Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- February 27, 2012

Subject: No Effort Goes Unseen

Well transfers are this Wednesday, and I'd really like to know what is going to happen. Like I said last e-mail, I think that Elder Reichman is going to be leaving. So I'm either going to be staying here, and finishing up the training for Elder Clark, or maybe I'll get someone else. It difficult to say because Elder Clark could get his visa anytime and then they would have to put me in with another companionship. Maybe I'll be in another three-some. Who knows what is going to happen. We will get a call on Tuesay night, and then have an hour to pack our bags and be ready to leave the next morning. Its always so stressful on transfer week, always wondering where you are going to be and with who.
The work here has been slowly moving forward this past week. We have been seeing Enrique throughout the week, and he is progressing just wonderfully. Hopefully he will be ready to get baptized this next transfer, and if I'm still here that would be great. On the other hand if I wasn't I wouldn't be to sad, whatever happens, happens. Angel and Luz are doing great. We had planned to go to the Departing Missionary Fireside with them yesterday, but Luz's mother came from Mexico so she didn't come, but we still went with Angel. The Departing Missionary Fireside is something that we have here in the mission, the sunday before transfers all the missionaries that are leaving that transfer bear there testimonies and do musical numbers. They are all able to invite all their previous investigators and converts. It was really good, Angel really enjoyed it.
I have an interesting story for you all this week. So this last Sunday, we were at church, and were in Gospel Principles class with Enrique. Our district leader Elder Gonzalez called us out into the hall, and I was just thinking of all the things that could have happened. We got out there and there was this woman standing out in the hall. She told us that she had been attending church for the past two months and that she wanted to be baptized. Of course we were stoked and so we got her information and set up an appointment for Tuesday. Tuesday arrived and we went overt to her house for the lesson. As we started getting closer to the house, everything started to look familiar. We arrived at the appartment building and then called her because she had not given us her appartment number. She said that she was coming out to get us. We then saw the door of appartment A open. Right then it all came rushing back to me. The very first week that I was here in LA 6th, Elder Reichman and I had put together a list of former investigators to go and contact. We had knocked that door everyday for a week, trying to contact Marta. We had left notes on the door, saying that we were the missionaries and that we wanted to stop by another time and talk with her. But we never received a call or saw any results. Interestingly enough we found out that she had started going back to church the week and we had come by. Now we get to see the fruits of our labors. The is never an effort on the mission that goes unseen in God's eyes, or in our lives for that matter. Our heavenly father is very aware of all of our lives. Our struggles, our joys, our sorrows, our difficulties, our efforts to be better people. He knows each and everyone of us, and loves us. I know that that is true. He will be there it help us through our hard times. He'll never abandon us. Let us not forget Him, in our lives.

Con Amor Elder Moore


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