Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- January 30, 2012

Que Honda!

Como estan todos? Que hay de nuevo? Me siento mejor que la semana pasada. Yo estaba vomitando bastante! I cut my finger pretty good this week. Pretty deep. Sister C. had to come up to the apartment and super glue it shut. We were cutting the insulation off of some wires to pull out the copper so that a lady could go recycle it to get some money, and the box cutter slipped and got my finger. It was pretty intense, but its doing good now. At least now we're going to start teaching her and her family this week haha.

Ya Hermana M. was in my district last transfer. She was a good missionary. She's really good at singing too. O and don't worry I'm taking pictures for sure. We just went to the temple today, and I took a couple. I tried to find Grandma but she had just started a session and we had to go so I couldn't see her, but in like 3 months I'll be back so hopefully I'll see her then.

Thanks for getting the CD's sent. I've been wondering when those were going to come;) You definitely should invest in a new computer. Cho can help ya out with that one haha. How is Cho doing? I miss that guy. Elder O. is from Arora Colorado so ya he knows where Greeley is at.

Well things are still going well here in Oceanside. We're working on finding new investigadors because we have a lot of internegadors so we've been contacting like crazy that past week. We invited about 215 people to accept the gospel last week. That's a ton. President wants us to get 140 each week, so we're are definitely workin hard. There's so many hispanics in our area. It's definitely a spanish mission haha. We hardly ever talk to gringos. It's super fun!

How's Elder Terry doing? When is he coming out to Carlsbad? I can't wait haha. And how's TJ, Trude, and everybody? I hope they're all doing ok. So I might be out of Oceanside in 3 weeks, but We'll see. I could be another 9 weeks. It's crazy. I feel like I've talked to everyone here and invited everyone. There's always Cholos en Central that yell to me. "Hey Brother!" We have a lot of fun just talking with them about life, and trying to help them out. There's a lot of bad stuff that goes on. It's pretty sad. A girl told us that a couple years ago she would be walking down the street and she would see just a dead body underneath the car, but things have gotten a lot better in the past couple years. There's police driving around all the time.

Pues, espero que todos esten bien y felizes. Les quiero mucho, y tengan una buena semana.

Que Dios les Bendiga!

Elder Whittle

p.s. When you get a chance sometime, Could you send me some pictures of the Salt Lake temple to give to some investigadors? Thanks

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