then we ate w/ the H's (Brother H does some of the temple tours and is super awesome.) For the main meal, w/ the Portugese elders. Then went to the Young Women Pres house, and ate there a little bit...but that was it. It was a rough day.We had a lot of families cancel on us, and couldn't really go it was rough. But we made it through that, and then on Friday, Elder Cooper was really sick so we just stayed inside all day, and I read the scriptures ALL day, which was good till about 6 at night. Thennnnnn I was bored. so yeah. It was great. haha. But our Haitian Friends were baptized on Sunday, so we were suuups happy for them.

I love you guys thank you all so much for everything you do, be safe.

Elder Ferguson

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- November 20, 2012

Man I'm so jealous that Jaden is going to Peru! That's so awesome. Peruvians are the best. I've taught a couple of them on my mission. They're such great people. She should try and learn quechwa (spelling?) while she's down there. That's awesome about Brad as well. Tell him congrats. He's going to love Chile. We have people in our ward who are from Chile and they're super nice. They always ask if we are hungry or thirsty and want to feed us haha. Brad's going to get fat:)
Elder Goble is from American Fork. He's such a funny guy. We've been having a blast. He has one eye and the other one is fake so he always opens and closes his pens with his eye and it freaks everybody out.
It was so great to see Grandma in the Temple. She has such a good spirit about her. I feel like she's the one with the shining light. It was fun to talk to her there while she introduced me to everyone. She needs to come up to Utah when I get back and live with us!
Gertrude is doing great! He wrote me a big long letter talking about how KT Mafia is going to be restarted once we all get back, and told me a lot about how his mission is going. He seems to be growing a lot and seems to be doing a great job with the language. I'm excited to talk to him one day in Spanish. It will be fun. Tell Josh he needs to start learning! He's got a year still ;) (extension! Boo ya!)
The conference with Elder Schwitzer was so great. Kind of stressful getting everything set up and giving trainings, but it was great! The spirit was really strong. It's always neet when a General Authority visits the mission. President Cook came out to a couple lessons with us when Elder Schwitzer was here, and Elder Schwitzer went out with the assistants to a lesson. It was a neat experience. Elder Schwitzer's car battery died just as we were leaving with President Cook, so Elder Goble and I turned around and went and gave Elder Schwitzer a jump.
Things have been going well. I can't believe that we are already half-way through the transfer. We've been so busy that this transfer has just flown by. Elder Goble and I are getting ready to sing and play guitar together at the Christmas talent show. It's going to be fun. We're going to sing Nearer my God to thee. We'll try and record it.
Wellp not a lot of new stuff to tell ya. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Love you all. I like the Carne asada idea. You should make Molet! I love that stuff! Don't forget the Chapulines!
Con amor,
Elder Witle!
P.S. Tell Kaleigh congrajulations for me!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- November 18, 2012

