Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--March 6, 2012

Que Onda!
Man that's so cool that Elder Kidd called! He's such a stud! We definitely had so many miracles together! It's helped me out so much to get started off running. I'm super grateful for the great example that Elder Kidd was, and for his desire to work hard. Hopefully you'll get to meet him soon.
I'm definitely going to write President Cook right now and ask him if that's ok. I might be able to meet up with Cho for like an hour, and maybe go out to eat somewhere. That would be really neat to see him. I hope he's doing good! How are his parents? I think there's a good chance we could have dinner or lunch when he comes down. I'll let ya know what he says next week.
Man I can't wait for Elder Terry to get out here to Solana Beach! He's gonna love it haha. I hope those shots work so he can come out soon! He's such a good guy. Tell him I love him, and that God knows why he has to go through this. How's TJ doing? I haven't heard from him in a while. I hope everythings goin well with him too!
That's nice of dad to go help the Moore's out. I would help them out any day of the week. They're so awesome! Such a great family. When does Brayden get home? O so we had a super huge miracle this week. So we found a lady that was stranded on the road in her BMW, and had her lights flashing, so we ran down to her and told her we could look at her car to try to figure out what was wrong. So I started making some tests. Found out there was no spark, and the fuel pump wasn't kicking on. So I pulled the fuel pump, and checked it straight to battery, and it worked, and just started making a bunch of different checks. The main relay, fuel pump relay, crank sensor, grounds, and everything. It took a couple days of stopping by for about an hour or two, and we got to know the lady very well. She started to ask us about are faith, and we shared the book of mormon with her. She told us that when she her car broke down she said a prayer that someone would be able to help her and we showed up right after. So my companion shared the Book of Mormon with her while I was working on the car. Well I finished diagnosing her car, and came to find out that it was probably the main computer, and that she would have to take it in to get it tested. She was so grateful for our help, and she asked if she could pay us for our time, and I said no. Then she asked what she can do in return so I told her she can read the Book of Mormon. She then told me that she was already going to do that. Then she invited us to come to dinner with her, and that she was going to read in 3 nefi 11 and the introduction and then we can talk about it at dinner. So this is the crazy part. This lady doesn't speak spanish so we were going to have to pass her off to the zone leaders that are english speaking. Well the day we set up the dinner, later that night she had just gotten out of eating at a restaraunt and the zone leaders saw her and went over and contacted her, not knowing who she was. She told them that she knew elder zaitzeff and elder whittle, and said that we were going to eat dinner in a week, and then she invited the zone leaders to dinner too! She said that she feels like God is trying to tell her something because of how much we've been appearing in her life recently. It was definitely a big miracle from God. He's been blessing us so much. So hopefully we'll have that dinner, and then the zone leaders will start teaching her! Sorry that was really long haha.
Well I'm going to give my fingers a break now. I hope all is good back home. Elder Zaitzeff and I are killing it here in Solana Beach:) mmmmhhhmmmmm. Elder Zaitzeff says the funniest prayers I've ever heard. Let's just say I've never heard anyone start off a prayer with "We're grateful for rubics cubes" in all seriousness hahaha. He's a stud. Wellp have a great week. Love ya all!
Con amor,
elder Whittle!

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