Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- January 30, 2012

Que Honda!

Como estan todos? Que hay de nuevo? Me siento mejor que la semana pasada. Yo estaba vomitando bastante! I cut my finger pretty good this week. Pretty deep. Sister C. had to come up to the apartment and super glue it shut. We were cutting the insulation off of some wires to pull out the copper so that a lady could go recycle it to get some money, and the box cutter slipped and got my finger. It was pretty intense, but its doing good now. At least now we're going to start teaching her and her family this week haha.

Ya Hermana M. was in my district last transfer. She was a good missionary. She's really good at singing too. O and don't worry I'm taking pictures for sure. We just went to the temple today, and I took a couple. I tried to find Grandma but she had just started a session and we had to go so I couldn't see her, but in like 3 months I'll be back so hopefully I'll see her then.

Thanks for getting the CD's sent. I've been wondering when those were going to come;) You definitely should invest in a new computer. Cho can help ya out with that one haha. How is Cho doing? I miss that guy. Elder O. is from Arora Colorado so ya he knows where Greeley is at.

Well things are still going well here in Oceanside. We're working on finding new investigadors because we have a lot of internegadors so we've been contacting like crazy that past week. We invited about 215 people to accept the gospel last week. That's a ton. President wants us to get 140 each week, so we're are definitely workin hard. There's so many hispanics in our area. It's definitely a spanish mission haha. We hardly ever talk to gringos. It's super fun!

How's Elder Terry doing? When is he coming out to Carlsbad? I can't wait haha. And how's TJ, Trude, and everybody? I hope they're all doing ok. So I might be out of Oceanside in 3 weeks, but We'll see. I could be another 9 weeks. It's crazy. I feel like I've talked to everyone here and invited everyone. There's always Cholos en Central that yell to me. "Hey Brother!" We have a lot of fun just talking with them about life, and trying to help them out. There's a lot of bad stuff that goes on. It's pretty sad. A girl told us that a couple years ago she would be walking down the street and she would see just a dead body underneath the car, but things have gotten a lot better in the past couple years. There's police driving around all the time.

Pues, espero que todos esten bien y felizes. Les quiero mucho, y tengan una buena semana.

Que Dios les Bendiga!

Elder Whittle

p.s. When you get a chance sometime, Could you send me some pictures of the Salt Lake temple to give to some investigadors? Thanks

Monday, January 30, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- January 29, 2012

Well its been another great week here in LA 6th. I can't believe that January is already over. It feels like we just barely got into the new year. The concept of time is so weird as a missionary. Days seem like weeks, and weeks seem like days. Its just something eveyone needs to experience to grasp what I am talking about. This week has been really interesting. We have been trying to build our teaching pool back up and what not, so we do a lot of tracting. We did a lot of that this week and had some crazy things going on. I never would have thought that I would be walking down some of these streets here. You either have the streets that are like a baseball diamond that have like a billion lights that are so bright. Or you get the other side where the street is just pitch black. All and all it really is a blast. This week we have been talking to a lot of people in the streets, and it seems like a lot of them like to "bash", or i'll get the ocasional person who always asks if I am albino. I just have to laugh to myself and remember all the times I was asked that in school. I never thought that I would be able to say that I have been chased by a dog. I always thought that it was just something that missionaries said. But we had a crazy experience with that, this week. Because there are so many dogs out here in LA.
So we turned down this street, thinking that it went all the way through to the street that we wanted. Turns out that it didn't. So we got off our bikes and walked over to the curb, and tried to figure out why we were there. Then we heard this kid crying. So we started taking to him and gave him a Mormon.org card. And headed back to to our bikes because we were late for our dinner appointment. We started riding away, then the kid said that there was a dog behind us, so we just started pedaling so fast. And this dog was like right behind me just barking and trying to bit me on my bike. So crazy. It brought back memories of driving by the Rodriguez family's house, in Bountiful, on our bikes when I was littler and just trying to go as fast as I could. So that was funny
We have been working a lot with E. this week also. He is so amazing. He showed up to church yesterday. In his suit and one of the ties that I gave him. Wow, he is going to have an important calling in this ward. He was mingling with everyone and just happy and smiling. He knows where true happiness is found.
Well my time is up for this week. I hope that eveyone is having a good time back home. And is keeping busy with work, school, church, sports, music, and all the other things to get caught up in. I would love to here from you all. Sorry I didn't write one of my regular "soap box" messages this week. Jajaja. Have a good one. Thanks