Well another amazing letter has been sent from my amazing mother. take you very much for that amazing insist into marriage. Seriously on of the best parts about this whole mission thing is knowing that every monday I am able to go and read an amazing letter from a women that i respect and love so much. Really mom you are the best and thank you for everything that you did for me and that you are still doing. It meand so much and I am eternally gratefully. I LOVE YOU!!!
So the first thing is about the whole empty house I think it is time to let you into my plan...well better said me and brandons plans. So we are thinking about moving into your home and living there for a while to finish school and get are lives started again. So if that is cool with you that would be sweet haha. It is just and idea but it will probably happen. So we could just live in the basement. Obviously i will be but it would be sweet with brandon too haha. Also we would help around the house so you would have to extra hands haha so that is in the works maybe it will work out and that way you wont be so lonely haha. We could put all of the box out of the way and basically just rock it up hah. so yea. that would be the plan...if we had to we could play rent haha so yep. Anyways just think about it. I dont want to sound trunky haha but it is just some plan that popped into my mind when you talked about be lonely. Anyways, so if brandon gets home before me you should let him live in my room until we get home and he can be like your son for 6 months bahahaha.
So about the whole coming to argentina thing....So if that is super exspensive then i dont know but it would be pretty dang interesting to have you guys come here and to show you everything...I am not sure how it all works if the parents come to pick you up so we woulf have to figure all of that out some how but yea. It would be pretty cool. It would be really cool if some how we could get to chubut to go the elder gallardos house but that would be hard to do. It is on the otherside of the country. so we will see...honestly if it is alot of money you shouldn´t do it...honestly i will have absolutely nothing in the area of money when i got home so that will be my challenge but god has my back so i have faith. I will just have to work hard. I lot of people thinks life gets easier when the mission is over but i only see it getting harder haha.
Well now to tell you about the crazy week that i had haha. So it started out pretty normal and then it turned out everyone has a lot of problems and as a missionary there is a whole lot that i can do. When family doesn´t have food to eat so it is go talk to the bishop, the second problem was my husband beats me so we say go talk to the bishop. After that the week got crazy. We had to prepare for the baptism and get everything ready...the problem with that is that the founts here done drain by them selves they pump them out but luckly for us the pump is broken and they didn´t fix it so we and my comp got to get the water out by buckets!!! Heck yea!!! Another thing to remember!!! so basically i spent 3 hours getting the water out. It was crazy and we both ended up some what wet. The things that we do to get it all worked out and going well. Crazy. haha. After that the baptism went well. So after that day i was blessed to go see M. and N. get married friday. That is right. i got promission to go see there wedding!!! It was amazing.M. and N. are my good family that threw me the birthday party and everything. so those are the pictures. It was so good to see them was like a taste of coming home and seeing my family and friends and just being in that again. It was a huge blessing an now i am so very greatful to be so close to my old area. The lord really is watching out for me. It is a nice feeling. also I gave Elder Gallardo his jersey there an he basically freaked out. He is super happy and thankful for it. He says thanks. There is also a photo of that :) He also says that he will send you a present mom from the south of argentina so some day you might end up with a random package from Chubut argentina haha. Thanks for sending it. It meant a lot to him. So after that adventure we had a pretty slow week. it was hard for me to get my head into the game for some reason but hopefully this week will be better.
So about where I am at. I leave in a house now. the houses here are all pushed together and all of that stuff. Basically where I am is city. There are very busy streets and a lot of people. The house i live in is pretty goo. We have ac so that is a total plus. The shower doesnt work and when it rains here are ceiling is full of holes so are front little room feels with water. It was interesting this week because we had a super strong storm that turned to power of for a while and dumped rain. The room basically became the great salt lake bahah. It was fun. there is a picture of that also. I dont know if you will be able to see it but it is there haha. There are still motos here but more people drive cars so that is different and the people are super different. It is only 15 minutes away but it is super different for some strange how it works out haha. As for beds we have bunkbeds so i am up off the floor. So everything is going well. It is weird to be in a house but it isnt to bad. The ac makes it all worth it haha..
So that is basically my week. I will be printing off your email for later to copy haha. There are some good things in there. It basically makes me happy. I am super glad to be in the work of the lord. The truth is that right now I am struggling but you just got to stay positive and look for the lords will and not yours. There is a great mormon message about a gardener with that by Christofferson. If Josh reads this I think that he should wash it. It helped me out this week. I am very thankful for all of those people that are helping and praying for my. I am so very greatful for all of you and for everything tht you do for me. Take care of yourselves and be safe. I love you all and the church is true!!!! look for the lords will in your life and all we work out. Try to be better everyday and find the things that you have to imporove. The lord will help you. That is the gift of the light of christ. Be strong in the faith and sure the scriptures. HAVE FAITH!!!!
I love you all and until next week. Paz Fuera.

Your beloved, Elder Allen
P.s. this transfer is over and i am still with elder bryner in the same spot so nothing has changed. I love you.

