Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sister Alex Hartvigsen returned home from the Arizona Mesa Mission spanish speaking. We are all glad to have her back safe and sound.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--May 29, 2012

Que Honda Fam! You're right I can't believe it's almost summer as well. Time is going by way to fast. It's pretty crazy. It's weird to because there's not really any change in the weather so it doesn't feel like time is really going by. Sounds like you might just have to start hanging out with my poster back home haha. I'm sure my poster would love to watch movies with you and Cook stuff and all that haha. Have you met Elder Barlow yet? Oh man I love that guy! I miss him so much! Dad needs to take him fourwheeling or something. What part did you say Kayla was going to in North Carolina? My companion is from there in a city called Pilot Mountain. That would be cool if that was in her mission. I'm so excited for her. She's going to absolutely love her mission. It's going to be the greatest time of her life. So If you want to just keep Cherry until I get back and then let me sell it that would be totally fine:) Just make sure if you do sell it that you sell it at least for around 10. I'm glad she's still alive and working and that nobody's wrecked her yet... knock on wood haha. Hopefully you can sell the toyhauler soon, and I vote you should sell the Yamaha and get a 2012 with fuel injection:) haha that would be nice. I really enjoyed getting a guitar in the mail hahaha. That was a good one:) and the roach poop is great;) haha. I just got the package yesterday. I decided that you're pretty funny mom haha. So last night Elder S. and I were invited by C. to a Korean Barbeque. It was soo good! We loved it. It reminded me so much of the Good ol days with Cho and his family. I can't wait to have another BBQ with them one day. C. is awesome. Everytime I see him I think of the Choster. He talks a lot like Cho, meaning he's a super funny guy/ Stud. Things are going great with the Singles ward. We love working with all of the people that are more our age. It's a different kind of work from spanish for sure. Thanks for the CD. I like the music. It's pretty good. I was thinking of a song that would be cool if you sent me it one day:) I don't know what the name of the song is, but the lyrics go, "which drop of blood did I make him shed, did I put the thorns onto his head, I try to do what the savior says....." It's a really good song, so maybs if you could look up the lyrics online and find the song that would be pretty cool:) Thanks. Wellp everything is going great. We're working hard, and loving it. It's a really beautiful area, and a lot of really neat people. Hope everything is going great for you guys. Love ya all. k bye.

