Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle-- November 29, 2011

Que honda?
comemos pabo y spagetti tambien, pero no celebramos el dia de accion de gracias. solamente comemos por una hora y despues regresemos a la obra. Fue un buen dia. Como estan ustedes? Estoy feliz, y bien! Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving. I'm so excited for Cho and his mom. I will write a letter today. I actually have a little extra time today because it's transfers today so we wont go shopping until tomorrow. My companion and I are staying here still of course, but he actually leaves in 3 weeks back home, so I don't know how that will work because transfers are every six weeks.

Tell Elder Terry that he's going insane and he has to snap out of it haha. I love him to death, and yes we are brothers. We will definitely hang out when we get back. Tell him to keep having a positive attitude, and don't let Satan get in his head and discourage him. It's all going to work out.

Jim and the guys at work are awesome. When you see Aaron next time you should tell him that I said hi, and also to tell Jim and Chris hi for me when he gets a chance.

O ya I almost forgot haha. I have a crazy funny story to tell you. The other day we were in Central and we had just gotten out of the car. My companion was getting stuff out of the back seat, and I was waiting for him. I saw a car passing by up the street. The guy was going really slow, and staring at us. Finally he turned around and started driving towards us. He stopped and asked if I was Elder ....... (don't remember what the name was) but I said no, and then he asked what are we studying. (by the way this was a guy that was in kind of an old style gangster looking car, He had the beard and everything going) I told him we are studying about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. That's when it got crazy. He just started going off. I don't think I've ever heard anymore swear words used in my entire life. He just all of the sudden blew up. haha every other word was the f word or something else.

After he got done with his "spill" He said in a demanding tone, "you understand me?" I obviously couldn't understand with all the vulgar language so I just smiled at him and said, "nope, but is there anything we can do to help you?" haha, then he said, "O you a smart ..." and then he just kept going for a minute. (Couldn't understand him again) When he stopped I just said, "ok sir you have a nice day" then I recieved another ".... you" and he sped off. Haha it was so funny/ridiculos. I don't understand some people, but I guess he got his chance to hear the gospel. We always like to joke about saying to people like that as their walking/driving away. See you at the judgement bar haha. I love it out here. A lot of fun experiences, and miracles ofcourse.

Well I hope everything is going well at home. For the package I would love food of course. I haven't really gotten any fatter, but I've gained probably ten pounds since I left. We excersise in the morning, and walk and bike half the week so it's the good kind of weight haha.Keep up the good work. Remember every soul is great in the sight of God. Talk to everyone! I love you all.

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- November 29, 2011

Hi Everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful Dia de Accion de Gracias. (Thanksgiving) I know that I did. On Wednesday I was with English Sisters in their area because Sister Nishiguchi was on exchanges. We were able to talk to many different people as we walked around. Sometimes we would even be driving and if we saw people we would park the car and jump out and talk to them. It was fun. We talked to a member that way and somehow we got on the subject of poaching in other peoples area which just means when you teach someone that other missionaries should be teaching ( like English missionaries teaching in spanish and using and Interpretor rather than letting the Spanish missionaries teach.) This member said that it was a big problem in his area because all the Spanish Hermosas would always take it. It made me laugh because he mixed up Hermosa ( Beautiful) for Hermana ( Sister) I am a Spanish Beautiful and thats the way that I like it. haha... towards the end of the day we stopped to talk to a couple teenagers who were sitting on the street corner. On of them, mentioned that he is Peruvian and said that we could come over and talk to his family. We went by their house later in the week but they weren't home. We are going to pass by again. On Saturday Sister Nishiguchi and I were in a part of our area where we normally don't go. As we turned on down a street we saw a group of people outside of their apartment. We went over and started to talk to them and explain who we are. One of the ladies had known some members back in Nevada who had invited her to come to church but she couldn't go because it was all in English. We told them about our ward and invited them to come. We also set up an appointment to come back and teach them. When we went by on Sun night we taught about the restoration and the Spirit was very strong as we taught about the First Vision. It was a really cool experience and I feel like we were definately led to these people. There are 3 families there that share 2 apartments next door to each other. We are really excited to teach them again this week. I was in the VC on Sun getting ready to leave when a women in SPanish asked me to do the Christus Narration for her ( the words that are played in front of the statue of Christ) I played if for her and bore my testimony that I knw that she was loved by Jesus Christ. I then asked her if I could do anything else for her. She then told me that she wanted to learn more about the Bible and the purpose of life. That wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I was really excited to be able to help her get in contact with the missionaries from her area. I was even more excited when I realized that she lives in my old Spanish ward. I am excited to see her progress.
Have a wonderful week
Love Alex

Monday, November 28, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle--November 22, 2011

Que onda!

