Monday, March 26, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore--March 26, 2012

Well here I am again at the beginning of yet, another week. I can't begin to explain how crazy fast the weeks are going by. All those who have been on missions before know exactly what I'm talking about. Its like I can't even remember what happened this week because it was here and then it was gone. We did though have some super great things happen this week, and the work is going forward. Elder Kuo and I are just tearing things up, down here in LA.
The work has been great this past week. Elder Kuo and I have been teaching a bunch of lessons, and finding new people to teach. We actually have some great news. So we have been working with M. and she has been doing pretty well, and she has a baptismal date for the 8th of April. We also had a couple more lesson with J. He also was ready to set a baptismal date for the 8th, as well. He said that we was doing this for himself and that he was ready to take this step in his life. So we have to people that shoud be getting baptized on the 8th. They both have a sincere desire to learn more, and to really change. Great people.
We have been working a lot with E. the past couple weeks. We were finally able to set a baptismal date with him, for the 15th of April. He is super excited for it, and wants to do all that he can to be ready. We have been giving him some of the Liahonas to read and he loves those. He took Saturday and Sunday off, so he should be coming to the General Conference. Im really excited to see how he likes it. Im so glad that he is doing good, and hope that I will be able to be here for his baptism. It would just be really cool to be able to say that I found him, and that I stayed with him all the way through his conversion. Super amazing.
Also we have been working with A y L. We have had some lessons with them this week, and tonight we should be going to the visitors center with them to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Im sure that we will have an amazing experience, and they are also bringing their daughter J. Hopefully it will spark some interest in her.
So yeah, that is basically what has transpired in this last week, we are still doing a lot of tracting and working with some of the less active members of our ward. We also have begun to teach C. and R., E.'s niece and nephew. I'll keep you posted on that.
How are things going back home? Haven't heard too much from you all. Just that everyone is doing good. I haven't received anything from Keyton in who knows how long. What is up with that? Tell him to get off my PS3 and doing something productive. And Bernie, you never told me what ever happened with Basketball? Did you win? Lose? Get horribly mangled? Well I'd love to hear from you all, but if not I guess I'll have to deal with you when I get home. What happening with my friends? JOSH? TJ?
Well have to head to the laundry mat, and to the store. Hope everything is going good for everyone. Let me know how it goes. Everyone watch General Conference!

Con Amor,
Elder Moore


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- March 20, 2012

Que paso!

Remember when we partied in the hospital and at home when I got my surgeries. That's weird to think that was a year ago already. Time flies eh.

Oh man that's so cool that Trude already left to Argentina! He's going to love it. We have a guy from Argentina in our Branch, and he's super funny. They have a really neat accent. It almost sounds Italian. Pretty cool that he's heading down there. What part of Argentina is he in again. I can't quite remember, and Kaleigh had to get surgery too? Man what's going on haha. Hope she's doing ok.

Man you have no idea how many people have that doubt about their family is Catholic. We find so many people that want to be baptized, and come to church, but their parents are strong catholics and don't want them to do it. It's tough, but there is a perfect story for that in the Book of Mormon when Ammon goes to King Lamoni and converts him, and then him and Lamoni go to free his friends from prison and they meet up with Lamoni's father who tells King Lamoni to kill Ammon, but Lamoni refuses and then later on Lamoni's father is converted as well. I'm sure it wasn't easy for King Lamoni to go against what his father wanted, but he stuck true to what he knew to be true, and then God softened the heart of his father so that he could come to the truth as well.

Well things are going good here in Solana. We got some new people that we're going to try to pick up as investigadors so we'll see how that goes. I'll probably have a new companion coming up soon. Transfers are in two weeks, and Elder Zaitzeff has already been here for five so it's probably time for him to go. He ends his mission in two more transfers, and then by the time September arrives I'll be the oldest Spanish missionary in the mission. That's going to be really weird. They didn't have any Spanish missionaries come in for almost a whole year. Pretty crazy haha. Well Love ya all, and hope you have a great week! Que Dios Les Bendiga.

