Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- March 19, 2012

It has been another great week here in LA 6th. Elder Kuo and I have just been busting it down here, in the California heat. Well for some of the days. We got a lot of clouds, rain, and HAIL as well. It was super crazy just driving my bike in all of it. Elder Kuo and I have been working just great together. We have some really great plans of how to jump start this area and get it up and rolling. So hopefully we will be able to get those plans into place. We really have been working a lot this week. We are still on the search for new investigators, and so we do a fair amount of knocking doors, and street contacting, super fun. Especially when you get to whip out some spanish on someone, and they are taken by surprise not knowing that I can speak spanish. Its pretty funny. We have been working with Wilbur still. The in-active member that we brought back. He is doing absolutely wonderful, and is loving it. This whole week has been pretty crazy trying to contact Enrique though. We can't ever get ahold of him, and he didn't show up to church. So hopefully we will be able to catch him one of these days. We are also working with Martha. I don't know if I have ever talked about her with you all, but she is a lady who showed up to church one day and said that she wanted to be baptized and so we started teaching her the lessons and all that jazz. She is progressing, and hopefully will be getting baptized at the end of this transfer, beginning of next. We have also been working with a man named Jaime. He is married to one of the members in the ward and has been working with Elder and Sister Peterson, the senior missionaries. He has basically been taught everything and now we are just waiting for him to be ready to set a date. He is so great, and comes to church every sunday. There are a lot of great things going on here in LA 6th, who knows what is going to be happening.
Like I said, Elder Kuo and I are doing just great. We really are working so well together. Sometimes I even think we might have the same mind because we ALWAYS say the same things at the same times. Quite funny. Well we were getting ready one day this week and I was thinking that I was really feeling a good breakfast. So I opened up the fridge to see what we had and we had some eggs and milk, and a bunch of other things that weren't breakfast related. So I checked the cupboards and found some sugar, and some cinnamon. So I made us some scrambled eggs and cinnamon toast. I couldn't help but think of Dad always making us breakfast on Monday mornings, the same things too. Good times.
What is the story with everyone back home? What is happening with Josh? I wrote him a letter but I haven't heard anything for awhile. Hopefully he is doing good and will be able to come to CALIFORNIA pretty soon. Anyone know about TJ, also? Let me know. Sounds like everyone else is going just great working, going to school, and getting a Keva Juice without me. But its all good, Elder Kuo makes me a smoothie like every day, jajaja.
Well everyone General Conference is right around the corner and I hope that everyone is getting prepared for another get one. It really is so great to have a prophet on the earth who is able to receive revelation from God. Hopefully we will all take these upcoming messages and apply them in our lives.
Pues, el tiempo se fue y ahorita yo tengo que ir a la lavanderia para recoger mis ropas, pero tenga una buena semana. Yo voy a hablar con ustedes la proxima semana. Espero que todo esta bien con todos y que ustedes estan luchando la buena lucha. Adios

Con Amor
Elder Moore

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