Monday, January 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- January 16, 2012

Hola to everyone that is back there in Utah! Well this week has been a
pretty crazy week here in Los Angeles. Monday we had a great P-day we
had to do a lot of driving. We had to go up to the mission home and
get a table for our kitchen. So it was a lot of navigating the dark
abyss of the californian highways. We also found this one guy this
past week. His name is E. He wanted us to come back and to teach
him a leason. So the day that we went back he was there. We learned a
lot about his life, and the problems that he was facing and then
taught the lesson. After which we set up a return appointment. When we
came back the next time he was so into what we had to say. He had done
all of his reading, and had a lot of questions. We brought him to a
fireside, and he absolutely loved it. He already wants to get baptized
and we have only known him for two weeks. He changed this work
schedule so that he could come to church, and really wants his family
to be apart of the church. It is so amazing how converted he already
is. We have been working a lot with both of our recent converts also,
to get them more incorporated in the ward. We weren't able to do a lot
of tracting this week, because Elder R got sick and so I just
did a lot of studying in the apartment. This week was also a lot a
teaching for me. And I'm not talking about teaching lessons to
investigators. Like training for the missionaries, and classes for the
ward. Stuff like that. Wow I felt like I was a sunday school teacher.
This week is transfers so we will just have to see what is going to
happen. I just barely got transferred so I don't think that I am going
to be moved again, but hey, who knows.Well sorry this week I don't
have a lot of time. But hopefully I will be able to send more in the
coming weeks. I really am sorry that I didn't have time.
Dad everything is going great just really busy with the work here in
my area. Brayden, I hope that everything is going good for you back
home. Mom, keep up the good spirits and have fun at work. Jjaja.
Keyton and Bryson what is going on, I haven't heard much from you two,
especially Keyton.

Well I hope everyone is having wonderful lives, back home. And always
remember to Smile.

Elder Moore


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