Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- February 7, 2012

Buenos Tardes,

Greetings from Los Angeles. Well its been another week here in Los Angeles, and things are going as they usually do. This past week we were able to have a Zone Conference that was absolutely amazing. Learned a lot of new things that I could apply to my life. We set up a lot of appointments this last week, but for some reason eveyone would cancel out on us. You know how it is everyone is just too "busy". But hey what can you do just keep moving forward. So we have been doing a lot of tracting around missed appointments, and a ton of street contacting. Which is always nice just allows me to develop my spanish. Its so interesting to look back on where I was the day that I entered the MTC, when I didn't know anything about spanish. I was so confused and it was really discouraging when eveyone started getting a hold of spanish and I couldn't to save my life. But now its like something clicked awhile back and I can understand everything that people are taking about. The Lord really does help with this so much. It is funny when I am surrounding by all these latino people and they all start talking spanish. Im pretty sure the see me and just think, there is now way that this guy speaks spanish, but then I know everything that they are talking about.
Oh and I have another experience to talk about. I always knew the day would come when I would have to eat something that I didn't like, and this week it came. We had an appointment with and less active ladie and her husband, who is an investigator. We arrived and she had made us dinner. And so I was thinking alright I guess that is nice of her. Then she served it up into two glass cups and set them on plates. We sat down and then said the prayer, after I took a quick glance over the food to she want it was. I couldn't really identify anything in it except for the octupus tentacle. So I just started eating. As I ate I asked what else was in it. She began to tell us that it was octupus, oysters, shrimp, and snail. (Seviche, is what it is called) For anyone that knows me I am not a big fan of seafood. But hey what can you do you just have to eat it. So I downed the cup, and then she started filling it up again. Hhaha. I was just thinking to myself, before the mission I never would have eaten this stuff. So its a good lesson for all you picky eaters out there like me. You just might as well get used to eating everything now, and just make it a whole lot easier for yourselves.
We have been working a lot with E. trying to get him ready. He came to church yesterday and while we were sitting there waiting for the meeting to start. He leaned over to me and said. " One of these days im going to be serving in the church, maybe I'll be sitting up there, pointing to the bishop, or maybe i'll even be speaking in a conference" (refering to the stake conference broadcast that we had from salt lake). He is progressing so well and loves everything about the church. I don't know if I will still be here in the area when he gets baptized but I will always remember the day that I found him, and how I found him.
Well that is it for this week. Thanks to all that sent me e-mails and letters. Thank you Oma and Opa for always sending me an e-mail, its always great to here how things are going.
Keyton and Bryson whats up you guys are dropping the ball. I get an email from everyone in the fam. But not you two, you all don't have time for me. I see how it is. Well I should be writting some letters to you two, today. Hope everybody is doing well and that you all are enjoying life. Heres to another great week.

Con amor
Elder Moore


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