Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elder Allen--January 27, 2012

Dear Family
Hola del CCM. I hope that everything is going goood for you and that you can all feel the lords hand in your life. The Mtc is still here so that probably means that i still am. It has been a very long time here, but then again it kinda feels like i was dropped of yesterday. you know what i mean? It is a very interesting feeling. I think that that will be how the whole mission will be. So how is the good old home? Is my room Distroyed yet i sure hope not haha. How are my Brothers and sisters doing? I haven't heard from they in a while haha. I hope that everything is ok at home and that things are working out. How is The Geo??? I hope that everything at home is ok. Now to leave home behind me and tell you about my mission. So Have like 4 "investigators" it is pretty cool. It is amazing how much i can tell them about the gospel in spanish. It probably wont be that way in argentina but i will learn haha. The feild is going to be so different then this place but i am so excited to get out therer and serive the lord and go love the people. I hope that I can get more Christ like atributes to better help the people out there that don't have that peace and happiness that i have because of the gospel. I pray that the people I am suppose to help will have there hearts open and ready to recieve the gospel of chriist. That 's really all i want, to help people find great peace and joy in there lifes. To know that there Savior lives and is always willing to help us if we will just come to him. That is something that I diffently have to work for my whole life. Becoming more like christ. I want to grow in faith and I want to grow in the gospel. I hope that I will be able to stand at the judgement seat with pride and look my judge in the eyes and say, " I did the best that i could do." He will say, "I know, I Will make up for the rest. Now come join me in my kingdom." I am so very greatful for the savior. I know that he lives and That he loves us all. If any who read this email are feeling alone and like there is no hope I Testify to you that there is! Christ can help everyone one of us! He wants to all we have to do is come to him. I love him so much. This church is True! Keep writing me! I love letters Bye
Elder Allen

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