Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- May 7, 2012

Ok first before i for get. I will be calling you for mothers day on the 13 of may at 12:30. So that is basically the only time that i can do it and i may be off like an hour for something cause of daylight savings stuff but I am about 90 percent sure that I am right. Also i will be calling you from a phone card that i will buy and i will have only like 45 to 50 minutes maybe more. SO that is that. I am looking forward to it. It should be fun...I wish that we could use skype. mayeb we can...send me skype information just incase and be on stand by with it hahah. Ok that is all So this week has been a pretty good one. I had some crazy experiences with members needing help and women brestfeeding while riding motos (maybe StacyAnn can do that on her knew Pink motorcycle) being part of bishop interviews and all sorts of great stuff.This week has been pretty crazy. The work is going good and we are find some really good family´s to teach and they are really getting it and start to figure out what they need to do. It is pretty sweet to be a part of it. So first I will probably be able to help build a church here for a new rama (Branch) that they want to start. So it is going to be sweet to be a part of that. I will be able to say that i built a church...How cool is that? Also I will be helping a guy tomorrow build a house by the river (AKA the bad part of town) so that is going to be sweet. I love all the crazy experiences that I get to have here. I still am having my challenages and my struggles but I am trying to take the great advice that everyones has given me and just go to work and stop complaining. You did say that I am not Lamen but that I am like Nephi and Sam. So that is what I am trying to remember haha. Anyways besides that it has been a week full of work. We have walked everywhere this week. Are area is one of the biggest in the mission and we have people that we need to visit all over so I read a lot of buses and walk a ton. But because are area is so big we might be getting to more Elders here and that would help haha. So the work is good and I miss you guys a lot and am sad that I have to miss all of these big events that are happening. Jeez...You think all of this could of happened before I left. Um...Probably not haha all these blessing are probably happening cause I am on a mission. So your welcome haha.(I´m kidding.) But tell StacyAnn that I am very happy for here and I will remember her in my prayers. I also I want a picture of the dress haha if that is at all possible. Tell Craig that he is going to be a good dad most because he has an amazing wife Bahaha. I wish them luck and I cant wait to meet both of my new Nieces when i return from my two years shindig. Tell John that it is his turn to get married now haha and when you see bryce an Jennie when they come give them a hug for me and tell them that I miss them. I love my family a ton and I have been very blessed to have you all in my life, It kinda makes me sad to think about how my whole family will be all over the states when i come home and i won´t really be able to see them...Sad...Oh well that is why God gave me technology Right? Also I will be back around christmas time...Hmmm I can´t think of a better time and reason to get the whole family together haha but that is a long ways off. Just know that I love you guys and miss you a ton. Good luck with everything! This week I have really learned the importants of family strength and church attendence. I have seen the horrible spirits that can be invited into homes by one simple person doing something wrong. I got to see the power of pray and faith in action and it was crazy. If anyone you know is doing something that they know they shouldn´t be doing please encourage them to fix it and to show Satan the door. I don´t want any of that stuff affecting my family or my friends. So GO TO CHURCH and be great haha. Anyways that is that. I will step off of my soapbox haha Take care of yourselfs. I am praying for you and hope you are all doing great. I can´t wait to here from you next week! Siempre con Amor Elder Garrett Steven Allen

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