Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- May 16, 2012

Wow hace mucho tiempo que hemos hablado verdad? haha It was kinda cool to skype wasn't it? I thought it was fun to see everyone, and I'm amazed at how much Braxton is talking now. That's awesome. And Paisley is huge! haha . So Elder Barlow gets in at 4:05 on Wedsnday, and I think Delta. Just make sure you don't interrupt to much with his family. I think it would be super funny if you had my poster there haha. We got along really well. We had a lot of fun. It's sad that he's leaving. Well nothing much has happened since sunday. We had a super good lesson with one of our investigadors yesterday. We brought Hermana Del V. and she did an awesome job with the lesson. She's awesome. Things are going to start to get pretty crazy. We have the Singles ward now and summer's starting up so were going to be working with them a lot. I'm going to struggle trying to speak english haha. The other day I was talking to this lady on the street that was from russia and she spoke english, and all of the sudden I just blurted out something in spanish just out of habit and she just looked at me funny haha. I'm gonna have to work on my english again haha. It's going to be fun though. I'm excited. Well hope you all have a good week. I'll let you know who my new compa is next week. Love ya all. K bye. Con amor, Elder Witle

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