Monday, November 28, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle--November 22, 2011

Que onda!

Mom did you really just say "stoked"? haha I think you need to start listening to my country music more;) haha that rap music is getting to ya. Speaking of music, could you send me some more music? I can listen to music that talks about Christ, and that isn't disruptive. So a couple songs I would like; Jesus take the wheel, and like raise it up (from august rush) Those would be aproved. So I guess you could have Brando help ya pick out some songs or something:) Thanks.

It was so good to see TJ! I'm so excited for him to go on a mission! He's going to love it. It's so much fun to go out and try and find people, and help them change their lives. Yesterday we invited 75 people to learn about the restoration of the gospel. We got a couple potentials so we'll see how it goes.

I'm so glad they finally got a hold of Cho! You need to work with the missionaries, and try and help them in any way you can. I've learned the power that comes from working with the members. We have a lot more success when we work with members. Please have the missionaries talk to Cho's mom and make sure and tell her that I know that this is the true church of Christ, and that it will bring her more happiness than anything else in her life. Tell her I wouldn't have left her, Cho, and my family if I didn't know it was true. Tell her I love her and that I want her to find out that's it's true too because I know the blessings, and joy it brings into my life. Thank you for working with that. Everyone is a missionary.

Well there have been a lot of crazy things happening here in Oceanside. We got a hold of Luz again (finally) she's been really busy, but we're going to go visit her today. Hopefully she still wants to be baptized. I have a feeling that she does. It was crazy last Sunday. We had two investigators that showed up that we weren't even expecting. One was a man named Leo. His wife is a member, but he's not. He just decided to come with his son that's 10. It was so cool. He's been taught pretty much everything, and just needs to decide to be baptized. He's such a cool guy. Very humble, and honest. We also had Carmen come. She has been srtuggling with getting a new job that doesn't work Sundays. She wanted to come to church so bad that she called in and said that she was sick and then came to church.... Not the best solution and we told her that, but kind of cool that she wants to come that bad. She's a great lady. All her children are members de la iglesia, and she see's how happy they are. She wants to be a better mother to them as well. There are so many miracles going on that I can't even pick one to tell you about, but I guess one day I can tell you more.. Hopefully that day doesn't ever come;) haha.

Dad of course I've been to a Spanish ward haha I go to one every Sunday. It's a great ward. Kind of small, but it's growing pretty quickly. It's fun to speak Spanish, y misteco tambien. Misteco is a language from Oaxaca. (not sure on the spelling) but we ask people en la calle como se dice oraciones como de donde es. En misteco: dasho ni ka ku. It's so fun to hear them speak it.

I'm glad Elder Terry is recovering. Hopefully he'll come to Carlsbad CA haha. Tell him to stay strong and remember that the lord has it in control. I'm so happy for Garret! sounds like he's doing great. Tell him to keep it up. Well I have to go. Hope everything is going ok at home. I'll make sure and pray for Dave. I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

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