Con Amor Elder Moore


Sister Alex--January 30, 2012

Dear Familia, I hope that you all had a wonderful week. My week has
been great. I was transfered to a new area this last Wednesday and I
love it. My new companion Sister S. is really cool and we have had
a lot of fun together. On Tuesday we had a lesson with the a recent
convert family. Their daughter is a recent convert and we talked about
keeping the Sabbath day holy as well as fasting. We also met with a
women and her large extended family. We watched finding faith in
Christ with them and talked about how we can increase our faith and
also how we can come closer to the Savior. On Wednesday was transfer
meetings and lots of moving. Escondido in Spanish means hidden on
Wednesday we discovered why. We got lost on our way back from
Scottsdale and we couldn't seem to find escondido for a while... It
was definately an adventure. We helped several sisters move into their
new areas and then we also had a lesson with a part member family . We
talked about the importance of reading the scriptures and feasting
upon the words of Christ. We explained our purpose as missionaries and
invited the sister and father to pray and ask Heavenly Father if our
message is true and worth listening to. ( when we went back a few days
later the sister told us that she ahd prayed and that she feels good
about listening to us but wants to learn step by step. We are really
excited to continue to meet with her and her family and have a FHE set
up with them and some members from our branch on this coming
Wednesday. On Thursday we had a lesson with a 14 year old girl. Her
mom looked really familiar and after a while I realized that I had
met her at the Visitors center back in March or April and she had
accepted missionaries. It turns out that she was baptized a little
while later and then her daughter started to investigate. It was
really cool She was supposed to be baptized on Saturday so we went
over the baptismal interview questions with her and her mother who is
a recent convert. WE also talked about tithing and the importance of
paying it and setting an example for their family. On Friday the girl
had her baptismal interview and she passed!!! We were really excited
to have her baptism on Saturday but we encountered some opposition
when she became sick and couldn't go through with it. We are hoping to
reschedule for next week.
This last week we recieved a challenge from our zone leaders to read
the Book of Mormon al lthe way through during this transfer. It has
Dear Familia, I hope that you all had a wonderful week. My week has
been great. I was transfered to a new area this last Wednesday and I
love it. My new companion Sister Sordes is really cool and we have had
a lot of fun together. On Tuesday we had a lesson with the a recent
convert family. Their daughter is a recent convert and we talked about
keeping the Sabbath day holy as well as fasting. We also met with a
women and her large extended family. We watched finding faith in
Christ with them and talked about how we can increase our faith and
also how we can come closer to the Savior. On Wednesday was transfer
meetings and lots of moving. Escondido in Spanish means hidden on
Wednesday we discovered why. We got lost on our way back from
Scottsdale and we couldn't seem to find escondido for a while... It
was definately an adventure. We helped several sisters move into their
new areas and then we also had a lesson with a part member family . We
talked about the importance of reading the scriptures and feasting
upon the words of Christ. We explained our purpose as missionaries and
invited the sister and father to pray and ask Heavenly Father if our
message is true and worth listening to. ( when we went back a few days
later the sister told us that she ahd prayed and that she feels good
about listening to us but wants to learn step by step. We are really
excited to continue to meet with her and her family and have a FHE set
up with them and some members from our branch on this coming
Wednesday. On Thursday we had a lesson with a 14 year old girl. Her
mom looked really familiar and after a while I realized that I had
met her at the Visitors center back in March or April and she had
accepted missionaries. It turns out that she was baptized a little
while later and then her daughter started to investigate. It was
really cool She was supposed to be baptized on Saturday so we went
over the baptismal interview questions with her and her mother who is
a recent convert. WE also talked about tithing and the importance of
paying it and setting an example for their family. On Friday the girl
had her baptismal interview and she passed!!! We were really excited
to have her baptism on Saturday but we encountered some opposition
when she became sick and couldn't go through with it. We are hoping to
reschedule for next week.
This last week we recieved a challenge from our zone leaders to read
the Book of Mormon al lthe way through during this transfer. It has
impressed me as I have read about the different ways that each member
of this family reacted to adversity. This week we felt a lot of
opposition as we tried to help this girl be baptized. Although I can't
control many circumstances I can control how I react to them and do
all that is in my power to accomplish the Lords work. I was reminded
of that while I read 1 Nefi 16 when Nephi broke his bow. He didn't
complain. He did the best he could and made a bow and then went to the
Lord. I can do the same thing when my bow breaks ( or a baptism
doesn't go through on a day we have planned) If I do my part then I
know that the Lord will make things work out in the way that they need
I am also covering a Young Single Adult ward. Yesterday as we were in
that ward I kept looking at this girl on the front row because she
looked really familiar. I went up to her and I found out that about 4
years ago she was in my College Singles ward at SUU. She had moved
down here at the end of that year. I am even friends with her on
facebook. It was truly a small world experience.
I love you all so much
Have a great week!
Love Alex

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- January 29, 2012

Que Honda Ches?

I'm glad you were able to figure out what my new companions name is. I guess I underestimated you guys. I should have made it a little bit harder;) haha. O man I'm so excited to know where Josh is going to go! He better come out to Carlsbad! How's TJ doing lately? I haven't been able to really write him yet. We've been working like crazy! It's so much fun! Elder Olsen is from Colorado, and loves trucks too haha. We get along really well.

la palabra quate significa literalmente twin, pero tambien puede significar dude. La palabra Che es de Argentina, y los mexicanos usan como quate avaises.

Wow you guys are going to Arizona without me;) So loving haha. Sounds like fun. Too bad it's not quite California weather. Be careful driving in the snow when you get back to Utah, and no I can't read other books. We're not even allowed to read the miracle of forgiveness. We just focus on the gospel library and the scriptures, but when I'll read them one day. Tell Megan Thanks a bunch, and that she's pretty cool I guess......;) haha no she's awesome! I hope her and Jordan are doing good with the married life and all. That's so awesome that Kayla is going on a mission!! Oh man! Missions rock!! Is she learning any language? Tell her good decision! haha.