Mom did you really just say "stoked"? haha I think you need to start listening to my country music more;) haha that rap music is getting to ya. Speaking of music, could you send me some more music? I can listen to music that talks about Christ, and that isn't disruptive. So a couple songs I would like; Jesus take the wheel, and like raise it up (from august rush) Those would be aproved. So I guess you could have Brando help ya pick out some songs or something:) Thanks.

It was so good to see TJ! I'm so excited for him to go on a mission! He's going to love it. It's so much fun to go out and try and find people, and help them change their lives. Yesterday we invited 75 people to learn about the restoration of the gospel. We got a couple potentials so we'll see how it goes.

I'm so glad they finally got a hold of Cho! You need to work with the missionaries, and try and help them in any way you can. I've learned the power that comes from working with the members. We have a lot more success when we work with members. Please have the missionaries talk to Cho's mom and make sure and tell her that I know that this is the true church of Christ, and that it will bring her more happiness than anything else in her life. Tell her I wouldn't have left her, Cho, and my family if I didn't know it was true. Tell her I love her and that I want her to find out that's it's true too because I know the blessings, and joy it brings into my life. Thank you for working with that. Everyone is a missionary.

Well there have been a lot of crazy things happening here in Oceanside. We got a hold of Luz again (finally) she's been really busy, but we're going to go visit her today. Hopefully she still wants to be baptized. I have a feeling that she does. It was crazy last Sunday. We had two investigators that showed up that we weren't even expecting. One was a man named Leo. His wife is a member, but he's not. He just decided to come with his son that's 10. It was so cool. He's been taught pretty much everything, and just needs to decide to be baptized. He's such a cool guy. Very humble, and honest. We also had Carmen come. She has been srtuggling with getting a new job that doesn't work Sundays. She wanted to come to church so bad that she called in and said that she was sick and then came to church.... Not the best solution and we told her that, but kind of cool that she wants to come that bad. She's a great lady. All her children are members de la iglesia, and she see's how happy they are. She wants to be a better mother to them as well. There are so many miracles going on that I can't even pick one to tell you about, but I guess one day I can tell you more.. Hopefully that day doesn't ever come;) haha.

Dad of course I've been to a Spanish ward haha I go to one every Sunday. It's a great ward. Kind of small, but it's growing pretty quickly. It's fun to speak Spanish, y misteco tambien. Misteco is a language from Oaxaca. (not sure on the spelling) but we ask people en la calle como se dice oraciones como de donde es. En misteco: dasho ni ka ku. It's so fun to hear them speak it.

I'm glad Elder Terry is recovering. Hopefully he'll come to Carlsbad CA haha. Tell him to stay strong and remember that the lord has it in control. I'm so happy for Garret! sounds like he's doing great. Tell him to keep it up. Well I have to go. Hope everything is going ok at home. I'll make sure and pray for Dave. I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 28, 2011

Hola to all those who have the wonderful chance to read my email this week. Im glad to hear that everything is going the way that it should be going in the good old state of Utah. I miss being there for this time of year, because as everyone knows this is my favorite time of the year. I don't know what it is about this time of year but everyone is just happier. It is unfortunate though that it only lasts from the beginning of December to the beginning of January, and then everyone goes back to there old ways. I hope for all that read this, that you can try and continue the feeling of Christmas, or the holidays. Look around yourself and be grateful for the things that you do have, in this world of twisted ways and a descending morale scale. That is one thing that I've learned in the short time that I've been here on my mission, that I was so ignorant of those blessings that I have in my life. As one that has seen both sides of the spectrum, and heed my advice. Always give thanks for those things that you do have, always remember that it could be worse, and that there is someone in the world, who in fact does have it worse than you. Well to the events of this week. Well as everyone knows this has the been the week of thanksgiving. Everyone is wondering what it was that I ate. Well I tell you that it wasn't turkey. We had spaghetti for our thanksgiving meal. Jajaja. The members house that we ate at, they don't like turkey. So yeah it was nice to have something that was different. We have been able to work more with the Silva family. They came to church yesterday all but one, Connie. But she was able to attend a baptismal service that we had after church. They are all pretty excited about learning more. Hope they will be able to enter the waters of baptism in December. As for Veronica she has been on vacation this whole week so we haven't had a chance to talk with her. This week I also had an interesting experience, I was able to give a training session in District Meeting this week. I was weird that they asked me because im new but it was a good experience. As for my Book of Mormon reading. I am in the book of Mormon. The actual book within the book. haha. Well got to run because i don't have anytime left but I hope that everyone is doing great. I would love to hear from you all. Happy Birthday this week to Bernie. Love you all