Elder Matthew Whittle-- May 22, 2012

Que Honda! Wow this week was super crazy. Being involved in two wards is a lot of work haha. But we love it. I love getting home with absolutely zero energy and then going and planning for a half hour. It's awesome! We had a really good week. We're actually teaching somebody right now who's name is C. from Korea. He's a stud. He reminds me a lot of Cho. He's really interested in the Gospel, and is making a lot of changes. He comes to church every week, and reads and prays a lot. He makes me miss Cho a lot. Tell him hi for me, and to give his mom and dad a big hug from me, and that I love them! So we had an amazing experience this last sunday. We were at church from 8 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. We had Branch council in the morning and then 3 hours with the spanish branch. Then we had ward council with Singles ward, and then their 3 hours of church, and then after we had corelation meeting, and then after that we were talking to Choi and a couple other Singles ward members. Well there was a man sitting by the Bishops office, when the Bishop came out and asked if we could talk to the man while he interviewed someone. So we went over and met him and asked if he would like to go to a room to talk. So we went to a room and sat down. Well it turns out that this man was originally from Texas. He told us that he was Baptized when he was 12 years old, but soon fell away from the Church and got into drugs and alcohol. He ended up moving to Ohio and got married and had a kid. He told us how his wife left him because of drugs, and how he now has a ten year old son. He told us how he felt trapped back in Ohio. How all of his buddies were all doing drugs and he felt chained down. So he decided to just leave everything and get away. So he drove all the way from Ohio here to Carlsbad where he ended up running out of gas and money. So he tried to find a job for a couple of days walking up and down streets asking places for any positions available. He didn't have any luck. So finally he decided he was going to walk down to San Diego because he knew that there was a temple there. So he began to walk. Well he kept trying to follow the 5 down but had to keep crossing back and forth because he kept running into dead ends. Well he made it down to Cardiff and crossed over the 5 again and walked up a big hill. When he got to the top he stopped a guy working in a field for some water, and asked him how to get to the Temple in San Diego. The guy told him that he would have to go back down the hill, and cross the 5 down to highway101 and follow that down to San Diego. So he started walking, but for some reason he felt like he should turn to the right and walk through a neighborhood. So he turned and walked through and ended up walking past a Christian church but there were no cars in the parking lot. This was on a sunday by the way. So he took another turn and walked up the street. Well he ended up walking past our church building, and as he was looking at the building he was wondering to himself. What if this is and LDS church. When he turned the corner and saw the sign out front that said, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, he said he couldn't believe it. He aproached the front doors, and walked in. He explained to us that he felt like he had come home. He said he remembered the memories of going to church when he was little. He then began to cry and told us that he's always known that the LDS church was the only true church on the earth, but that he just couldn't escape from all the drugs and evil influences around him. We told him how much God love's him, and how God led him to church so that he can turn his life around. He agreed, and we asked him if he had a Book of Mormon still. He said he didn't so we went and grabbed one really quick, and left him with the story of alma the younger to read. We gave him our phone number and left him to talk to Bishop Clark. Well Bishop C. found him a place to live and work at a Motel 6, and the next day this guy called us. He told us that Bishop C. mentioned to him that there was an activity tonight at the church. We were going to have a family home evening night with the spanish branch at the church. So we told him there was and that he was welcome to come. So he showed up to the activity, and sat down by us. I translated for him so that he knew what was going on, and after there was a bunch of food left over, so we gave it all to him. He wants to meet with us and get active again in the church. (phew That was really long.) It's amazing to me how the Lord gathers his sheep and how he never gives up on us, even if it takes 30 or 40 years, no matter how stubborn we are. He loves all of us no matter what we do and he's always there guiding us and ready to recieve us back into his fold. We were so grateful that the Lord gave us of all the missionaries the opportunity to learn that great lesson. I love my savior Jesus Christ more and more every day. I love being able to see how much he really loves us no matter how far we've strayed. Well I think that's enough typing on my part. Things are going really well down here. We're working really hard, and seeing a lot of miracles. I haven't gotten the package yet, but I'll let you know when I do. Love you all. Hope everything is going great for all of you. Have an awesome week! Con Amor, Elder Witle

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sister Alex Hartvigsen-- May 21, 2012

Dear Familia , This week has been an adventure. On Monday we had a noche de hogar ( family night) with the L. familia and several other members, part member families and investigators. It was really good and Hno L. shared his testimony about how living the gospel brings blessings. On Tuesday as I was getting in the car to go to the Visitor's center, a member pulled up to us and asked us if we had a copy of the Book of Mormon. We gave him a copy that he is going to to give to a lady who lives on his bread route. ( There is a bakery around her that makes this amazing bread and then delivers it to your door.) He gave us a loaf in exchange for the Book of Mormon. He looked at my tag and then asked me if I had a brother that served in Frankfort Germany. I said that my cousin Michael had. This guy's name is Nathan Smith and he said that he was Mike's mission companion. It was cool. It is a small world and a much smaller church. We had the chance to attend the temple Wednesday morning. It was really nice to go. It was weird to think that it was my last time to go here in Mesa as a missionary. I love this temple and it is such a blessing to be able to be on temple grounds every day at the visitor's center. The Spirit is always there. The temple here is in a rougher area of town and people come all the time and comment about how different it feels the minute they walk onto the grounds. I love my mission! We had dinner with the a part member familia. We talked to them about the role of the Savior and read 2 Nefi 25:26. We also talked to them about the gospel blesses families. We are going to start the new member lessons with them this week. We had a lesson set up with another part member . Our plan was to talk about Jesus Christ and invite their son (12) to be baptized. As we walked up the the apartment, their son came out with some of his friends and headed to the swimming pool and told us that his Mom had gone to Phoenix. We scheduled another appointment for tonight and then went over to a recent convert's apartment. We shared with her Ether 12:27 and talked about how the Lord will strengthen us in our trials. As we were walking out of her apartment we stopped and talked to 2 men on the sidewalk. Sister Slater explained who we were and we talked about religion for a few minutes. They are both Catholic but seem open to talking to us. We said a prayer with them outside and are planning on going by tonight to meet their families and pray with them and invite them to learn more. On Thursday we had a lesson set up with an investigator. We had arranged for a member to come with us but she got sick the last minute and we couldn't find another member in time. We went over and watched Finding Faith in Christ with her and talked about her relationship with the Savior. We found out during this meeting that she can't read. We talked to our Branch President about that and he is going to arrange for someone form the Relief Society to come over and teach both this lady and her Sister in Law to read using a program that the church has. This branch is so good!. On Friday and Saturday I was on exchanges in Sister Romano y Sister Christensen's area. It was really good. Their main focus was inviting people to come to church and the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. They were really good at talking to everyone. While I was in their area, Sister Slater was with Sister Solorzano y Holladay. They went to our area for about an hour because we had an appointment set up to meet with an investigator. They had brought Presidente Solorzano with them. the appointment fell through because the lady was not there. ( we think that she may be avoiding us) but he did have a good visit with her sister in law. This week is going to be great! There is so much work to do and we are going to use every minute. The time has gone by so fast it is unreal. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity to serve. It has been the best decision of my life. I love you all. Thank you for all of your love and support over the last year and a half. It has helped so much. Love Alex