So I was on exchanges last friday with Elder F, and we taught three lessons, and I wasn't feeling to well, especially during the last one. We finally finished teaching at about 9:10 and went outside back up to the car. I was feeling horrible by then and when we got up to the car, I turned to Elder F and said I don't know if I'm gonna make it home haha, and then I walked over to the grass and barfed up all the enchiladas that we ate. It was super narsty! blaaah. After I barfed up like five pounds we got in the car and went home. Well when we got home, and went and took a shower to try and feel better. Well I felt better for a little bit, and then I barfed again haha. Narsty like the first one haha. How do you feel reading this? I feel like a beer samich right now just talking about it. soggy, frothy, and warm;) mmmmmm haha sorry. Well I finally got into bed, and then el banyo me llamo otra vez y yo vomite. ya that happened like 3 or 4 times during the night until I didn't have anything left in me. Cool Story huh? Ya so I just didn't eat for two days. Sister C had me stay in and rest for one day, but now I'm doin super bien. I just don't have the ganas para comer ahorrita. I really think I lost like five pounds though because now my pants feel looser haha. Oh well.

Well ya things are awesome here in Oceanside. We're doing awesome. Still teaching the Family S. They were all drinking and offering us beer the other night so that was fun haha. Time for Word of Wisdom! Heck ya! I and A didn't make it to church but were still working with them. We got them a picture of the Temple to put up, and were going to write on a calendario las cosas que tienen que hacer para prepararse por bautismo. Everythings great with me. Avaises me siento como un bote de cerveza cuando estoy enfermo, pero estoy muy feliz! haha. Love you all and hope you have a great week without your favorite most humble son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, and Super Hero;) k bye

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

Elder Allen--January 27, 2012

Dear Family
Hola del CCM. I hope that everything is going goood for you and that you can all feel the lords hand in your life. The Mtc is still here so that probably means that i still am. It has been a very long time here, but then again it kinda feels like i was dropped of yesterday. you know what i mean? It is a very interesting feeling. I think that that will be how the whole mission will be. So how is the good old home? Is my room Distroyed yet i sure hope not haha. How are my Brothers and sisters doing? I haven't heard from they in a while haha. I hope that everything is ok at home and that things are working out. How is The Geo??? I hope that everything at home is ok. Now to leave home behind me and tell you about my mission. So Have like 4 "investigators" it is pretty cool. It is amazing how much i can tell them about the gospel in spanish. It probably wont be that way in argentina but i will learn haha. The feild is going to be so different then this place but i am so excited to get out therer and serive the lord and go love the people. I hope that I can get more Christ like atributes to better help the people out there that don't have that peace and happiness that i have because of the gospel. I pray that the people I am suppose to help will have there hearts open and ready to recieve the gospel of chriist. That 's really all i want, to help people find great peace and joy in there lifes. To know that there Savior lives and is always willing to help us if we will just come to him. That is something that I diffently have to work for my whole life. Becoming more like christ. I want to grow in faith and I want to grow in the gospel. I hope that I will be able to stand at the judgement seat with pride and look my judge in the eyes and say, " I did the best that i could do." He will say, "I know, I Will make up for the rest. Now come join me in my kingdom." I am so very greatful for the savior. I know that he lives and That he loves us all. If any who read this email are feeling alone and like there is no hope I Testify to you that there is! Christ can help everyone one of us! He wants to all we have to do is come to him. I love him so much. This church is True! Keep writing me! I love letters Bye
Elder Allen

