Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- November 7, 2011

Hola. Hope everyone is having a good time back there in Utah. I heard that you guys had snow this passed week. Its so weird for me being here in California and not seeing the snow. I kinda miss it but oh well, life goes on. Well this past week has been crazy. There is a lot of work to be done in a new area like mine. Mom, you wanted to know about my area. Ok well you start at the pacific ocean and then make your way east, till you get to western, and then the southern and northern borders are redondo beach bl down to ripley, and then the northern border is Rosecrans. And that is my area may look like i small little area. But there are so many people in just this little place. We have been trying to do a lot of finding, because we don't have much previous work here in our area. So we do a lot of street contacting, and knocking doors. We are trying to get the members invovled as much as possible, so just getting referrals and trying to have them fellowship the investigators. We did find a lady this week, her name is Veronica, she has been investigating the church for like 15 years, and all the missionaries that have taught her in the past have been very pushy with her, and so that doesn't help our cause at all. So she is really up in arms when we talk to her about baptism, because of those past events. We have had to lessons with her, the first lesson we just got to know her a little more, and talked with her about eternal families, because thats what she wanted to talk about. She is pretty set on not setting a baptismal date, because she says that she is fine in the catholic chruch right now. But in our second lesson we talked alot about the great apostacy and the Book of Mormon. We asked her a bunch of questions, just to figure out where she was on understanding on our lesson. We commited her to read and to pray, and then after I just felt like I should give her a baptimal commitment and a date, even though she had shot down everyone else. She said that she would be baptized and we also set a date. Wow that was so amazing. Other than that we have been teaching a man named Pablo he really wants to learn about the gospel. We also have a date with him now. It was crazy this week also I met my first "bashers" on the street, we were walking and this two motorcycle guys were standing on the sidewalk with their bikes so we walked up to them and starting talking about missionaries and if they had ever talked with them before, we found out that one of them was a pastor and the other was a member of that same church, they just starting bashing and I can see how bad bashing drives the spirit away because I just wanted to explode, jajajaja. We tried to get out of there as soon as possible it wasn't a good situation. Elder Boyd and I went and did church round up yesterday, we walked over to this house to see if this lady was going to come to church. We open the gate and walked in, and this huge pitball came running at us, barking its head of. I just stood there hoping that it wasn't going to eat me, jajaja. He stopped right in front of us and just kept growling and barking, we tryed to get around but he wouldn't let us. So I just starting walking around him, and he got mad and tried to jump up on me, lucky the owner heard the noise and came outside to see what was going on. She calmed the dog down, and we were able to talk to her. Well we had the Turkey bowl today. Its a big flag football get-together. We played to of the other zones and it was intense. I dove into the grass and mud to catch the ball for a touchdown, bummer I didn't catch it. Well that has basically been my week here in the Centinela Zone.

How are things going on back home? What is Keyton and Bryson, up too? Dad I haven't been able to pull the bike out of the box yet because we have a car but i'll let you know soon enough. Sess and G, glad to hear that the floor is being fixed. Brayden, what is going on with you? Have you ever been DL, or ZL before? Adios,

Con Amor Elder Moore


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