Elder Corbin Morre-- November 19, 2012

Well this week was a really good week here in Los Angeles. I was able to start speaking more Spanish with the members and the investigators that we have. I came back super quick, and now I'm basically back up to speed. We had a successful week, being able to see a lot of our investigators, and setting return appointments with them if they were busy. Hopefully we will be able to see all of them this week. This week we had MLT (mission leadership training), it was super good we were able to talk a lot about the stuff that is going to be happening for the holidays here in Los Angeles, and some of the stuff that the church is doing abroad. We are going to be trying to incorporate all of that in our teaching, and help our investigators and members, really have a wonderful experience this holiday season.
On Tuesday I was able to teach a member of our ward, his name is A. C. He was someone that Sister Christensen, Justin's older sister, knew when see served in this ward. I you are confused I'm sure Josh can fill you in on who they both are. So that was kewl, because I was reading through a list of names that she gave me, and their family was one of them. Super Kewl. It is awesome how the Lord works. I love it.
So about my companion, Elder Garrett. He is from Beaver Creek, Ohio, and came out to the mission the transfer before me. He is one of four kids, and is the third. Fun fact about him, he started his mission in the MTC, going to the Los Angeles mission, two weeks after his older brother came back from serving in the Los Angeles mission. I thought that that was kinda kewl.
Sorry got to run, Happy late birthday to B-money.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

ELder Taylor Ferguson-- November 19, 2012

Hello everyone,

Sorry I  don't have much time to talk. I'mma go get my hair cut in a sec.  Our investigator pool kiiiiinda stinks...we had to pass off all our good investigators to their language missionaries. And our 1 main progressing investigator believes that the Lords prayer is the only true prayer we are to say, and he isn't even catholic! haha But it's ok we're meeting tons of new people every day, and we'll be converting potentials into INVESTIGATORS or GATORS for short haha.  For Thanksgiving we will need to stay w/ members most the day, but we CAN participate in a turkey bowl so we;ll do that and it'll be good. The pictures of your beard didn't come through. talk to yall nexty week.

 love you!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- November 14, 2012

Note: Matthew was able to see his Grandma Whittle at the San Diego again! Yeah! Congrats Brynn, Jaden, Marissa and Brad on your mission calls! We are so excited for you!

It was SO wonderful for me to see Matthew (Elder Whittle) yesterday at the temple. He looks GREAT and has that missionary shine and great spirit ! He looks healthy and seemed to me to be more mature and like a more well seasoned Elder than he did a year ago. I got to meet his companion, both fine looking young men, and when I asked if they got along well together, they looked at each other and smiled and Elder Goble immediately said, " I LOVE Elder Whittle !" I was so pleased that I got to visit with him for a little while. I met them at the top of the main staircase going up to the dressing and endowment rooms where I had been watching for him and hoping I hadn't missed him. It was funny because several people who work on my shift were just arriving so it was kind of like a reception line when I got to introduce him to some of my co-workers. Throughout the day people kept saying how nice it was to meet him. I guess I was really showing him off. As they were leaving going quickly down the staircase with their shoulders squared and a purposeful stride I had a lump in my throat and I thought, "There go some very fine 'Elders of Israel' who are more than eager to save souls for Christ and serve in a righteous way." He seemed to me to be a true shining bright light and you can surely be pleased with him and the work he is doing.
LOVE all of you. Mom/Grandma

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle- November 12, 2012

was funny.
Things have been super crazy the past week, but really good. We've been having a lot of cool little miracles. We gave that big training to the Zone and everything turned out great. We had members come to it, and role play investigators. It felt like a mini mtc almost. It's been pretty cold here lately. Last night we were out and it was 49 degrees. I was freezing to death. I think the California weather has made me into a wuss now haha.
So we had a really cool miracle last night. We were at the gas station and after we filled up and put air in the tires. There were two kids that went walking up to the gas station. Well one of them stayed outside and he was wearing this crazy spiderman cosutme. So I went up and started talking to him while elder goble filled the tire up with air. I asked him where he got that crazy sweater and we started talking. His brother soon came out and they told us about how they had grown up in the Jehova's Witness faith, but how they didn't like it because they felt like they were being shunned for not keeping all the commandments. We started talking and they began to ask us questions about the Book of Mormon, and what the difference was between us and Jehova's Witness. We told them that we have continued revelation today, and a prophet and 12 apostle's. We then explained the apostasy and the Joseph Smith story. They asked us if they could get a book of mormon. We opened the trunk and gave them each one. Then they asked us about church. We told them where it was and invited them. They said they wanted to come this weekend. It was so awesome! "open your mouth and it will be filled." We had like a 30 minute conversation just there in front of a gas station. It was funny because they said that Mormon's are so much better at casually sharing the gospel. He said if a Jehova's witness doesn't have a suit on then they wont share the gospel, but then he said that he runs into mormons all the time who are sharing the gospel even if they're not missionaries. That made me so happy to hear that. That's how it should be. Have you guys been able to share the gospel with anyone recently? I love hearing stories about sharing the gospel.
Elder Schweitzer is coming to our mission this thursday and friday. He's going to be at our Zone Leader Council so that will be really neat. We have to set up 400 chairs on thursday for the mission wide conference on friday. It should be fun haha. It's good to be busy.
Well things are going well. Hope you all get over your sicknesses. Those are no fun. Everyone has been getting sick down here in California as well. Tell Cho, and Josh hi for me and that I miss them. Do either of them know how I can get ahold of Alex Tamayo. I've been thinking of him. I miss that guy. Tell them all that I love them and miss them. Keep praying for missionary opportunities.
Love you.
Con amor,
Elder Witle!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- November 12, 2012