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- January 23,2012

Well another week as gone and I am still here in my same area LA 6th. Elder Reichman and I are here and continuing the work in this part of the vineyard. This week has been a pretty interesting week. Since we have recently had two baptisms, our teaching pool is starting to run a little dry. We have been doing a lot of tracting. Walking the streets of LA talking to people can be some of the funniest things and at the same time the scariest. When I first came out on the mission I was so nervous knocking on peoples doors or talking to everyone in the streets. But it really is a way of life for missionaries. We have been knocking so many doors and talking to so many different people with different stories. It really kills me the things that people tell us. People have these things that they have never told anyone, and then they talk to two 19 year old young men, and they start to tell them everything.
We have been working a lot with our two recent converts. To make sure that they are getting the support that they need in this time after their baptisms. So I tell you about something that happened in one of our visits with Yecenia. So we went over to Yecenia's house to have dinner, and her uncle was there. He is an inactive member of the church. He served a mission, and after he returned he fell away and stopped going to church. So we were eating dinner and I just starting talking to him about his mission and his experiences. He said that he wasn't ever sure if he went on a mission for the right reasons but that he learned a lot, about the church, life, and himself. So we talked a little bit more and then after dinner we had a lesson with the family. The lesson that we were teaching was the Restoration. As we finished up the lessons and we were bearing our testimonies, I looked over at Yecenia's uncle. He had tears streaming down his face. It was completely silent for a long time. Then he looked up and didn't say anything. We finished off the lesson with a prayer, and then after Yecenia went over and hugged her uncle, and then his mom(Yecenia's grandma). It was so amazing. I don't think that they have had a bonding experience like that in a long time. The next day (yesterday) was stake conference. He showed up and we had the oppurtunity to talk to him a little bit more. He said that he was going to come back. That he had been away to long, and that there was nothing that could bring him happiness more than the Gospel.
That experience is something that I will never forget. What he said is so true. In reality there is nothing in the world that can bring you more happiness than the Gospel. Being here in LA I see a lot of worldly riches. I see people that have these mansions by the beach. People who drive around in some of the coolest cars. People who are just filthy rich in general. But it is funny because none of that stuff can bring you eternal happiness. In this life sure, you will have that temporal happiness. But they are missing the eternal perspective. If people only knew, that this life is NOT the end. And all of these "amazing things", can't be taken to where we are going. The only thing that we are taking with us after this life is our knowledge and our families. Mansions, Cars, Money, Fame, Jobs, Boats, ATVs, Multi-million dollar franchises, Drugs. None of these things are going to matter. But unfortunately they are people in the world who spent every dying second of the day trying to achieve all of this. They fail to see what matters most. If you are one of these people who has fallen off the path, and has lost sight of these more important things. I would invite you to turn around and walk back towards "the Path"( the Gospel). It is never to late, and there is never anything that can't be overcome. Do it today. Re-evaluate.....Re-focus......Re-turn.
Hope that this week has been a wonderful week for everyone out there. If not hope that a new week full of great things is on its way. I would love to hear from eveyone our there. Feel free to drop me a line. Josh, what is going on, let me know. Well until we talk again.

Con Amor, Elder Moore

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sister Alex Hartvigsen--January 23, 2012

Dear Family, I hope that you all had a wonderful week. Things here have been really good. We had a really good lesson with a women. She was a referral from the Visitor's Center and when we went to visit her we realized that we had contacted into her husband about a week before and he had said that we could stop by. She is having some family struggles right now and we talked about how the gospel blesses our families. She said that we could come back on Friday or Saturday so we could meet with both her and her husband ( they work conflicting shifts) We are planning on stopping by this week. On Friday we had a meeting with our branch president and he gave us several families that he would like us to go and visit and we are excited to do that. We had a lesson with a women and talked to her about the hope that the gospel brings into our lives even when we are having challenges within our families. We have also tried really hard this week by looking for ways that we can build trust with the members through service. This has involved everything from helping to put away christmas trees and decorations to SIster S. giving a dog a bath and a haircut.

On Saturday I recieved news that I am being tranferred. I am going to a Spanish branch named Escondido. It is in Mesa. I am excited because in addition to working in the Spanish branch I am also going to be working in a Young Single Adult ward. My companion is Sister S. from France. I know her from the VIsitor's Center and she is a lot of fun. I am also not going to be working in the Visitors Center for this coming transfer. We have the potential to do some tranfers full field ( not working in the Visitors Center every day) I loved being full field the last time I did it because we have a lot more time in our area and it is easier to get to know the ward and the area. I think this will probably be my last opportunity for this because next transfer is the Easter Pageant and all of us are in the Visitors center then and then after that is my last transfer. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I love you all. Have a great week
Love Alex

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- January 21, 2012

Hola del CCM!!! I hope that everything is going well at home. I loved your letters and the package it was amazing! I enjoy hearing from you. I already sent a letter to you so this email might be a little short cause a lot of it is in the letter.
Anyways so the Mtc is still here so that probably means that I still am. I is my half way point though!!! YAY haha. So yea it is pretty chill here. I am now the new zone leader so that is something new. It's not that big of a deal in the MTC you don't really do anything. You basically just go to meetings, greet the new missionaries and call the President nightly to tell him that everything is ok. It's really not that big of a deal but yea....I'm a zone leader.
So the language is coming. I can basically understand everything that is said but the speaking it is what kills me. I need to work on speaking it a lot more. I will probably will not know anything when i get to argentina but oh well. I am more focused on learning the gospel. So yea that is what I do. Basically i study and then eat then study then eat. That's about it, easy right? Except it's all in spanish haha. It is fine though, I am getting a great love for the language. It's really useful. All my notes are now half english and half spanish. Some things are just easier in spanish.
So the spirit here is amazing and I am loving a spiritual feist that i am having here. The holy ghost is totally helping me learn the thing that i need to learn. I just work hard and he just pushes all of it in to my head. I am very blessed and am very greatful for that. The lord has my back i know it.
I know this church is true! I know that god lives! HE is there and he hears everything single one of us! I KNOW that the book of mormon is the word of god! It is with out a doubt in my mind a true inspired book! I know that we can have eternal life! WE can be happy and live with are heavenly father again. I love this gospel and all of the blessings it brings to lives. This church is true and it is so personal to all of this. Always seek help from your God. He is there and will help you. You are all such a great example to me. Go find you peace and happiness! I know that you can have that if you ask of the lord. It's in Romans if you want to check me haha. I say this things en el nombre de jesucristo amen

Elder Allen

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- January 18, 2012

Que Honda Cuates!

