Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- January 29, 2012

Que Honda Ches?

I'm glad you were able to figure out what my new companions name is. I guess I underestimated you guys. I should have made it a little bit harder;) haha. O man I'm so excited to know where Josh is going to go! He better come out to Carlsbad! How's TJ doing lately? I haven't been able to really write him yet. We've been working like crazy! It's so much fun! Elder Olsen is from Colorado, and loves trucks too haha. We get along really well.

la palabra quate significa literalmente twin, pero tambien puede significar dude. La palabra Che es de Argentina, y los mexicanos usan como quate avaises.

Wow you guys are going to Arizona without me;) So loving haha. Sounds like fun. Too bad it's not quite California weather. Be careful driving in the snow when you get back to Utah, and no I can't read other books. We're not even allowed to read the miracle of forgiveness. We just focus on the gospel library and the scriptures, but when I'll read them one day. Tell Megan Thanks a bunch, and that she's pretty cool I guess......;) haha no she's awesome! I hope her and Jordan are doing good with the married life and all. That's so awesome that Kayla is going on a mission!! Oh man! Missions rock!! Is she learning any language? Tell her good decision! haha.

So I was on exchanges last friday with Elder F, and we taught three lessons, and I wasn't feeling to well, especially during the last one. We finally finished teaching at about 9:10 and went outside back up to the car. I was feeling horrible by then and when we got up to the car, I turned to Elder F and said I don't know if I'm gonna make it home haha, and then I walked over to the grass and barfed up all the enchiladas that we ate. It was super narsty! blaaah. After I barfed up like five pounds we got in the car and went home. Well when we got home, and went and took a shower to try and feel better. Well I felt better for a little bit, and then I barfed again haha. Narsty like the first one haha. How do you feel reading this? I feel like a beer samich right now just talking about it. soggy, frothy, and warm;) mmmmmm haha sorry. Well I finally got into bed, and then el banyo me llamo otra vez y yo vomite. ya that happened like 3 or 4 times during the night until I didn't have anything left in me. Cool Story huh? Ya so I just didn't eat for two days. Sister C had me stay in and rest for one day, but now I'm doin super bien. I just don't have the ganas para comer ahorrita. I really think I lost like five pounds though because now my pants feel looser haha. Oh well.

Well ya things are awesome here in Oceanside. We're doing awesome. Still teaching the Family S. They were all drinking and offering us beer the other night so that was fun haha. Time for Word of Wisdom! Heck ya! I and A didn't make it to church but were still working with them. We got them a picture of the Temple to put up, and were going to write on a calendario las cosas que tienen que hacer para prepararse por bautismo. Everythings great with me. Avaises me siento como un bote de cerveza cuando estoy enfermo, pero estoy muy feliz! haha. Love you all and hope you have a great week without your favorite most humble son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, and Super Hero;) k bye

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

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