Con Amor Elder Moore


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- November 21, 2011

Dear Family This last week has been really good. We met with a recent convert family. We taught them the plan of Salvation as part of the new member lessons. We went over to an investigator's house with a member of the primary who brought the family cookies and she invited the family to come to church. We had a lesson set up with a recent convert. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel. Met with her later in the week as well and read with her and her sister in 3 Nephi 18 and talked about prayer with them. On Sunday we went by an investigator couple to see if they were going to come to church. They have said that they were coming before but something has always seemed to come up. We decided to ask them if we could get a ride to church with them. They said that would be fine. The women and her daughter drove us to church and then told us that they needed to go and pick up her boyfriend from work. So they promptly dropped us off at the church and drove away. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind. We are probably going to be giving them a break for a while until they are a little more prepared.
The Christmas lights come on on the Temple starting on Thanksgiving and we are really gearing up for the big crowds that aways come this time of year. It will be crazy for the next six weeks but it will be a blast.
Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the chance to have all of you in my life.
I love you

Elder Corbin Moore--Nov 21, 2011

Greetings to all from California. Well this week has been pretty good. They are having me not play sports for two weeks so that my finger can heal a little. Which is a bummer but what can you do. I just stand around and juggle the soccer ball, while everyone else plays sports. At least I have something to do. Well this week in the mission field we have done a lot of work with the Silva Family, they just came to California about 3 weeks ago. Well found out that they had been talking to the missionaries down in Mexico a little, and they want to learn more about the church. They all have baptismal dates, and we are working to have everyone go to chuch. It seems like is the overwhelming problem, down here with the latin culture, because everyone has to work on sundays. So that was our big focus for this past week was to get some people out to church. Two people from the Silva family showed up to church, the mother Gresilda, and one of her daughters Daisy. It was nice to have them come to sacrament meeting, and we have an appointment with them this week, so hopefully we will be able to get them all there. We were hoping that Veronica would also show up for church but she didn't. Elder Conlin and Elder Boyd went by her house on friday, but I wasn't there so im not really sure how that went. I was on exchanges with one of the other companionships in my district. Which was an interesting experience to be able to see missionary work from another perspective. Other than that we have been working with a lot of less active members, trying to get them back in the church.
Well we were challenged by our mission president to try and read the Book of Mormon before the new year is up, and to mark any references to the five things in the Gospel of Christ. So I took up the challenge on November the 9th, and I am currently in the 50th chapter of Alma. Im hoping to be able to finish it, within the next week, and then to begin it in Spanish. I think it would be awesome to have read it in both languages, in a matter of a little less than 2 months. Well hope that everyone is doing good there back home. The spanish is coming along just nicely, and im learning more and more every day. I am part of a new program that the church is implementing. They want the new missionaries ready to train someone in only 12 weeks, that is only two transfers, it should be an interesting task. Well until next week, have fun with all the snow.

Con Amor
Elder Moore

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle--November 15, 2011

como estan todos?