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- May 16, 2012

Wow hace mucho tiempo que hemos hablado verdad? haha It was kinda cool to skype wasn't it? I thought it was fun to see everyone, and I'm amazed at how much Braxton is talking now. That's awesome. And Paisley is huge! haha . So Elder Barlow gets in at 4:05 on Wedsnday, and I think Delta. Just make sure you don't interrupt to much with his family. I think it would be super funny if you had my poster there haha. We got along really well. We had a lot of fun. It's sad that he's leaving. Well nothing much has happened since sunday. We had a super good lesson with one of our investigadors yesterday. We brought Hermana Del V. and she did an awesome job with the lesson. She's awesome. Things are going to start to get pretty crazy. We have the Singles ward now and summer's starting up so were going to be working with them a lot. I'm going to struggle trying to speak english haha. The other day I was talking to this lady on the street that was from russia and she spoke english, and all of the sudden I just blurted out something in spanish just out of habit and she just looked at me funny haha. I'm gonna have to work on my english again haha. It's going to be fun though. I'm excited. Well hope you all have a good week. I'll let you know who my new compa is next week. Love ya all. K bye. Con amor, Elder Witle

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Congratulations Elder Ferguson-- called to the Florida Orlando Mission-- reporting on August 15, 2012 There is a great story behind this call--- here is my Facebook post from that day May 2nd SURPRISE!!! We like surprises at our house... for example, a surpise trip out to see the cousins in KC, a surprise run in with the KC cousins in California or like when I got a great surprise for christmas (my circa 1950's turquoise freezer for an awesome display cabinet) Probably the biggest surprise to date was when we told the family we were expecting a baby. NO! we are not expeciting another.... baby. But tonight I got a big surprise, an early Mother's Day present. I was sitting on the deck enjoying the evening when one, by one some of TJ's friends showed up. TJ was in working the ambulance in Spanish Fork today, so I just thought they were here to see Brooke. Then TJ walked out. That was a nice surprise. Then about 1 minute later Bishop Funk walked out and handed TJ a big white envelope. It took me a second to register. I was surprised because the last TJ and I had talked about a mission, he had told me he just wasn't sure if it was what he wanted. I felt that the more I talked about it, the less he was interested in going. So I stopped talking about it and thought TJ would let me know when he made his decision one way or another. Fast forward about a month or so to today. That sneaky boy enlisted the help of Dad and Grandma and Grandpa and the Bishop and swore them to secrecy. They helped him with all the details of filling out the forms and the Dr's and dentist apts. TJ is going to ORLANDO, FL. He leaves Aug. 15, 2012. I couldn't be more surprised or more happy that he came to this decision. Way to go TJ....Love you. And thanks for the biggest
surprise of my life.

