Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elder Garrrett Allen-- February 22, 2012

Also please tell momma whittle thank you for the package that she sent and for all of that great stuff. It was good to get and to here from her. Also if you could tell her that she should forward all of the emails of my friends. I would really love that and it would be really good for me. So if you would please do that i would be very greatful. Thanks mom. love ya

Well I'm here in new mexico and i am not sure how i feel about it. Honestly it isn't super great but that is ok i guess.... The worst part is that I am a english speaking missionary and never do anything in spanish so basically I'm losing all of my spanish. I guess that i just need to work harder at it. I hope that i will be leaving here very soon. Anyways we left the mtc at 3 am and got on a plane to denver. Then from denver we went on a super small plane to durango. There i meet the APs and the mission president (president jones.) we had breakfast at his house(which was 50 mins away) and met four elders that were going to be are companions. There we did interviews and stuff like that and got to know each other a little better. Then we went to get companions. There was one elder that i didn't want to have and of course that is the elder that i got. This mission of mine seems to be working that way for me so far. Getting the things that i don't really want but this mission is not about me it is about the lord. Anyways from there i had to go to the apartment which is gross like no mans busimess but it will be fun. There are 4 elders living there so that should be good. Then we did weekly planning and that was my first day. After that we went to bed. So that next day we went tracking and i had my first door in spanish!! they werent interested though so that wasn't to great haha. but we taught so lesson and that was about all. Then on sunday I met a lot of people in the ward and guess what? Josh is in my ward so i saw him and we talked for a little bit so that was cool. later that night we went and checked out some different stuff and went with a member to 4 houses and taught some lessons there. So that was pretty good. Then it was p day which is on monday and after that it is today. so yea that is my mission so far nothing to great.... are some of the challenages that i am having...My companion is kinda not in to it and it really feels like he has no idea what he is going and what to teach me. Basically it just sucks there. So yea, but i am trying to be a good jr. companion and to just follow his lead. also he is THE loudest and most annoying chew i have ever met in my whole life so i will just let you guess how that is working out for me. Also he basically has ever medical problem you can think of and takes so crazy drugs. So yea, this is my adventure i have to do. Basically I am just trusting in the lord and trying to stay positive. It would be nice to hear from my brothers and sisters but they don't email and i have seem to lost the paper i had with all of there emails. Basically i am feeling like i am in the wrong place and am very discouraged. But i just need to work hard and do my best, This is my mission and i really don't want to waste it but a huge part of me wishes that i wasn't in new mexico and that i could be some where like argentina and that i could just be comfortable but again this mission is not about me and i need to do what the lord wants and just try to have faith. I know that the lord has my back here. Anyways the work here is kinda slow it seems like. A lot of it is reactivating navajos. We are right by the reservation so there are a lot of them and they will be baptized just not active. So yea....But people dont really want to talk and i have no idea how to get into the door. So that kinda sucks but hey just keep trying. At least the members here feed us a lot and that is pretty nice. pero i hope that i leave soon. Also i am sick right now with a cough that wont go away and basically i just don't feel great. So these are all things that are hard and i am really being tried. my spanish is already going away and that is not good and i have kinda been left here alone. so yea these are the things that are hard and there is alot of stuff but it will probably be ok because you support me and the lord is with me and hopefully i will be in argentina soon. So we will see what is going to happen. anyways if you want to send me anything my address is 400 w apache, farmington New mexico 87401. so yep that is about it. I love you all and will talk to you next monday! miss you guys alots and hope to hear from you soon. Love elder allen

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