Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--May1, and May 2, 2012

May 8, 2012 Que Honda Viejo Chochos! Wow mom. That's impressive that you wrote all of that on a touch screen! How long did it take you?;) haha So I can call to get the skype thing going. I wrote down Brandon's username so I'll try and find it through that, and if not I'll call you guys so we can figure it out. We have some time on sunday to call at 6:30 California time so it will be 7:30 your time I believe. That would be awesome if Josh and Cho and them were there, and Gram and Gramps. I went to the temple today but missed Grandma again. Bummer eh? but maybe in July I'll see her. It was great to go to the temple again. I wish we could go more. That's so awesome that TJ's going to Florida! He's gonna love it! Missions are so amazing. Tell him I love him, and I'm super excited for him! Well I guess I'll talk to you soon. Love you all! Adios! Con Amor, Elder Witle! May 1, 2012 Hola Hola! Wow sounds like Braxton had quite the Hospital experience last week. I wonder if he'll remember that for the rest of his life. That's pretty crazy. So Mission life is going great. We're having some really cool miracles, and some solid investigadors. The lady in the park has been really busy, but wants to meet with us still. We're just trying to find a good time for her to meet. Thanks so much for the PMG'S The district love's them, and they all said to tell you that your the best and thanks a ton. They felt like it was Christmas haha. So I'll be calling not this Sunday but the next, Not sure what time, probably around like 2 or so. I'll let you know. Also do you want to do skype or should I just call instead. Just let me know. So we had a pretty funny thing happen. There's a member in the English ward named Brother B. The missionaries in Carmel Valley live with him. Well This guy has Scitsophrenia (Spelling?) and a couple other things. Basically he's not all there, but he's one of the nicest sincere people you'll ever meet. Well Elder Zaitzeff was on exchanges over there, and he told Brother B. the Why do birds fly south in the winter time joke. He practiced it with him the whole exchange so that when I came to pick up elder zaitzeff brother b. could tell it to me. So brother b. asked me the question and I said I don't know, then brother b. sat there for about 5 minutes trying to think of the answer. I tried to give him some hints. I said it's pretty far that they have to fly isn't it brother b., and he said ya ya it is pretty far isn't it. Finally he got it out he said it's because..... it's...... too..... hard to fly backwards. haha. We all just busted up laughing and said Brother B. that's a good one. He smiled and said ya thank you thank you. Oh man it was super funny. I love that guy. Well things are going great. I hope that everything is good with cherry still;) haha Love you all and hope you have a good week. k bye. Con amor, Elder Whittle p.s. Bato quiere decir dude en espanol, y de tin marin de do pingue cucara macara titere fue yo no fui fue tete pegale pegale que esa morita fue los monitos de cafe es cuando tiene que escoger alguien en un circulo. En ingles es iney miney miny mo catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go....

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