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

Elder Corbin Moore-- March 19, 2012

It has been another great week here in LA 6th. Elder Kuo and I have just been busting it down here, in the California heat. Well for some of the days. We got a lot of clouds, rain, and HAIL as well. It was super crazy just driving my bike in all of it. Elder Kuo and I have been working just great together. We have some really great plans of how to jump start this area and get it up and rolling. So hopefully we will be able to get those plans into place. We really have been working a lot this week. We are still on the search for new investigators, and so we do a fair amount of knocking doors, and street contacting, super fun. Especially when you get to whip out some spanish on someone, and they are taken by surprise not knowing that I can speak spanish. Its pretty funny. We have been working with Wilbur still. The in-active member that we brought back. He is doing absolutely wonderful, and is loving it. This whole week has been pretty crazy trying to contact Enrique though. We can't ever get ahold of him, and he didn't show up to church. So hopefully we will be able to catch him one of these days. We are also working with Martha. I don't know if I have ever talked about her with you all, but she is a lady who showed up to church one day and said that she wanted to be baptized and so we started teaching her the lessons and all that jazz. She is progressing, and hopefully will be getting baptized at the end of this transfer, beginning of next. We have also been working with a man named Jaime. He is married to one of the members in the ward and has been working with Elder and Sister Peterson, the senior missionaries. He has basically been taught everything and now we are just waiting for him to be ready to set a date. He is so great, and comes to church every sunday. There are a lot of great things going on here in LA 6th, who knows what is going to be happening.
Like I said, Elder Kuo and I are doing just great. We really are working so well together. Sometimes I even think we might have the same mind because we ALWAYS say the same things at the same times. Quite funny. Well we were getting ready one day this week and I was thinking that I was really feeling a good breakfast. So I opened up the fridge to see what we had and we had some eggs and milk, and a bunch of other things that weren't breakfast related. So I checked the cupboards and found some sugar, and some cinnamon. So I made us some scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast. I couldn't help but think of Dad always making us breakfast on Monday mornings, the same things too. Good times.
What is the story with everyone back home? What is happening with Josh? I wrote him a letter but I haven't heard anything for awhile. Hopefully he is doing good and will be able to come to CALIFORNIA pretty soon. Anyone know about TJ, also? Let me know. Sounds like everyone else is going just great working, going to school, and getting a Keva Juice without me. But its all good, Elder Kuo makes me a smoothie like every day, jajaja.
Well everyone General Conference is right around the corner and I hope that everyone is getting prepared for another get one. It really is so great to have a prophet on the earth who is able to receive revelation from God. Hopefully we will all take these upcoming messages and apply them in our lives.
Pues, el tiempo se fue y ahorita yo tengo que ir a la lavanderia para recoger mis ropas, pero tenga una buena semana. Yo voy a hablar con ustedes la proxima semana. Espero que todo esta bien con todos y que ustedes estan luchando la buena lucha. Adios

Con Amor
Elder Moore

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- March 13, 2012

Greetings to all. Well this week has been pretty interesting. So it started out that I was training Elder Howden, and we were working on Monday night. We went to a bunch of Family Home Evenings. We woke up on Tuesday to go to work and while we were out tracting Elder H. said that he wasn't feeling good. So he called the doctor and they told us because of the situation we should just go back to the appartment and let him rest. So we went back to the appartment and then I just studied. We woke up on wednesday morning and the same thing unfortunately happened. So we ended up staying in the appartment the whole day and I just got in many, many hours of great study. Well turns out he wasn't really improving and they weren't really sure what the problem was, so he was honorably released for medical reasons. So Friday in the afternoon I was told to be up at the mission office to receive my new companion. So I made my way up there on the crazy Californian freeways. When I got up there I sat in the mission office and waited for my new companion to arrive. Not to long after that, Elder J and Elder P. walked in with Elder K. President Baker introduced me to Elder K. He is a New missionary he has only been out for one transfer, so I will be finishing his training this transfer. Elder K. is from Cleveland, Ohio, but his parents are from Taiwan. His is a convert to the church ,and has been a member for like two years. He is the only member of his family, and is super strong in the gospel. He found the church through one of his college professors in Ohio. He is super awesome and speaks, a little bit of Chinese, which is pretty kewl, and has super good Spanish for only being out one transfer. So we are doing super well here in Los Angeles. We have been trying to find a lot of new investigators. E. is progressing amazingly and we also have some others who should be getting baptized here shortly. Sorry its a short email but I didn't have a ton of time. Hope that everything is going great for everyone.