Elder Garrett Allen-- May 14, 2012

Dear Family It was good to talk to you yesterday and to hear that everything is going well. You were right when you said that it was going to be a little weird after talking to you. Yesterday night was basically a big old drag. I don´t know why but basically me and my companion were just done and ready to just go relax, but you got to teach right? Anyways today is p-day so it is a perfect time to relax and to get back into the work. This week has been a really good week. I had some amazing experiences with two families that we are teaching. The first is a member who´s family is not members and he is very less active because he has to work basically every Sunday. The daughter in this family is investigating and is coming to church and seems to be interested. So we wanted to set a date with her to be baptized but I felt like we should talk to the Dad about it first. So we did and we got his promission and basically told us that the desicion is hers and that him and his wife were going to support him in whatever she chooses. So after getting that answer we had a lesson with her and commited her to baptism...It was a super amazing experience that I can´t really explain but I will try. The lesson was just with her and her dad. She look at us and said if my dad wants me to I will...He responsed to her and told her that the decision is hers and that she gets to choose but to know that the commit to baptism is serious and that she will have to go to church ever Sunday and follow the teachings of the church...Now i know that doesn´t sound amazing right now but he did it all in Vos. Vos is a way of speaking here and they only use it with people that are really close to them, such as family, loved ones, and really close friends. It is like tu form but ten times more personal. It changes the meaning of everything. I made to conversation so personal and amazing to here. I got to see a true love from a Dad to a daughter. Vos is a super interesting thing here...It is either the most insulting thing or the most special thing or just nothing...But in this moment it was amazing and just wow. I can´t really discribe it haha. Anyways the is the first experience. The second is with a family of 3 that we are teaching. They are basically the dream investigadors. They do everything that we ask them and they have tons of questions all of the time and they are studying and reading and everything. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true but they just won´t come to church. That is beside the point haha. Anyways we were in a lesson for the plan of happiness and we got to the end and see basically explained the 3 kingdoms to us with out us saying anything...It was crazy... She knew that she had to get baptized to get to the Celestial kingdom. It was cool to see her figure all of this out though studing and all of that get stuff. Anyways those are some spiritual moments So now to the fun moments. First thing is First. THE RATS ARE BACK. We caught another rat this week and had are landlord kill it with some poison that she has. So the battle of the rats and missionaries is back on! haha We will have to see if I get any more crawling on me haha. Anyways I will keep you posted on that. Also we have an Amazing crazy progressing investigator. She basically knows the whole Bible and Book of Mormon memorized and has an amazing understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After she gets baptized she will probably go out to the mountains and will be raised up to heaven. Anyways she was part of a religion called pentecostals. So she is missed guided a little. Like this Sunday during the sacrament she was praying out loud while they were blessing the sacrament. So it was queit interesting. She is super crazy and always prays with the people that are praying. I guess it was part of her old religion and we just can´t get here to stop haha. It is great. Also she heard a talk on tithing during sacrament meeting and basically yelled at me and my companion that she wants to pay it right now and that we have to show her how to do it. Basically she is crazy and just goes of on everything. It is great. I love it hahah. So there is that. Maybe with time she will figure it all out haha. She has total faith in Jesus Christ and loves everything we tell her....Now only if we could understand her...She talks super fasy and in Bible language. Basically me and my companion are lost the whole time haha. Anyways that is Orasia. Welp that is pretty much it. Take care of yourselves and I love you all lots. The mission is going great and basically I just have to finish it up and work hard haha. Anyways take care and good luck with everything. I love you all!!! Elder Garrett Allen

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--May1, and May 2, 2012

May 8, 2012 Que Honda Viejo Chochos! Wow mom. That's impressive that you wrote all of that on a touch screen! How long did it take you?;) haha So I can call to get the skype thing going. I wrote down Brandon's username so I'll try and find it through that, and if not I'll call you guys so we can figure it out. We have some time on sunday to call at 6:30 California time so it will be 7:30 your time I believe. That would be awesome if Josh and Cho and them were there, and Gram and Gramps. I went to the temple today but missed Grandma again. Bummer eh? but maybe in July I'll see her. It was great to go to the temple again. I wish we could go more. That's so awesome that TJ's going to Florida! He's gonna love it! Missions are so amazing. Tell him I love him, and I'm super excited for him! Well I guess I'll talk to you soon. Love you all! Adios! Con Amor, Elder Witle! May 1, 2012 Hola Hola! Wow sounds like Braxton had quite the Hospital experience last week. I wonder if he'll remember that for the rest of his life. That's pretty crazy. So Mission life is going great. We're having some really cool miracles, and some solid investigadors. The lady in the park has been really busy, but wants to meet with us still. We're just trying to find a good time for her to meet. Thanks so much for the PMG'S The district love's them, and they all said to tell you that your the best and thanks a ton. They felt like it was Christmas haha. So I'll be calling not this Sunday but the next, Not sure what time, probably around like 2 or so. I'll let you know. Also do you want to do skype or should I just call instead. Just let me know. So we had a pretty funny thing happen. There's a member in the English ward named Brother B. The missionaries in Carmel Valley live with him. Well This guy has Scitsophrenia (Spelling?) and a couple other things. Basically he's not all there, but he's one of the nicest sincere people you'll ever meet. Well Elder Zaitzeff was on exchanges over there, and he told Brother B. the Why do birds fly south in the winter time joke. He practiced it with him the whole exchange so that when I came to pick up elder zaitzeff brother b. could tell it to me. So brother b. asked me the question and I said I don't know, then brother b. sat there for about 5 minutes trying to think of the answer. I tried to give him some hints. I said it's pretty far that they have to fly isn't it brother b., and he said ya ya it is pretty far isn't it. Finally he got it out he said it's because..... it's...... too..... hard to fly backwards. haha. We all just busted up laughing and said Brother B. that's a good one. He smiled and said ya thank you thank you. Oh man it was super funny. I love that guy. Well things are going great. I hope that everything is good with cherry still;) haha Love you all and hope you have a good week. k bye. Con amor, Elder Whittle p.s. Bato quiere decir dude en espanol, y de tin marin de do pingue cucara macara titere fue yo no fui fue tete pegale pegale que esa morita fue los monitos de cafe es cuando tiene que escoger alguien en un circulo. En ingles es iney miney miny mo catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go....

