Monday, January 9, 2012

ELder Corbin Moore-- January 9, 2012

Well this week was a pretty amazing week, I was able to have another great baptism. It was my first time baptizing somebody so that was also an awesome experience. Other than that it was a regular week here in the big LAX. Im not even sure what else to say. I did just talk to you all on Wednesday and since then not much has really transpired. Just out on the street talking to the people, knocking doors, eating too much, biking everywhere(which its that bad its good exercise for the legs), playing basketball, not be able to play soccer yet, and just being a missionary. Well all I have to say is the Gospel is GREAT. I have had the chance to read so many books, and expand my knowledge of the gospel. Hopefully eveyone had the chance to start reading the Book of Mormon. It really is the best book. Well transfers are approaching rapidly and Im pretty sure that I'm going to be staying in my area, but we will just have to see what is going to happen. Well I'm very sorry that my letter here is really short, but I just talked to you all on wednesday.

Hopefully everything is going good for everybody. Congrats to Brandon and Laurie on the new baby. To eveyone else who had something significant happen that I didn't know about, congrats.
Well until next week everyone.

Con Amor Elder Moore


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