Con Amor
Elder Moore


Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- March 13, 2012

Dear Family, this last week has been really good. I have a new companion. Sister S. from Tulsa OK. She is amazing and we are doing really well together. We have had several lessons with the a part member family this week on the importance of prayer and also on the plan of salvation. We have been inviting them to pray about if our message is true for a while but the father seems reluctant. I believe that he is afraid of the answer that he will get and that it will mean some changes in his life. He has made so much progress over the last several months and we will continue to visit his family( his wife is a less active who is coming back to church) but if he doesn't start to progress a little more, we might have to back off for a little while and allow him to progress more on his own. In our singles ward we are working with mainly less actives and activation work. We met with a less active girl and talked to her about goals and how she can use the gospel to reach her potential. She has made so much progress in the last several months and is now working with her bishop to get her temple recommend in the next little while so that she can do baptisms for the dead. We also met with another sister She is struggling with her belief in God and Jesus Christ. We talked to her about the importance of prayer and continued study of the Book of Mormon and invited her to read Mormon 9. We received a text from our district leader this week asking us to go over immediately to talk to a Hispanic man that they had just contacted who was very interested in learning how the Gospel can bless his family. We testified about how we can find answers in the Book of Mormon.
Sister S. brought with her an atomic alarm clock. On Sunday morning we had a correlation meeting at the stake center scheduled at 7am and we were planning on waking up at 5:30 to get out the door on time. Her alarm rang and I checked my watch. 4:30 am....Daylight savings time had started for everywhere but AZ and the clock had switched over automatically. She reset the time and we went back to bed. Yesterday it did the same thing and woke us up at 5:30 thinking it was 6:30. Now we are using my clock and are very aware what of daylight savings time and also a little sleep deprived.
Time is going by so fast. Easter pageant is coming up in 2 weeks and things are going to be so busy and I am really excited. There is so much to do and I am excited for the chance to be a part of it.
I love you all
Have a great week
Love Alex

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--March 6, 2012

Que Onda!
Man that's so cool that Elder Kidd called! He's such a stud! We definitely had so many miracles together! It's helped me out so much to get started off running. I'm super grateful for the great example that Elder Kidd was, and for his desire to work hard. Hopefully you'll get to meet him soon.
I'm definitely going to write President Cook right now and ask him if that's ok. I might be able to meet up with Cho for like an hour, and maybe go out to eat somewhere. That would be really neat to see him. I hope he's doing good! How are his parents? I think there's a good chance we could have dinner or lunch when he comes down. I'll let ya know what he says next week.
Man I can't wait for Elder Terry to get out here to Solana Beach! He's gonna love it haha. I hope those shots work so he can come out soon! He's such a good guy. Tell him I love him, and that God knows why he has to go through this. How's TJ doing? I haven't heard from him in a while. I hope everythings goin well with him too!
That's nice of dad to go help the Moore's out. I would help them out any day of the week. They're so awesome! Such a great family. When does Brayden get home? O so we had a super huge miracle this week. So we found a lady that was stranded on the road in her BMW, and had her lights flashing, so we ran down to her and told her we could look at her car to try to figure out what was wrong. So I started making some tests. Found out there was no spark, and the fuel pump wasn't kicking on. So I pulled the fuel pump, and checked it straight to battery, and it worked, and just started making a bunch of different checks. The main relay, fuel pump relay, crank sensor, grounds, and everything. It took a couple days of stopping by for about an hour or two, and we got to know the lady very well. She started to ask us about are faith, and we shared the book of mormon with her. She told us that when she her car broke down she said a prayer that someone would be able to help her and we showed up right after. So my companion shared the Book of Mormon with her while I was working on the car. Well I finished diagnosing her car, and came to find out that it was probably the main computer, and that she would have to take it in to get it tested. She was so grateful for our help, and she asked if she could pay us for our time, and I said no. Then she asked what she can do in return so I told her she can read the Book of Mormon. She then told me that she was already going to do that. Then she invited us to come to dinner with her, and that she was going to read in 3 nefi 11 and the introduction and then we can talk about it at dinner. So this is the crazy part. This lady doesn't speak spanish so we were going to have to pass her off to the zone leaders that are english speaking. Well the day we set up the dinner, later that night she had just gotten out of eating at a restaraunt and the zone leaders saw her and went over and contacted her, not knowing who she was. She told them that she knew elder zaitzeff and elder whittle, and said that we were going to eat dinner in a week, and then she invited the zone leaders to dinner too! She said that she feels like God is trying to tell her something because of how much we've been appearing in her life recently. It was definitely a big miracle from God. He's been blessing us so much. So hopefully we'll have that dinner, and then the zone leaders will start teaching her! Sorry that was really long haha.
Well I'm going to give my fingers a break now. I hope all is good back home. Elder Zaitzeff and I are killing it here in Solana Beach:) mmmmhhhmmmmm. Elder Zaitzeff says the funniest prayers I've ever heard. Let's just say I've never heard anyone start off a prayer with "We're grateful for rubics cubes" in all seriousness hahaha. He's a stud. Wellp have a great week. Love ya all!
Con amor,
elder Whittle!