I'm doing great right now. I can't believe another week has already flown by. Things are going great in Oceanside. We have a couple baptismal dates set, and we're working hard to help them make it. The hardest things here to get people to do is to stop drinking, and get them to come to church. So many of them have work on Sunday, and can't get it off, or find a new job. It's very difficult, but I know that if they will put their trust in the Lord, he will provide for them.
I don't know if I'll be able to see TJ because we might be having a thanksgiving dinner with a less active family or something, but if they're in oceanside they might see me walking/riding a bike around. I guess they could always call the mission office and see, but I kind of doubt it would be approved.
Maybe a couple more PMG would be good;) haha I was talking with my Zone Leaders when we were on exchanges and they said they want one too, but in english... so maybe two more in english. Thanks mom. I just got your package today but I haven't been able to open it up yet. We're always super busy, and barely have time to even keep our apartment cleaned up.
Hope Elder Terry's doing ok. I'm still praying for him. Maybe he's supposed to come to Carlsbad now;) haha that would be so cool. Tell him I love him, and to stay strong. The Lord knows what he's doing with him. Also tell Garret I'm so happy for him. He's making the best decision right now. He's going to make such an amazing missionary. He'll be able to relate to so many people in Argentina. I'm so excited for him.
We never were able to meet with the seventh day adventist. He never answered us, but maybe we'll see him on the street sometime again. The girl finally moved and got away from her bad family situation, but now she's not answering our calls. Hopefully we'll be able to get ahold of her soon.
The members here are great. They're aren't a lot in the Spanish ward, but it's starting to grow. We are starting to get more and more investigadors to come, and there were three baptisms last weekend in our district. Tell Miles good job for getting his Eagle. That's a big accomplishment.
Well everything is going great here. We have miracles cada dia. mi espanol esta progresando poco a poco tambien. Thanks for everything you do for me. Tell everyone hi and that I love them. Don't just follow Jesus Christ, Walk with him because when we walk with him we become his friend, and only a friend will care enough to save us. When people see you they should see Jesus Christ. Les amo!

Con amor
Elder Whittle

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 15, 2011

Well here I am once again writing to my beloved family and friends. I am sorry that I am one day late but I will try and explain why that is. So yesterday we were at the park playing ultimate frisbee just like any other day. I went to go catch the frisbee and slipped and landed on my hand, and felt this pain just shoot into my hand. I stood up and looked at my hand, and my left index finger looked pretty weird. From the joint above my knuckle and up my finger was 45 degrees to the left, and lying underneath my middle finger. I was completely in shock because I had never had something like that happen before. I didn't want to make a scene so I just grabbed my finger and yanked it back into place. I heard a big pop and just continued to play. Well after we were done we went hope and it was hurting a bit. A began to start swelling pretty bad. Which was weird for me because im not one to swell. So I had to call our area medical advisor to see what she thought. She said that she wanted me to go and get X-rays just to make sure it was all good. So she scheduled me an appointment for 3'oclock. Well Elder Boyd had a dental appointment at 2 so we had to figure out how to make that all work out. Luckly we found a member that could sit at elder Boyd's dental appointment for two hours while Elder Conlin and I drove to Downy for my doctors appointment. Turns out that I guess I dislocated my finger, or possibly sub-located it. So the doctor has me taping my two first fingers together (you should see me trying to type on the computer) and im just supposed to watch it. He said that it could stay swollen for up to six months, WOW. But I just have to keep moving it and such. Well that was the interesting part of my week. On the gospel side of things we are still working to find people to teach since we are new to our area. We have had a lot of people who seem interested in the gospel but the thing is that they all speak english and so we have to turn them over to the english elders, so the search is never-ending. We had to move Veronicas baptismal date back because she is not coming to church. Hopefully she will be able to make it this week. We have been teaching a lot of less active families and some part-member families as well. Overall we are just working to find and teach, but I will keep you posted on what happens in this next week.

Well I'd just like to say first HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brayden, who is in Brasil. Hope you are having a great day and doing well. Sounds like everyone else is having a good time with their lives. A lot of work and a lot of school, for everyone. I would love to hear from everyone. Well I have got to go, hope you have a good week.

Con Amor,
Elder Moore


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle--Nov 8, 201

Hola Madre!