My new companion is.......................................are you
ready?............................................ Se llama
elder......! Cool huh? he's a stud. Really good companion. We're both
really into cars, and we both like to work hard. The other day we
helped a guy change his spark plugs out on his car and he said we can
come visit him someday so that was really cool. Oh I'm still in
Oceanside by the way. Things are going awesome. We set two baptismal
dates this week with two new investigadors se llamen I y A.
They're super cool. They want to go to the temple and be sealed really
bad. I already feel like I've known them forever.

That's so crazy about the party across the street. I guess sometimes
people have to learn the hard way sometimes. He's probably being
humbled to hear the gospel someday. Hopefully nothing bad happens to
you guys in retaliation. Be careful.

Well I'm over my cold now. Thanks for the prayers. That helped a lot
for sure. I just kept running in the morning, and it went away within
a couple of days.

Sounds like everyone is doing good except for the cats. I guess we'll
see how long you make them stay outside this time;) haha just kidding.
I forgot we even had honey. When you wrote about honey I was thinking
whose that haha. That was weird.

Good job on the basement paps. Suena como el bano esta progresando
poco a poco. bien hecho. I'm excited to see it one day. Be careful on
that campout. Don't let the cold get to them old bones;) haha That's
cool that you still do that with the boys. I respect that. Keep it up.
Hecha la ganas!

The Andersons are moving to Love town?? What? They're already
married?? They don't need to go back there haha. I don't get it. I
still need to write them. I'll try to today if I get a chance. We have
an appointment with a potential during the day today, so that's going
to take away some P-day time.

La familia S. ha estado en mexico por la semana pasada. entonces
ojala que les visitemos esta semana! A ver que pasa. We're starting to
find a lot of new people that seem like they really want the gospel.
Elder...... and I are super excited for this transfer. It's going to
be great!

How's Cho doing? Is his mom still talking with the missionaries?
Hopefully she still is. When is Elder Terry going to come to Carlsbad?
I can't wait for him to come out here! He's going to love the Cali
Weather and all the crazy psychos that live here. haha. I hope he can
make it out here soon.

I totally believe about the 1.7 on average that it mentions Christ.
I'm reading in the book of mormon and marking every reference to
Christ and its basically every verse. It is funny how people say we're
not Christian when the name of our church has Jesus Christ in it.

So the other day we talked to a lady that was in the religion
satanism. It was a very interesting conversacion( don't remember how
to spell that in ingles anymore sorry) O wait ya I do I think. a ver.
conversation. Anyways umm ya she was really strange. Believed that
it's all about desire, and eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we
die. Just like it says in the scriptures. Really interesting.

Well I hope you all haven't gotten to weird without me being around;)
haha Keep being awesome! Love you all.

Con amor
Elder Whittle

p.s. I guess I'll tell you the name of my companion....... Once you
send me my cd:) hahaha

p.p.s. Jk His name is Elder.

p.p.p.s. Do you want his last name too?

p.p.p.p.s. Ok I'll give you a hint. It's not Kitchen.

p.p.p.p.p.s. It starts with a O.

p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Ok it rhymes with son.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s and there's probably the letter "L" between the last two p.s.'s

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Hopefully you'll figure that one out;)

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. We talked to a guy the other day who was 105
years old. It was pretty cool.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s That old guy still goes on walks.

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s He also has 1/3 of his lungs left. Crazy huh?

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s I'm pretty funny huh?

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. Ok i'm sick of typing "p's"

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. K bye!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sister Alex Hartvigsen--Jan 17, 2012

Dear family,
this week has been a good week. On Tuesday we had a dinner and a lesson with a less active women and her family. We talked about obedience and the blessings that come as we keep the commandments. We read with her in Mosiah 2:41 about how as we keep the commandments we are blessed in all things.Our ward is setting up a few families that we are going to be practice teaching the lessons to. We are excited. On Wednesday we had a lesson with a women and her sister We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with them and talked about how we can come to know that it is true by study and prayer. One of the ladies told us that she knows this is true but she is scared at what the implications are if she joins the church. She knows that there will be opposition. We talked to her about how we are strengthened as we keep the commandments We shared Ether 12 with her and talked about faith. We are going to try and set a baptismal date with her this week. Her sister had some questions about authority and apostasy. We had brought a member with us who used to be Catholic and she was able to answer many of her questions. It was really good. On Thursday we had a lesson with the a less active/ part member family. We talked to them about 1 Nephi 8 and how we can hold to the rod of iron and recieve all the blessings that Heavenly Father has for us.
This last week, we got a new Visitor's Center director. It is going to be strange not working with our old directors. There will be many changes over the next several months are many of our senior couples and sisters leave for home. Change can be hard but it can also be really good.
I hope you have a great week. I love you all
Love Alex

Monday, January 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- January 16, 2012

