Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--Februay 7, 2012

QUE ESTA PASANDO? Hijoles! Todos estan casando! Que Raro. Man that's crazy. So when does Elder Terry get back out? Have they given him a date yet? He best be comin to Carlsbad:) haha. So my finger is doing good. The super glue worked like a charm! No worries there, and I'm going to get the package right after writing. Thanks for sending that. I have a bunch of the San diego temple ya, so just the salt lake temple would be great:) Thanks, and the cockroaches are gone:) Those traps worked like a charm. Gracias otra vez.

So Kelsi, Brynn, and Michelle are all getting married? That's super weird haha. Tell them all that the Elder Whittle dice felizitaciones. And Marissa is goin to China? Cool beans. She'll love it, and she'll learn a lot.

So things have been kind of difficult lately. We've been working like crazy trying to find people that really are ready for the gospel, but we haven't been able to find a lot. We've walked around all day inviting people to hear the gospel, and we've only been able to find a couple, but it's just a trial of our faith. I think it's going to pick up this week or pretty soon. Yesterday we invited about 70 people to hear the gospel, and only got like one person, but it's ok that's sometimes how it goes. We keep eachother staying positive. A couple days ago we talked to some Jehova's witness and they told us that they were teaching a family in a house that they pointed out to us, and that they already had dibs on that house. Well yesterday we were up by that house, and I said to Elder O. let's go knock that door. So we did, and we set an appointment with them for tomorrow, and we also came to find out that one of them already is a member. She's just less active. Those Jehova's Witness aren't going to be to happy, but whatever:) haha. We're doing good though. I might leave Oceanside in another two weeks. I still don't know but I should find out next week.

Pues Espero que todos de sus guerros esten bien:) Estoy muy feliz y todo. Me encanta la obra del Senor. Les amo mucho. Gracias por todo que hacen. Sigan Adelante!

Con Amor,

Elder Whittle

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