Well it was good to hear from you this week. Honestly this week was super slow and challenging. I dont know why but it just kinda kicked my butt. So it is always good to have a p-day and pull yourself back together and get it all working so you can go and try again this next week. Pray for me that it will be a good one haha.
This week did have a lot of good pionts. First is that one of are investagators will be getting baptized this week!!! Her name is A.  and she was stuck living with a guy because she didn´t have money to leave and live somewhere else and she didn´t want to take her daughter away from her dad. It was just a crazy situation and luck it all worked out. This past week we have been passing by her house but no one is ever there. About the fourth time that we passed her nieghboor came out and told us that she doesnt live there any more and we asked for her new addrees which she luckly had. So we basically busted down there and asked around until we figured out what house it is and found her. She invited us in and basically we took out the date with out a problem and she has all happy and we were happy and because a miricale happened. It was awesome. She is now living with her sister and everything is going to be sweet. So one more soul for God. Second is just a cool story. So when it rains here the streets just turn into rivers and lakes, It is just how it is here in Tucuman. Everytime it rains at least one street gets turned into a river. This tuesday it was raining pretty hard and we just finished a lessen and were heading home. We decided that we didnt want to walk because of the rain so we flagged down a taxi. The ride to the house was one to remember. As are crazy grunting taxi driver was speed through the streets puddle jumping. The lightining was striking around us. I saw it strike a pole for a good 10 seconds and everything and the ligthining was so close that there wasn´t a whole lot of difference between the flash and the thunder. Anyways we get close to are house and the streets around are house are always full of water. The driver just goes in like there isn´t any problem. The water is up to the doors by this point. There is a turn of up a head so i tell him to turn or do whatever to get out of it. He replys with a grunt and keeps a straight forward path into the deeper part...This whole time I am unblievable suprised that the car is still running seein how some water is straighting to lick into the doors. The engine flouding wasnt the really problem. The car started to loss traction. So yea, I pretty much thought that I would be getting out of the car and walk throught the knee deep water. but some who this guy rocks it and jumps the crub and puts two wheels on the side week so the tires have something to grip. So the driver side feels with water while the side i was on was up in the air. Some how we made it. He pretty much slammed the gas to get us out at the very end but we made it haha. It was the most crazy taxi ride of my life.. It was such a good experience haha.
Anyways that is about all that i really have for this week. I love and miss you and hope that everything is going well back on the other side. just so you know I am dying for some letters. Tell me brothers and sisters to step it up and help a brother out haha I would at least like a once very three month update. Jenie is pretty good at it and Mom to so good There!! I love all of you and we will see what this next week brings. Get me updated on all of the good stuff. Tell everyone that I say hey. Oh and do you guys still do the mom lunch and get together or has that kinda fallen apart..anyways that is about it. Stay good and pray for missionary chances and all of that. All the missionaries need your help and your prayers. give them a hand!!! I think I will be studying presonal revalation if you would like to join me haha. LOVES!!!!!