Hola to everyone that is back there in Utah! Well this week has been a
pretty crazy week here in Los Angeles. Monday we had a great P-day we
had to do a lot of driving. We had to go up to the mission home and
get a table for our kitchen. So it was a lot of navigating the dark
abyss of the californian highways. We also found this one guy this
past week. His name is E. He wanted us to come back and to teach
him a leason. So the day that we went back he was there. We learned a
lot about his life, and the problems that he was facing and then
taught the lesson. After which we set up a return appointment. When we
came back the next time he was so into what we had to say. He had done
all of his reading, and had a lot of questions. We brought him to a
fireside, and he absolutely loved it. He already wants to get baptized
and we have only known him for two weeks. He changed this work
schedule so that he could come to church, and really wants his family
to be apart of the church. It is so amazing how converted he already
is. We have been working a lot with both of our recent converts also,
to get them more incorporated in the ward. We weren't able to do a lot
of tracting this week, because Elder R got sick and so I just
did a lot of studying in the apartment. This week was also a lot a
teaching for me. And I'm not talking about teaching lessons to
investigators. Like training for the missionaries, and classes for the
ward. Stuff like that. Wow I felt like I was a sunday school teacher.
This week is transfers so we will just have to see what is going to
happen. I just barely got transferred so I don't think that I am going
to be moved again, but hey, who knows.Well sorry this week I don't
have a lot of time. But hopefully I will be able to send more in the
coming weeks. I really am sorry that I didn't have time.
Dad everything is going great just really busy with the work here in
my area. Brayden, I hope that everything is going good for you back
home. Mom, keep up the good spirits and have fun at work. Jjaja.
Keyton and Bryson what is going on, I haven't heard much from you two,
especially Keyton.

Well I hope everyone is having wonderful lives, back home. And always
remember to Smile.

Elder Moore


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--January 10, 2012

Que Honda Che?

I get my new companion today! Woo hoo! I'm excited. It's been really hard the last three weeks being in a threesome. We can't be in both areas all the time, so I feel like my area hasn't been progressing like it should be, but it's still doing well. I tried to do a lot of splits with members so I could be in my area. I think I know who it's going to be, but not for sure. I think it might be Elder O, but we'll see:)

I can't believe I have a new sobrino, y si papa yo se que es un sobrino haha. He looks really good, and healthy. It will be cool to see him in two years. Brandonion is a dad now... That just shattered my entire universe haha. That's weird.... He'll be a good paps though. Looks like he better change the name of his son if he wants any chance of winning the favorite uncle award... Not like he really has a chance anyways;) haha JK. Brax is a funny little guy.

Sounds like the cats are doing mas o menos.... and thanks for the offer with the roach control, but I think the traps with work just fine;) haha You definitely have a lot of patience mother.

I can't believe all of that is happening to Kaleigh. That's crazy! I'll definitely keep her in my prayers. I'm so glad Trudey is staying out there. That's so good. I think he'll be ok. He just has to stay focused. I have to get a letter to him. It's so hard to write. We hardly ever have time. Which is a good thing of course haha.

Oh I can't wait until Josh get's back out here. I'm so excited for him. I hope he comes to Carlsbad! That would be so Sweet! He's such a stud. Sounds like he's staying positive like I knew he would.

I'm sick right now, but nothing horrible. Just a stuffed nose, and sore throat. Nothing that's hindering the work, so it's all good:) I broke my perfect record. Que triste no? haha. Bien hecho padre con el banyo! Casi tu eres trabajando como yo;) Bien duro haha Estoy bromiendo.

I haven't been able to visit the Familia S lately porque han estado en Mexico, pero en Miercoles voy a visitarles:) Tell Trude with the language not to worry about it. It will come. One thing that I did that really helped me, is that I decided to just speak spanish all day. Even though I didn't really know how. I took a dictionary with me to all the meals, and looked for words I wanted to say to communicate with everyone. We made it into a game as a district with cards, and if someone caught you speaking spanish, you got to take a card from them. It was really fun, and it helped a ton. We also tried to bear our testimony to people around the MTC in spanish when we had extra time. That helped a lot. If he shows the lord that he's really trying to learn the language, then he will get the lords help. I think he'll be alright.

Well everything thing is great here. Sorry for the novel this week. I guess I just like to talk or something weird like that haha. Hope everyone is doing great. Les amo todo de ustedes! Espero que tengan una buena semana, y tambien espero que yo recibe mi CD esta semana;) haha ok Shan naka taing. (nos vemos en mysteco) (mysteco es un dialecto de oaxca)