We bought some traps already for the cockroaches so I think we'll be ok, and we're trying to put baking soda down in the cupboards too. I haven't received the package yet, but thanks for sending one! So guess who I saw today?....... Nona! I got to see her in the Temple. It was so good to see her. She has the sweetest spirit. I got to talk to her for about ten minutes or so, and then had to leave, but I'm sure I'll see her the next time we go.
It would be neat if you could send three of the mini preach my gospels en espanol para nosotros. The elders in my district want to have one. Thanks mom. I hope you're doing ok with dad being gone. Be safe. How are things going? Anything new? Did you finish the basement yet;) or did dad build a shop out back haha. Just kidding.
We have been having so many miracles again this week. The girl that we've been teaching, Luz, She found a new place to live, and things are going a little better now we hope. We we're walking through pazole three nights ago and we handed a pass along card to a lady on the phone, and left it at that because we didn't want to interupt her. Well the next night we had an impression to walk down that road so we did. There were some guys in a driveway fixing their car so we stopped to talk to them. They quickly told us they were busy, but then that same lady came walking out of the garage and said I'll talk to you guys. So we talked for about 20 minutes and she was the same lady we had passed the night before and given a card. We told about the restoration a little, and then she told us how she had been to a bunch of different churches, but never felt like any were right. Then She ended up asking us if we could come stop by sometime. It was amazing. We're going to start teaching her tomorrow hopefully.
We have another investigador. Her name is Carmen and she has her baptismal date but she works Sunday. She's been reading and praying a lot, and she's quit drinking. Last night we stopped by and read with her and her family. (Her family are all members). She ended up saying that she's never been happier and that she's going to church this Sunday no matter what. She's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met.
Things are going incredible here in Oceanside. We are in the most ghetto part of our mission, but it's so much fun. A lot of humble people, and a lot of sad things that go on here. A lot of people have some hard things happening to them, but it's so amazing to be able to help them make a change and find true happiness.
Hope everything is going well at home. I love you all and want you to know that I know that Christ lives. He suffered and died for us because he loves us. The Lord puts people in our paths to prepare them to hear the word. Remember who you are because those people are watching and observing you. Vayan con Dios!

Love Elder Whittle

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 7, 2011

Hola. Hope everyone is having a good time back there in Utah. I heard that you guys had snow this passed week. Its so weird for me being here in California and not seeing the snow. I kinda miss it but oh well, life goes on. Well this past week has been crazy. There is a lot of work to be done in a new area like mine. Mom, you wanted to know about my area. Ok well you start at the pacific ocean and then make your way east, till you get to western, and then the southern and northern borders are redondo beach bl down to ripley, and then the northern border is Rosecrans. And that is my area may look like i small little area. But there are so many people in just this little place. We have been trying to do a lot of finding, because we don't have much previous work here in our area. So we do a lot of street contacting, and knocking doors. We are trying to get the members invovled as much as possible, so just getting referrals and trying to have them fellowship the investigators. We did find a lady this week, her name is Veronica, she has been investigating the church for like 15 years, and all the missionaries that have taught her in the past have been very pushy with her, and so that doesn't help our cause at all. So she is really up in arms when we talk to her about baptism, because of those past events. We have had to lessons with her, the first lesson we just got to know her a little more, and talked with her about eternal families, because thats what she wanted to talk about. She is pretty set on not setting a baptismal date, because she says that she is fine in the catholic chruch right now. But in our second lesson we talked alot about the great apostacy and the Book of Mormon. We asked her a bunch of questions, just to figure out where she was on understanding on our lesson. We commited her to read and to pray, and then after I just felt like I should give her a baptimal commitment and a date, even though she had shot down everyone else. She said that she would be baptized and we also set a date. Wow that was so amazing. Other than that we have been teaching a man named Pablo he really wants to learn about the gospel. We also have a date with him now. It was crazy this week also I met my first "bashers" on the street, we were walking and this two motorcycle guys were standing on the sidewalk with their bikes so we walked up to them and starting talking about missionaries and if they had ever talked with them before, we found out that one of them was a pastor and the other was a member of that same church, they just starting bashing and I can see how bad bashing drives the spirit away because I just wanted to explode, jajajaja. We tried to get out of there as soon as possible it wasn't a good situation. Elder Boyd and I went and did church round up yesterday, we walked over to this house to see if this lady was going to come to church. We open the gate and walked in, and this huge pitball came running at us, barking its head of. I just stood there hoping that it wasn't going to eat me, jajaja. He stopped right in front of us and just kept growling and barking, we tryed to get around but he wouldn't let us. So I just starting walking around him, and he got mad and tried to jump up on me, lucky the owner heard the noise and came outside to see what was going on. She calmed the dog down, and we were able to talk to her. Well we had the Turkey bowl today. Its a big flag football get-together. We played to of the other zones and it was intense. I dove into the grass and mud to catch the ball for a touchdown, bummer I didn't catch it. Well that has basically been my week here in the Centinela Zone.