Elder Allen

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 12, 2012

Well as you can tell from the title of this e-mail, I was transferred up to Beverly Hills/Santa Monica and I was put back in Spanish. I was an interesting switch not being in the lovely paradise of San Pedro. I still am doing to Zone Leader thing, which is still keeping me quite busy. I was sad to leave, but I will be able to go back down for the Baptism of the M. Family. I am not in a zone that is mostly made up of Visitor Center sisters. So it is a little different. Now that I'm back is spanish I'm trying to get back in the spanish groove. It was super weird going to church in Spanish again, but im sure that it will come back in with time. Im sorry that the letter is super short. Not much happened this week. We were inside the apartment for a day and a half, because my companion Elder Garrett was sick. I'll write more next week.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- November 12, 2012

Hellllllo Cleveland.

I'm glad you got my package Mom, I'm glad ya'll had a good time at the party, and nothing too bad happened hahah.
I'm happy all is going well w/ Bronte, and her paperwork! loved the photo's! thanks so much.

I'm glad Brookie is getting the most of the party life before she ties the  knot... haha sounds like she's gunna have 2 rocking sides of the family!

Oh the election haha it was funny we had been talking about it a little bit during our comp study that morning, but then we started making a few phone calls, and after about 2 or three we realized everyone was super down about something.  And the 4th lady we called she answered and said "(sigh) well Elders, I'm pretty upset right about now." haha then we found out Obama won, but like in batman "the night is always darkest before the Dawn" so it'll be allright eventually.

WOW, I saw those pictures and was like!!! WT Heck? I recognized the car, but was like why is it in the back yard!?! haha well I'm glad everyone was safe, Halo 4 is just bad news apparently. I hope
Kendrick is doing ok.  Crazy!
Yeah so w/ our Haitian friends we wanted to make sure that they were understanding everything, so we decided to pass them off to the Creole elders anyways.  Later we found out they did understand everything and would have been good to go. so we were sad to lose them.  But through prayer we had their "slots" filled w/ some amazing ppl, 1 is a RC's brother, who's going through a rough time.  He is reading the B.O.M. like mad so its going great w/ him,  And the other 2 are some awesome ppl who moved from Lake Placid? recently and are looking for some no B.S. religion haha and they seem to understand that everything we do relates back to Christ, so they like that, and are progressing great as well.

Elder Cooper and I are still doing great, we'll be going to the outlet malls today for P-day, so I may buy a watch......but who knows ;)  The ward is really coming around and allowing us to help them all w/ their individual missionary efforts. so it's great.

Love ya'll, I'm praying for ya.

oh yeah and how is Kenny Ballard? and T- Steab, and JKW, and McGreggor?? my millitant pals. (hope i'm not forgetting anyone??)

Love hearing from you, be safe, Pray lots

Elder Ferga $$ as they call me. (not really)

Elder Devin Oviatt--November 12, 2012

Hi fam,
Im good! This week has been really good. Me and Elder Christensen are getting into a really good grove. I cant wait to see where we are at at the end of this move. Im also excited that we are still going to have thanksgiving here thanks to the Forsgren family. WE are trying to get alot of new people to teach! So we are talking to everyone!!!!! which has been hard for me because I have had a really bad sore throat for about a week. Hopefully it gets better :) Yeah so sense I sent pictures I dont have as much time but hey at least Im emailing my family unlike ELDER C. He is watching mormon messages. Haha it makes me laugh.
Lets see funny story for this week. ummmmm so we went over to a DA this week and I was hoping I could gooo my whole mission w/ out having to worry about it but we went over to a Da and they made us Pizza. Perfect I love Pizza!! But I saw the first one they got out of the oven and it was covered with ham & pineapple!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO. I asked he daughter if the other pizza was different and she said yeah . Super happy but then they brought out the other pizza and it was covered w/ chicken and pinnapple. I ate salad! :( (Still hate the flavor)
So yeah that was funny we also had a halloween party at our chapel. That was alot of fun. But we ran out of rubbish bins so the bins were over flowing. but what you going to do???
Miss you guys Im jealous of the snow!
Elder Oviatt

"Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- November 5, 2012

 Don't worry too much about not being able to Write last week, It was an alright week last week, but this week was sooo great, time is flying:( the transfer is over half over!) and it is just fast fast all the time. This week we saw loads of miracles. On wed we got a media referral for a lady that just moved here fromh Haiti, and only speaks French So we show up and knock on the door, and this lady answers and we ask if she was the referral, and she said "no" but before we could even say we were missionaries she said "but I want to learn too!' so she opens the door, and it ends up that the referral was just inside but everyone (4 ppl) wanted to hear our message. B ut since there weren't any males there we had to teach the Restoration on the doorstep. We taught in English, to 1 of the ladies who can understand English, then she'd translate to Creole to make sure she understood. they were super pumped and when we finished the asked "so when are you coming back???" We said when would be a good time for you, and they said "everyday!" so we have gone back like 4 times since and it's 2, 30' year old ladies, a 16 year old son, a 14 year old daughter, and a 5 year old daughter. so all the people of the baptismal age totally have a date for the 17th, (super prepared so we feel good about making it quick) and they all came to church yesterday. they rock!!! so I'll keep you updated on them.

On Halloween, it was great, we ate at a members home, then were able to go to a temple tour w/ one of our investigators. It was really FUN, then when we went home to get the mail I had 2 PKGS! one from you(mom) and one from BRONTE :) it was great. but for p-day last week we (the district) all carved pumpkins and elder cooper and my pumpkins totally won! Its sweet action!

I'm glad ya'll are doing well.  It was cool that one of the youth in our ward just got his mission call to CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA! He leaves like jan 4, so I was super pumped when I heard that hahah :) BRYCE HILL. good kid.

well I've gotta bounce, just know I love ya'll.
I'll try to send a pkg home today for all the b-days happening soon. :)
love you

Elder Ferguson.

p.s. we were at a members house this week and they totally had a LOTUS 72D! and a Jaguire XF & a Land ROver (all new new new cars) in their garage. it was radical! ahah

da church is true(in case you were wondering)
photos arent working today, so remind me to send them next week!!

Elder Matthew Whittle-- November 8, 2012

Como Estan?
Man it was a pretty crazy transfer. President Cook made two more zebra companionships. That's when he puts a Spanish Elder with and English one. He's been doing that with the Zone Leader companionships because we can get referrals for the Spanish elders while we're out proseliting. I stayed here in Vista and now have my new companion. His name is Elder Goble. He's great! He's from American Fork. He used to skate a lot and he plays guitar, so for the Christmas party we're going to play something together on guitar.
It's been a super crazy week. We have only been able to have studies once since last Tuesday. We've have Stake Meetings all week long in the mornings, and trainings to give to the ward mission leaders. It's been pretty hectic, but good. This week we're doing another 3 hour training to the Zone. We had zone leader council last weekend, and President Cook talked to us about the change in the amount of missionaries we were going to have. We are at 171 missionaries right now, and our compliment, or how much we have room for is 178, but by May we will be at 250 so we had to figure out what areas we could split up and put another companionship in.
We all came to the ZLC with all the areas in our zone that we thought could be split. When each zone had written the areas up on the board it added up to exactly 80 new missionaries. It was pretty inspired. This whole change is going to be really neat to see.
Things have been going well with the work here in Vista. We're teaching a lot of people, and many of them are preparing for baptism. Elder Goble is a super funny guy, and we get along really well. Elder Rupp ended up going to Encinitas. He gets to train for the last transfer and a half of his mission. That's such a great way to be able to end.
Tell Grandpa I said happy birthday and that I love him and miss him. I love just sitting down and talking with him. He has such a strong testimony of the Gospel, and such amazing stories to tell. I always feel good when I'm around him and Grandma. Next Tuesday we're going to the temple so you'll have to let Nona know:) I can't wait to see her. It's been a while since I saw her there.
As far as the gift cards go. Sometimes there's not a Wendy's, Subway, or whatever in my area so I think just money would be better. Thanks so much. How much do I have in my account right now?
I just finished the Book of Mormon again and as I was reading the last chapter of Moroni I could feel the Spirit very strong testifying to me once again that the Book of Mormon is true. We had an interesting thing happen last weekend. We were walking into the post office, and we began to talk to a lady that had just gotten out of her car and was walking in as well. Well I told her that we were from Utah, but we love the weather down here in California. She told us that she wanted to go to Salt Lake and see the temple. So I asked her if she was a member. She said no, but that she had been a member of the Jehova's Witness for years, but then found out that there were some things that weren't true about it so she stopped going. She then said that she had walked into a store a couple years ago and the owner was a mormon and he had a book of mormon out on the counter. So she asked him about it, and he gave her one. She read a little in it, and liked it. She said that she knows that there's a lot of false things out there, like people thinking that we're a cult, or satanic, just like there's stuff about the Jehova's Witness. So we told her there was going to be a baptismal service on saturday at the bobier building and if she wanted to come. She said she would, and then we showed her where Christ visited the americas. She really wanted to read about that. So she came to the baptismal service and liked it. Then the sister missionaries gave her a church tour while we went to a meeting with the stake president. There was also a halloween play going on in the cultural hall that she decided to go watch. So we called her the next morning, Sunday, to see how she like the tour and the play. She said that she was apalled because there was a witch in the play that was flying through the air, and then walking around after, and said that we can't have witchcraft in the church. She then said that she went on line and did some research about mormons. She said that she found out that the word mormon comes from a satanic word, and that there are satanic symbols on the temple, and all this nonsense. So then I asked her where she got her information. She said, "well I googled it." I couldn't help but laugh. haha. I told her that she was getting all false information and that she needs to make sure she gets information from the right source. She asked me if I new what the symbols on the temple were. I told her that I've been through the temple, and know a lot more than what she thinks I know. I told her that she hasn't researched the Church until she's read every page in the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. Then she went on about how Joseph Smith was a free mason and how they were a satanic organization that doesn't believe in Christ. I told her that she was wrong there as well. I told her that we just interviewed someone who is a free mason for baptism. She then said did you ask him if he believed that Christ was his savior and reedemer. I said yep, and he believes that 100 percent. Then she said did you ask him if he prays to the father in the name of Christ. I said ya he actually offered the prayer just like that in the interview, and says he prays every day to heavenly father. Finally she just came back to the whole thing about a witch in the church. It was pretty ridiculous haha. I just had to laugh. It was like a 30 minute conversation on the phone haha. It's funny how people think anything you get online is true.
Well Love you all. The Gospel is true so Keep sharing it with others, and praying for those opportunities.
Con amor,
Elder Witle!
P.S. Sorry that was so long haha.