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- January 9, 2012

Dear Family.
This week has been a good week. We have had many miracles. I think the highlight of the week was on Thursday and Friday. A family who I taught back in May went through the temple and we sealed together. ( I taught and baptized the 9 year old daughter and the rest of the family was less active when I first met them.) It was beautiful and the Spirit was so strong. I feel like if I came on my mission for no other reason other than to be able to be a part of this family's experience than my mission has been worth it. ( I know that there are other reasons that I am out here) .Things at the VC have returned to normal. They had the 90 nativities packed up and out of here by the 2nd or so of January. Things are a little crazy right now because the Whites ( the directors of the Visitor's Center ) are preparing to go home this next week. It will be so weird not to see them everyday. Luckily for me, they live in Davis County Utah and so I will still get to see them when I get home. We get the new directors next week I think. There are many changes coming and it will be good and interesting to see how everything works out.
W e were able to have some really good lessons and cool experiences this week.
On Tuesday, we headed off to the Visitor's Center to watch the Joseph Smith Movie with some of our investigators and our former branch president as well as some former investigators that he had invited. President Smith bore his testimony about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Everyone there enjoyed the movie and the spirit was really strong. When the movie finished, one of our investigators was in tears was in tears. We found out later that she was thinking about all the trials and challenges that Joseph and the early saints went through. She knows that this is true but deep down she is scared that once she makes that decision that even more trials will come and she is not sure how to handle those. We shared with her 1 Cor 10:13 and talked about how we are never alone. We also talked about how we can find peace in sincere prayer. We are working on fellowshipping her and her family into the branch by inviting different auxilary leaders to come with us. One of the members who was with us at the Joseph Smith movie referred our former investigator family at the VC. I called them up and they said that we could come by this week. I am supposed to call her today and set up an appointment to meet with them. On Saturday as we were driving, Sister S had the impression to go over to a less active family's home. We turned around and went over, not knowing why we were there. It turns out that the mom of this family had been praying that someone would come by so that she wouldn't be alone. She has been struggling with health problems and has felt very lonely. Sister S shared 2 Nephi 32 with her and talked about prayer and scripture study and how we can feel the peace as we read and pray. It was really cool. At the end of the lesson, we were invited back to visit with the whole family( it didn't work out though when we returned it was only the mom again but we still had a good visit) .
I hope all of you have a great week. I can't believe how fast the time goes. It sometimes feels like I blink and it is a month later.
I love you all
Love Alex

ELder Corbin Moore-- January 9, 2012

Well this week was a pretty amazing week, I was able to have another great baptism. It was my first time baptizing somebody so that was also an awesome experience. Other than that it was a regular week here in the big LAX. Im not even sure what else to say. I did just talk to you all on Wednesday and since then not much has really transpired. Just out on the street talking to the people, knocking doors, eating too much, biking everywhere(which its that bad its good exercise for the legs), playing basketball, not be able to play soccer yet, and just being a missionary. Well all I have to say is the Gospel is GREAT. I have had the chance to read so many books, and expand my knowledge of the gospel. Hopefully eveyone had the chance to start reading the Book of Mormon. It really is the best book. Well transfers are approaching rapidly and Im pretty sure that I'm going to be staying in my area, but we will just have to see what is going to happen. Well I'm very sorry that my letter here is really short, but I just talked to you all on wednesday.

Hopefully everything is going good for everybody. Congrats to Brandon and Laurie on the new baby. To eveyone else who had something significant happen that I didn't know about, congrats.
Well until next week everyone.

Con Amor Elder Moore


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- January 4, 2012

Well here we are in 2012. Its crazy to think that it is already here. Well this week it has been a lot of work. We are trying to find more people who want to hear the "good news". It has been pretty crazy in the streets a lot of activity, everyone getting ready for the new year and new years eve. We have been working with Yecenia a lot this week trying to make sure that we have taught her all the things that she needs to know. We had her confirmation on Sunday in sacrament meeting, and she asked ME to do it. It was so crazy, because usually I would have been really nervous, in front of everyone and all, let alone in spanish. I was so at peace and it was really good. Other then Yecenia we have just been working with some of our other investigators. One of them being, Rafael Guerrero. We have been working with him a lot, because his wife is a member, and so are his to young daughters. He seems really receptive, and I think that he sees how this is going to bless his family. We took them to the Visitors Center this week, and that was really amazing. The Visitors center is an amazing place for the investigators to feel the spirit. We watched this one family video that they have up there and it was really powerful. Then we watched the testimony of President Monson, and viewed the statue of Christ. Overall I think that they had a good time. So other big news for this week was that we were able to work with another one of our investigators, her name is Sandra. Basically no one in her family are members, so she would be the first. She has been progressing really well. She is going to be getting baptized this sunday. Last night we had her baptismal interview, which went well. After she asked me if I could baptize her. So yep she will be the first person that I will get to baptize.

Well this past week was New Years Eve. We could not be out past 6. Here in Los Angeles it is just crazy. So my whole zone went to the church at 6 to just have an activity till it was time for us to go back to our appartments. When everyone arrived at the church, we just played a lot of games. Basketball, kickball, just fun things. After the sisters had prepared like a bunch of food for eveyone. We had stuffed chilies, with spanish rice, and this amazing strawberry cake. A bunch of candy. It was really nice just to be able to have some fun with the zone.