How are things going on back home? What is Keyton and Bryson, up too? Dad I haven't been able to pull the bike out of the box yet because we have a car but i'll let you know soon enough. Sess and G, glad to hear that the floor is being fixed. Brayden, what is going on with you? Have you ever been DL, or ZL before? Adios,

Con Amor Elder Moore


Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- November 7, 2011

Hi everyone. I hope that you are all doing really well. This last week has been good. I am excited to work in this Spanish branch with Sister Nishiguchi. I was only in the area from about Thursday This last week we met with a recent convert. We read 3 Nephi 11 with her and her family. We met the a less active family and read with them Alma 32. We had a church tour with a couple of investigators and set a baptismal date with them for next month. Later one of them was sick and we went over with our ward mission leader and branch president so that she could recieve a blessing. She definately felt the Spirit and we talked about the Holy Ghost together. We are now working with them to get to church. We met with an investigator . We defined our purpose as missionaries. It soon became clear that she was more interested in Bible bashing with us so we decided that it would be best not to meet with her at this time.

I love you all
Have a great week
Love Alex

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elder Mattthew Whittle-- Nov. 1, 2011

Hopefully those of you who know spanish can enjoy part of this. LOL

Como les va?

Pienso que es mejor si escribo mi cartes juntos para ustedes. No tengo mucho tiempo enotonces que este carte esta para padre tambien. Well the work here is so much fun. We have so many miracles everyday that we almost feel like asking for less haha. It's hard to keep track of all of our potentials, but it's going great. Mi Espanol esta progresando rapidamente aqui en la calle. It's really fun. I love the Spanish culture down here. They are so humble and many are willing to listen. My companion and I talked the other night with some seven day adventists? One of them talked to me for about 20 minutes and then two others came up and started talking with Elder Kidd. They were totally trying to bash with us. I asked the guy if he believed that God loved him and if he could call another prophet today. He agreed and said yes. He kept trying to get me to bash, but I just kept saying hmm that's interesting. Then I complimented him on his knowledge of the Bible and his faith, and asked if we could come discuss more with him sometime about the Gospel. He was really nice all of the sudden and said o ya for sure. So I took down his information and number, and he wants to meet with us tomorrow. We'll see how it goes but it was a cool experience. I learned that Bible bashing doesn't do any good.
yo he tenido muchas milagros. I obviously can't write about all of them, but the other day there was a girl walking by our car just as we pulled over to the curb, and we have been trying to talk to everyone we see so we jumped out of the car, and got her attention. She suddenly asked us if we believe in witchcraft.... Kind of weird right. We said we guessed it could maybe be real, but the thing we do know is that we have something called the priesthood which is the power of God, and it's more powerful than any of that. She then told us her problems. More than we wanted to know. She has a very hard living condition and life. She's 19 years old. We asked if we could help her make changes in her life, and come over sometime. So we've taught her twice in the past week and the first time we ended up giving her a priesthood blessing, and she started crying and felt the spirit. Yesterday we taught her again and she set a batismal date. We didn't really even ask her. We talked about Baptism and she just said, I want to be baptized. I want to change, and never go back. It was really neat.
David has been busy lately with moving and work, but we're trying to get ahold of him to teach him more. The field is definitely white down here and ready to harvest. So many people that need the gospel. I love it down here! The people are so great, and most are pretty respectful to us and appreciate us. It's definitely the ghetto, but I love it. Our apartment is kind of run down but it's fun. We spend some of our time before bed hunting cocroaches in all the cabinets and trim. I think we've pretty much killed all of them with some potent cleaner we found under the cabinet haha. Good stuff. Tell everyone hello for me and that I love them and pray for them. Hope everything is going good. Pray for people to be able to share the gospel with and God will put people in your path. I know this is true. I get to experience it everyday and it is blessing my life in many ways.

Love Elder Whittle

-O and apparently I can pull off that I'm from spain. So far I've gotten two mexicanos creer que soy de espagne haha