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 8, 2012

Well this week was a really good one. We had ZLC (zone leader council) on tuesday and I really enjoyed the topics that we talked about. One, was the skill of listening and how it is so important as a missionary but unfortunately I feel like its one of those skills that needs to be worked on. And then to top it off, we had a great training on the Book of Mormon. Wednesday morning we went up to the Visitors' Center with the Mireles. It was so awesome. We watched that family video that talks about our view on the family, and how they are eternal, they really enjoyed that. Then afterwards we went on a temple tour with them, where we walked around the temple, and stop at different places and talking about relevant subjects. The spirit was super powerful and we took a picture of them by the front doors and commited them to be sealed in a year. The rest of the week was kinda a blur. We didn't get a chance to see the Mireles because there kids had the flu or something. We did the regular stuff for the week. We went to a baptism this Saturday of one of the companionships in our zone. It was really kewl because I was able to have dinner with this family and teach them on exchanges once. Sunday morning was and interesting one, because Elder Hardman and I had to be up at 4 so that we could get ready and drive to a stake report meeting that we had. It was super early but turned out really good. Then after that we raced back to our area so that we could make it on time to our ward council meeting. That also turned out well because, when we starting talking about the Mireles, everyone started saying that they had seen them that week, and the bishop had already been in contact with them. So that is good to see the ward just reaching out to them and trying to get them intergrated in the ward. After church we were able to stop by and see the Mireles, who unfortunately couldn't make it to church because of prior commitments. We had a good lesson with them about the Plan of Salvation, and we should be seeing them some more this week. We also went to the Departing Missionary Fireside, where the missionaries who are going home on Wednesday, give their last testimonies for all the members and investigators who come to see them. It was good, we had 12 missionaries going home, and so it was a big group. Today for the last P-day of the transfer we went up to President Chen's house. He is a member down here in Palos Verdes, and lives in this huge house, so once a transfer we get to go and just have fun. He has tennis courts, ping pong, billiards table, and a bowling alley. So we did some of that and then had lunch. Super fun.
So what has been going on back home? It is super weird to hear that the stake presidency changed, and that now our Bishopric will be changing as well. Well I wish the best for all those with new callings, and I know that who the Lord calls the Lord qualifies. Its one of those things that I have seen on my mission, that when there is something new to accomplish, or a new assignment the Lord always helps us to fulfill our duties. What else is new? Keyton? Bryson? Brayden? Hope that all is going well and that everyone is enjoying life, even though sometimes we have struggles. Mom & Dad, what is happening? How is my car holding up? Is it still amazing? Oh and is someone washing it every Saturday? Hhaha. Everytime I was the mission car, I think of saturdays with my car. Those were the days. Well I don't have to much more to say. And my time is close to an end. Hope all is well. By the way, what is happening with Josh?
Con Amor
Elder Moore

