Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elder Mattthew Whittle-- Nov. 1, 2011

Hopefully those of you who know spanish can enjoy part of this. LOL

Como les va?

Pienso que es mejor si escribo mi cartes juntos para ustedes. No tengo mucho tiempo enotonces que este carte esta para padre tambien. Well the work here is so much fun. We have so many miracles everyday that we almost feel like asking for less haha. It's hard to keep track of all of our potentials, but it's going great. Mi Espanol esta progresando rapidamente aqui en la calle. It's really fun. I love the Spanish culture down here. They are so humble and many are willing to listen. My companion and I talked the other night with some seven day adventists? One of them talked to me for about 20 minutes and then two others came up and started talking with Elder Kidd. They were totally trying to bash with us. I asked the guy if he believed that God loved him and if he could call another prophet today. He agreed and said yes. He kept trying to get me to bash, but I just kept saying hmm that's interesting. Then I complimented him on his knowledge of the Bible and his faith, and asked if we could come discuss more with him sometime about the Gospel. He was really nice all of the sudden and said o ya for sure. So I took down his information and number, and he wants to meet with us tomorrow. We'll see how it goes but it was a cool experience. I learned that Bible bashing doesn't do any good.
yo he tenido muchas milagros. I obviously can't write about all of them, but the other day there was a girl walking by our car just as we pulled over to the curb, and we have been trying to talk to everyone we see so we jumped out of the car, and got her attention. She suddenly asked us if we believe in witchcraft.... Kind of weird right. We said we guessed it could maybe be real, but the thing we do know is that we have something called the priesthood which is the power of God, and it's more powerful than any of that. She then told us her problems. More than we wanted to know. She has a very hard living condition and life. She's 19 years old. We asked if we could help her make changes in her life, and come over sometime. So we've taught her twice in the past week and the first time we ended up giving her a priesthood blessing, and she started crying and felt the spirit. Yesterday we taught her again and she set a batismal date. We didn't really even ask her. We talked about Baptism and she just said, I want to be baptized. I want to change, and never go back. It was really neat.
David has been busy lately with moving and work, but we're trying to get ahold of him to teach him more. The field is definitely white down here and ready to harvest. So many people that need the gospel. I love it down here! The people are so great, and most are pretty respectful to us and appreciate us. It's definitely the ghetto, but I love it. Our apartment is kind of run down but it's fun. We spend some of our time before bed hunting cocroaches in all the cabinets and trim. I think we've pretty much killed all of them with some potent cleaner we found under the cabinet haha. Good stuff. Tell everyone hello for me and that I love them and pray for them. Hope everything is going good. Pray for people to be able to share the gospel with and God will put people in your path. I know this is true. I get to experience it everyday and it is blessing my life in many ways.

Love Elder Whittle

-O and apparently I can pull off that I'm from spain. So far I've gotten two mexicanos creer que soy de espagne haha

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