Well a new year is here, which means that we all have the ability to restart the Book Of Mormon. And that is my challenge for everyone that is reading this e-mail. For those that have not started get going. And for those of you who have already started, restart. The Book of Mormon is one of the most powerful and important things that we all can read. Just like Joseph Smith said, "A man would get closer to God by abiding to its precepts than any other book." If we all could take the time to fully comprehend what is in the Book of Mormon, there would not be one among us who would not want to study it. The Book of Mormon contains the answers to the questions of the soul. Some of the most valuable lessons that we can learn are found within the Book of Mormon. For those that take this challenge to heart, and do it with the right attitude, a new light will come it your life, one that you didn't know was possible. I don't care if you are a member of the church, not a member, a less active member, completely inactive. The promise stands for eveyone. I know that, this is true, that the Book of Mormon was written for us in our day. That it was translated by a prophet, through the power of God. We don't have to wander through this life, not having this knowledge. It is never to late to gain this knowledge. But it can only be found in the Book of Mormon.

Congrats to Trent and Dyan, with the new member of the family. Hope that everyone had a good year, and will start this one off on the right foot. Specifically to Keyton, Bryson, and Mason. In these years before your mission, it is vital that you read and re-read the Book of Mormon. That it is single most important thing you can do to prepare.
Until next week.

Con Amor Elder Moore

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- January 3, 2011

Que Honda?

Que Dicen sobre la buena vida? That's ok that you forgot to email, I understand;) haha no se preocupen. We had a good new years. We went back to the apartment and did weekly planning which took about 3 hours, and then we had some IBC root beers, and ya. It was good:) I'll pray for Tiger. Sounds like he's not doin so good right now. I'll try to get a letter to Garret too. There's a cool saying that I like that says, you can measure the strength of an individual by the size of the problem/trial it takes to bring them down. I know Garret's strong enough to push through it, and make it. I will definitely keep him in my prayers as well.

I don't think I'll be a trainer yet. President told me in interviews that he already knows who my companion is going to be. So we'll see how that goes, but I'll keep an eye out for him too. I get my new companion next tuesday. I can't wait. It's been so hard to keep my area staying strong by myself, especially when I live 15 minutes away from it, but I've been able to do it. I go on a lot of splits with members so I can be in my area while the other elders are in there's.

It was funny what happened once with Elder Kidd and I. We were talking to a group of teenage girls about the gospel one night in the street, and Elder Kidd asked them if they would be interested in learning. Then one of the girls just randomly blurted out you have really attractive eyes to me. Then Elder Kidd jumped in and said that's not what I asked you. haha It was so funny. She got quiet and then said ya I don't think were interested. You have to "watch out for the little honeys;)" -Dad-

I hope Cho's mom is doing good. I pray for her a lot. I hope she can understand everything and feel the spirit. I can't wait for Josh to get out here. It was sooooo good to talk to him on the phone. Still the same good ol Josh. I hope he comes to Carlsbad with me. That would be so cool. It was good to hear Cho too. Sounds like he's doing good. He's so funny. I'm pretty sure he said What's up fool when he got on the phone like he always says haha. He's a stud.

Sounds like Brandonian is a little spoiled;) haha no he deserves it. He's a hard worker. Sounds like Megans doing good other than the Cat situation, and Bridge and Jeff sound great as well. So dad is actually working on the basement. That's kind of exciting. Tell him to not forget to make a theater room down there some day:)

Well things are great here in Oceanside, I'm teaching a lot of people, and there progressing. I know this is the work of the Lord, and that he blesses us when we try to be exactly obedient to the commandments. God loves all of us. We are all his children, and he wants to talk to us. Keep being the great family you are. Love you all.

Con Amor
-Elder Whittle

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- January 2, 2012

Dear Familia, I hope all of you had a fun and safe New Year Celebration. We didn't do too much down here other than work at the Visitors Center. I was outside a little later in the evening and was able to see some of the fireworks that people were shooting off. It was fun. This week was good. We had a meeting with our recently called branch mission leader, on Monday. On Tuesday we met with a less active women and talked to her about the blessings of obedience. On Thursday we met with a recent convert lady and her sister. We talked about revelation through church attendance and the importance of feasting on the words of Christ to feed our spirits. We shared with them 2 Nefi 32:3 and talked about how that spiritual nourishment can help us have the strength we need the rest of the week. We met with the a recent convert family and one of their family members. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and talked about what we can do to strengthen our faith. We asked each family member what they can do to strengthen their own faith. We had a discussion about how our faith will often be tested before we see the fruits of it. It was a really good lesson. This week as I was in the Visitors Center, I was giving a presentation in front of the Christus Statue that we have here ( its just like the one in Salt Lake but about a foot shorter). After I got done giving the presentation, I went and started talking to a man who was sitting on the bench looking at the Christus. He looked like he was about to cry. I asked him if he was OK and he answered back in broken English. ( sometimes its really hard to tell who speaks which language) I switched to Spanish and we started to talk. He was really struggling with choices that he had made in his life and came to the Visitors Center so that he could find some peace. I explained that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ all those feelings of guilt and shame can be healed completely as we repent of our sins and come unto the Savior. I testified that the Savior knew him and loved him. It was really cool to watch his demeanor change as I talked with him. He accepted my invitation to send the missionaries to visit with him and teach him more. It was such a good experience. This coming week will be really good. A family that I taught in my English area back in May is going to the temple on Thursday and Friday for the first time to be sealed as a family. I am so excited for them.
I love you all. I hope that you all have a great week.
Love Alex