Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- February 21, 2012

Que Onda!

Ay padre! Que lo paso? Se ve super guapo en ese foto;) haha Que chido. So sorry about the money thing. We've been taking this kid that's about 14 years old that struggling out to eat like twice a week, but I'm going to try to do better ;)

So I'm leaving O side, but I still don't know to where. I got a letter from President saying that he's counting on me in my next area so we'll see where I'm going. I leave today. It was so hard last night to say goodbye to everybody. Juana, a member in our area that Elder Kidd and I reactivated, started crying when I said goodbye last night. It was really hard. I feel like she's a mom to me now, but I know I'll see her again. I'm sad to leave Oceanside, but I know the Lord needs me in a different area for the next little while. I think I'm going to go up North more, but I'll let ya know next week. I still haven't gotten your package but I'll probably get it at transfers today. Thanks for sending that. You guys are great!

So Tony came to the noche de pelicula that we had up at the church. It was awesome. He picked us up in his big 15 passenger van with his wife, and his two sons. We watched the Joseph Smith movie, and they liked it. Hopefully we can keep teaching them. They'd be great for the ward, because of their huge van haha. In spanish work it's sometimes hard because a lot of the people no tienen carros. So that's definitely a plus. Tony is super super passionate about the gospel to. He always is talking about Jesus Christ. It's so awesome.

I'll try to get some pictures printed off or send you the sd card o something. Hope everyone is doing well. Keep it up on the basement paps. I wish I could help ya with that but at the same time I don't because I love being out here with the people. Keep staying strong in the gospel, and remember that there is no other work that is more important than the work of the Lord. Love you all. k bye.

Con amor,
Elder Whittle

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