Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- May 14, 2012

Dear Family It was good to talk to you yesterday and to hear that everything is going well. You were right when you said that it was going to be a little weird after talking to you. Yesterday night was basically a big old drag. I don´t know why but basically me and my companion were just done and ready to just go relax, but you got to teach right? Anyways today is p-day so it is a perfect time to relax and to get back into the work. This week has been a really good week. I had some amazing experiences with two families that we are teaching. The first is a member who´s family is not members and he is very less active because he has to work basically every Sunday. The daughter in this family is investigating and is coming to church and seems to be interested. So we wanted to set a date with her to be baptized but I felt like we should talk to the Dad about it first. So we did and we got his promission and basically told us that the desicion is hers and that him and his wife were going to support him in whatever she chooses. So after getting that answer we had a lesson with her and commited her to baptism...It was a super amazing experience that I can´t really explain but I will try. The lesson was just with her and her dad. She look at us and said if my dad wants me to I will...He responsed to her and told her that the decision is hers and that she gets to choose but to know that the commit to baptism is serious and that she will have to go to church ever Sunday and follow the teachings of the church...Now i know that doesn´t sound amazing right now but he did it all in Vos. Vos is a way of speaking here and they only use it with people that are really close to them, such as family, loved ones, and really close friends. It is like tu form but ten times more personal. It changes the meaning of everything. I made to conversation so personal and amazing to here. I got to see a true love from a Dad to a daughter. Vos is a super interesting thing here...It is either the most insulting thing or the most special thing or just nothing...But in this moment it was amazing and just wow. I can´t really discribe it haha. Anyways the is the first experience. The second is with a family of 3 that we are teaching. They are basically the dream investigadors. They do everything that we ask them and they have tons of questions all of the time and they are studying and reading and everything. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true but they just won´t come to church. That is beside the point haha. Anyways we were in a lesson for the plan of happiness and we got to the end and see basically explained the 3 kingdoms to us with out us saying anything...It was crazy... She knew that she had to get baptized to get to the Celestial kingdom. It was cool to see her figure all of this out though studing and all of that get stuff. Anyways those are some spiritual moments So now to the fun moments. First thing is First. THE RATS ARE BACK. We caught another rat this week and had are landlord kill it with some poison that she has. So the battle of the rats and missionaries is back on! haha We will have to see if I get any more crawling on me haha. Anyways I will keep you posted on that. Also we have an Amazing crazy progressing investigator. She basically knows the whole Bible and Book of Mormon memorized and has an amazing understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After she gets baptized she will probably go out to the mountains and will be raised up to heaven. Anyways she was part of a religion called pentecostals. So she is missed guided a little. Like this Sunday during the sacrament she was praying out loud while they were blessing the sacrament. So it was queit interesting. She is super crazy and always prays with the people that are praying. I guess it was part of her old religion and we just can´t get here to stop haha. It is great. Also she heard a talk on tithing during sacrament meeting and basically yelled at me and my companion that she wants to pay it right now and that we have to show her how to do it. Basically she is crazy and just goes of on everything. It is great. I love it hahah. So there is that. Maybe with time she will figure it all out haha. She has total faith in Jesus Christ and loves everything we tell her....Now only if we could understand her...She talks super fasy and in Bible language. Basically me and my companion are lost the whole time haha. Anyways that is Orasia. Welp that is pretty much it. Take care of yourselves and I love you all lots. The mission is going great and basically I just have to finish it up and work hard haha. Anyways take care and good luck with everything. I love you all!!! Elder Garrett Allen

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