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- October 30, 2012

So Lee and I went to California over UEA break for an awards dinner for Lee's work. We flew into San Diego and went to Matthew's mission home and hurried and took a picture and drove through the areas he has been in. He said he only lives 10 minutes from the Mission Home. We hurried with the pictures so we wouldn't risk running into him :0 I didn't want to say goodbye twice and we didn't want to disrupt the flow :) I've attached a few pictures so you can relate to what he is talking about in his e-mail. Have a great day! Just love our missionaries!!!
(Jeanette attached some  great  pictures of the Mission home, Temple and of the area but I could not get the pictures to up load.  Sorry!!---- Carol)

Hey Que Honda!
Man those pictures blew my mind. I go in that door on the side of the church into the mission office about 2 or 3 times a week! That's crazy. I could have come walking out right when you were there haha. President Cook doesn't live there, but he has his office inside. It's the mission office. President Cook has a house in Vista about 10 minutes away. It's a neat church huh? It's huge! It has two Chapels inside, and it's a two story building. I'll have to show you inside someday. The picture with the sign saying Solona Beach by the train station is where I used to run every day. I used to run right under that sign every morning. The light that's at that intersection right after the sign is Fletcher's cove. You would have had to just turn right at the light and you would have been there. I love that area! It's so much fun!
I'm glad that Megs is doing better. I hope she doesn't have to get surgery or anything! That's cool that Brandonion is moving up in life;) por fin. haha Just kiddin.
Things have been going great as usual here in Vista. Today is transfers and Elder Rupp is taking off. He gets to go train for the last 9 weeks of his mission. He's pretty excited. Apparently from what President Cook was saying, there are going to be some pretty big surprises at transfers. I'm excited to see what all happens. The age change has President Cook stressed out because were supposed to all of a sudden in May have 250 in our mission and I think we're around like 140. He has a lot of things to change. It will be really neat to see how it all happens. The Lord is definitely hastening his work.
This week is going to be a really crazy one. Tomorrow morning we're meeting with the stake president to discuss a training that my companion and I will be giving to all the ward mission leaders this coming Sunday, then we have to go to a couple of district meetings, and then on Friday we have Zone Leader Council to be to. So we have a lot to prepare for. It should be fun though. It's good to stay busy.
That's too bad to hear about Mr. B. I really hate how that is. We just started working with a guy who has a super strong testimony of the gospel, but once he moved out to California he felt like everyone was really judgmental because he has a couple of tatoos, and some people made some comments to him saying he needed to wear long sleeves and cover them up. He said he just doesn't feel welcome, and feels like a lot of the members are stuck up. Its a really sad thing to see happen.
Thanks for the glasses! They're great haha. There not exactly approved to wear out proseliting but they're fun to wear at night. We have to be in tomorrow night at 6 for Halloween so we'll probably end up doing some planning and what not.
I hope Josh can get out soon! That would be awesome! I'll keep praying for him. Tell Slot dog (Alex) I said hola! Oh have you heard at all from Alex Tamayo?? I need his address so I can write him a letter. That would be great if you could get that for me! Tell Cho hi for me and that I miss him and his family, and that he can't get married until I get back haha. Well love you all. Keep up the good work with sharing the Gospel, and fellowshipping others. Tengan fe que Dios les va a bedicir con oportunidades misionales.
con amor,
Elder Whittle