Elder Corbin Moore--March 5, 2012

Well I'm sure that eveyone is wondering what happened with me here in the mission field. Well turns out that I will be staying in LA 6th for at least one more transfer, but I have a feeling for a little bit more than that as well. Overall this week has been pretty crazy, so let me just start at the beginning. Last monday we had a good P-day and then we started doing all of our visits. We were about to head in for the night and we recieved a call from the Assistants to the President. They told me that President wanted to have an interview with me the next day at 10 40. So I told them that I would be up there the next morning. I got up there on Tuesday morning and had my interview with President, and he told me that they had a new assignment for me, that they wanted me to be a trainer. So what happened is Elder Clark got moved to another area in my zone, Elder Reichman was called to be a district leader in another zone, and I stayed here in LA 6th, training a new missionary. I went up to all my meetings on Wednesday and then I was assigned to work with, Elder Howden. He is originally from South Africa, but for the last 8 years has lived in Mesa, Arizona. It has been pretty interesting lately. I have definately taken a new look on missionary work. All of my mission I have just been the junior companion who was along for the ride. Now I have to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It is a lot of responsibility having to train a new missionary. I have to make sure that he gets all of his good habits set, and that he begins to start to understand the mission field. All in all, it is a wonderful opportunity to grow and to learn how to be a better missionary and servant of our Heavenly Father. There really hasn't been a lot going on in the work this week, because of all of the meetings that we have been going to. Hopefully I will have a lot more to talk about the next time around. Jajaja.

How is it all going back there in Utah? How is the school going for everyone? and the job search? Hope it goes well for you all this week. Talk to you soon

Con Amor
Elder Moore


Monday, March 5, 2012

Sister Alex Hartvigsen--March 5, 2012

Dear Family. This has been a great week. We got transfer news on Saturday night. I am going to be training a new missionary! I am excited and a little bit nervous but I think it will be a really good thing. I will stay with her for the rest of my mission. That will end my mission with a total of 5 companions. II don't know who my companion is yet but I will find out on Wednesday. I am going to be back in the Visitors center and I am excited for that especially with the upcoming Easter pageant. This week we had a really good week.On Monday we met with a part member family and talked about the importance of following the commandments. We met with one of our recent converts and she asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon to share with her co-worker who has been talking to her about the gospel. We had a lesson with a recent convert and talked to her about how the gospel blesses families as well as patriarchal blessings ( she is preparing to receive hers) We had a lesson with a less active women and talked to her about enduring to the end even when it is really hard. We shared a profile with her about the sister who has cancer. We also had a lesson with another less active sister and her daughters and we taught about the restoration and the importance of prayer and invited all their family to pray that night and pay attention to how they felt. On Wednesday we had a lesson with a recent convert. Her dad died this last Monday and it has been amazing how well our branch has rallied around her and has really supported her in this time. We had a lesson with the that part member family and taught them about the restoration. Their daughter in law was there for the first time and we challenged the whole family to pray to find out if our message was true and to study the Book of Mormon. On Thursday Sister Sordes was not feeling well and we were driving home so that she could rest when we received a phone call from a recent convert family. Their niece and nephew were at their home and they asked us if we could come over and give them a lesson. We watched Finding faith in Christ with them ( the kids are 6-10) and then talked about how we can pray . It was a really cool experience. the 6 year old was asking really deep questions and you could tell that she was definitely thinking about what we were talking about. Their 12 year old son who we have been struggling to have interest in the lessons ( bad peer pressure from older sister) surprised us all when he explained to his cousins how they can pray and get answers to questions. It was such a good night. I have often found that when we are experiencing opposition (like a sickness ) that it is when we have the greatest miracles. As we do all that we can do, the Lord will bless us. Saturday was a day of miracles. We went over with a member to try and visit an investigator, She wasn't there but Hna R. mentioned that her neighbor was a less active Spanish member and suggested that we go and visit them. This family has dealt with a lot of opposition in the last year with a sister in law dying and that same day a mom dying as well and so this sister has been left to care for her sister in laws 3 kids and husband it was clear that she just needed someone to be there at that time. It turns out that her brother in law only speaks Spanish and wants to come to church but was uncomfortable in the English wards. We are going by this week to talk to him. We also had an appointment with a less active . When we got there, the father of one of the daughter was there. We talked to him about the plan of Salvation. He came to church this last Sunday. We also were finally able to get a hold of B. We talked to her about baptism and her brother and sister in law had a ton of questions about the church, that our member was able to answer. We have an appointment with them this Sunday. On Sunday we were talking to one of our investigators and she announced that she has thought about it and she feels like she wants to be baptized! She just needs to finish her divorce in Guatemala and our branch president is working with her. We had a fireside that we had to leave church a little early to get to. As we were leaving we realized that we had forgotten something at home and had to go home early to get it. As we were leaving we stopped some people who were having car problems to see if they needed some help. ( we couldn't) As we got in our car, a sister stopped us and motioned to us to come and talk to her. She broke down in tears and basically said that she was a member, had gone on a mission but was now struggling to know anything more than God exists. She wants us to come over and basically teach her the basics. It was really cool how Heavenly Father put us in the right place at the right time so that we could come in contact with her. We are meeting with her on Tuesday.
I love you all. Thank you for all you do
Love Alex
This has been a great week and I am excited for the coming weeks.
Thank you for all you do.
Hna Hartvigsen