Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Congratulations Elder Ferguson-- called to the Florida Orlando Mission-- reporting on August 15, 2012 There is a great story behind this call--- here is my Facebook post from that day May 2nd SURPRISE!!! We like surprises at our house... for example, a surpise trip out to see the cousins in KC, a surprise run in with the KC cousins in California or like when I got a great surprise for christmas (my circa 1950's turquoise freezer for an awesome display cabinet) Probably the biggest surprise to date was when we told the family we were expecting a baby. NO! we are not expeciting another.... baby. But tonight I got a big surprise, an early Mother's Day present. I was sitting on the deck enjoying the evening when one, by one some of TJ's friends showed up. TJ was in working the ambulance in Spanish Fork today, so I just thought they were here to see Brooke. Then TJ walked out. That was a nice surprise. Then about 1 minute later Bishop Funk walked out and handed TJ a big white envelope. It took me a second to register. I was surprised because the last TJ and I had talked about a mission, he had told me he just wasn't sure if it was what he wanted. I felt that the more I talked about it, the less he was interested in going. So I stopped talking about it and thought TJ would let me know when he made his decision one way or another. Fast forward about a month or so to today. That sneaky boy enlisted the help of Dad and Grandma and Grandpa and the Bishop and swore them to secrecy. They helped him with all the details of filling out the forms and the Dr's and dentist apts. TJ is going to ORLANDO, FL. He leaves Aug. 15, 2012. I couldn't be more surprised or more happy that he came to this decision. Way to go TJ....Love you. And thanks for the biggest
surprise of my life.

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