Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- January 4, 2012

Well here we are in 2012. Its crazy to think that it is already here. Well this week it has been a lot of work. We are trying to find more people who want to hear the "good news". It has been pretty crazy in the streets a lot of activity, everyone getting ready for the new year and new years eve. We have been working with Yecenia a lot this week trying to make sure that we have taught her all the things that she needs to know. We had her confirmation on Sunday in sacrament meeting, and she asked ME to do it. It was so crazy, because usually I would have been really nervous, in front of everyone and all, let alone in spanish. I was so at peace and it was really good. Other then Yecenia we have just been working with some of our other investigators. One of them being, Rafael Guerrero. We have been working with him a lot, because his wife is a member, and so are his to young daughters. He seems really receptive, and I think that he sees how this is going to bless his family. We took them to the Visitors Center this week, and that was really amazing. The Visitors center is an amazing place for the investigators to feel the spirit. We watched this one family video that they have up there and it was really powerful. Then we watched the testimony of President Monson, and viewed the statue of Christ. Overall I think that they had a good time. So other big news for this week was that we were able to work with another one of our investigators, her name is Sandra. Basically no one in her family are members, so she would be the first. She has been progressing really well. She is going to be getting baptized this sunday. Last night we had her baptismal interview, which went well. After she asked me if I could baptize her. So yep she will be the first person that I will get to baptize.

Well this past week was New Years Eve. We could not be out past 6. Here in Los Angeles it is just crazy. So my whole zone went to the church at 6 to just have an activity till it was time for us to go back to our appartments. When everyone arrived at the church, we just played a lot of games. Basketball, kickball, just fun things. After the sisters had prepared like a bunch of food for eveyone. We had stuffed chilies, with spanish rice, and this amazing strawberry cake. A bunch of candy. It was really nice just to be able to have some fun with the zone.

Well a new year is here, which means that we all have the ability to restart the Book Of Mormon. And that is my challenge for everyone that is reading this e-mail. For those that have not started get going. And for those of you who have already started, restart. The Book of Mormon is one of the most powerful and important things that we all can read. Just like Joseph Smith said, "A man would get closer to God by abiding to its precepts than any other book." If we all could take the time to fully comprehend what is in the Book of Mormon, there would not be one among us who would not want to study it. The Book of Mormon contains the answers to the questions of the soul. Some of the most valuable lessons that we can learn are found within the Book of Mormon. For those that take this challenge to heart, and do it with the right attitude, a new light will come it your life, one that you didn't know was possible. I don't care if you are a member of the church, not a member, a less active member, completely inactive. The promise stands for eveyone. I know that, this is true, that the Book of Mormon was written for us in our day. That it was translated by a prophet, through the power of God. We don't have to wander through this life, not having this knowledge. It is never to late to gain this knowledge. But it can only be found in the Book of Mormon.

Congrats to Trent and Dyan, with the new member of the family. Hope that everyone had a good year, and will start this one off on the right foot. Specifically to Keyton, Bryson, and Mason. In these years before your mission, it is vital that you read and re-read the Book of Mormon. That it is single most important thing you can do to prepare.
Until next week.

Con Amor Elder Moore

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