Elder Garrett Allen-- May 7, 2012

Ok first before i for get. I will be calling you for mothers day on the 13 of may at 12:30. So that is basically the only time that i can do it and i may be off like an hour for something cause of daylight savings stuff but I am about 90 percent sure that I am right. Also i will be calling you from a phone card that i will buy and i will have only like 45 to 50 minutes maybe more. SO that is that. I am looking forward to it. It should be fun...I wish that we could use skype. mayeb we can...send me skype information just incase and be on stand by with it hahah. Ok that is all So this week has been a pretty good one. I had some crazy experiences with members needing help and women brestfeeding while riding motos (maybe StacyAnn can do that on her knew Pink motorcycle) being part of bishop interviews and all sorts of great stuff.This week has been pretty crazy. The work is going good and we are find some really good family´s to teach and they are really getting it and start to figure out what they need to do. It is pretty sweet to be a part of it. So first I will probably be able to help build a church here for a new rama (Branch) that they want to start. So it is going to be sweet to be a part of that. I will be able to say that i built a church...How cool is that? Also I will be helping a guy tomorrow build a house by the river (AKA the bad part of town) so that is going to be sweet. I love all the crazy experiences that I get to have here. I still am having my challenages and my struggles but I am trying to take the great advice that everyones has given me and just go to work and stop complaining. You did say that I am not Lamen but that I am like Nephi and Sam. So that is what I am trying to remember haha. Anyways besides that it has been a week full of work. We have walked everywhere this week. Are area is one of the biggest in the mission and we have people that we need to visit all over so I read a lot of buses and walk a ton. But because are area is so big we might be getting to more Elders here and that would help haha. So the work is good and I miss you guys a lot and am sad that I have to miss all of these big events that are happening. Jeez...You think all of this could of happened before I left. Um...Probably not haha all these blessing are probably happening cause I am on a mission. So your welcome haha.(I´m kidding.) But tell StacyAnn that I am very happy for here and I will remember her in my prayers. I also I want a picture of the dress haha if that is at all possible. Tell Craig that he is going to be a good dad most because he has an amazing wife Bahaha. I wish them luck and I cant wait to meet both of my new Nieces when i return from my two years shindig. Tell John that it is his turn to get married now haha and when you see bryce an Jennie when they come give them a hug for me and tell them that I miss them. I love my family a ton and I have been very blessed to have you all in my life, It kinda makes me sad to think about how my whole family will be all over the states when i come home and i won´t really be able to see them...Sad...Oh well that is why God gave me technology Right? Also I will be back around christmas time...Hmmm I can´t think of a better time and reason to get the whole family together haha but that is a long ways off. Just know that I love you guys and miss you a ton. Good luck with everything! This week I have really learned the importants of family strength and church attendence. I have seen the horrible spirits that can be invited into homes by one simple person doing something wrong. I got to see the power of pray and faith in action and it was crazy. If anyone you know is doing something that they know they shouldn´t be doing please encourage them to fix it and to show Satan the door. I don´t want any of that stuff affecting my family or my friends. So GO TO CHURCH and be great haha. Anyways that is that. I will step off of my soapbox haha Take care of yourselfs. I am praying for you and hope you are all doing great. I can´t wait to here from you next week! Siempre con Amor Elder Garrett Steven Allen