Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- November 12, 2012

Well it was good to hear from you this week. Honestly this week was super slow and challenging. I dont know why but it just kinda kicked my butt. So it is always good to have a p-day and pull yourself back together and get it all working so you can go and try again this next week. Pray for me that it will be a good one haha.
This week did have a lot of good pionts. First is that one of are investagators will be getting baptized this week!!! Her name is A.  and she was stuck living with a guy because she didn´t have money to leave and live somewhere else and she didn´t want to take her daughter away from her dad. It was just a crazy situation and luck it all worked out. This past week we have been passing by her house but no one is ever there. About the fourth time that we passed her nieghboor came out and told us that she doesnt live there any more and we asked for her new addrees which she luckly had. So we basically busted down there and asked around until we figured out what house it is and found her. She invited us in and basically we took out the date with out a problem and she has all happy and we were happy and because a miricale happened. It was awesome. She is now living with her sister and everything is going to be sweet. So one more soul for God. Second is just a cool story. So when it rains here the streets just turn into rivers and lakes, It is just how it is here in Tucuman. Everytime it rains at least one street gets turned into a river. This tuesday it was raining pretty hard and we just finished a lessen and were heading home. We decided that we didnt want to walk because of the rain so we flagged down a taxi. The ride to the house was one to remember. As are crazy grunting taxi driver was speed through the streets puddle jumping. The lightining was striking around us. I saw it strike a pole for a good 10 seconds and everything and the ligthining was so close that there wasn´t a whole lot of difference between the flash and the thunder. Anyways we get close to are house and the streets around are house are always full of water. The driver just goes in like there isn´t any problem. The water is up to the doors by this point. There is a turn of up a head so i tell him to turn or do whatever to get out of it. He replys with a grunt and keeps a straight forward path into the deeper part...This whole time I am unblievable suprised that the car is still running seein how some water is straighting to lick into the doors. The engine flouding wasnt the really problem. The car started to loss traction. So yea, I pretty much thought that I would be getting out of the car and walk throught the knee deep water. but some who this guy rocks it and jumps the crub and puts two wheels on the side week so the tires have something to grip. So the driver side feels with water while the side i was on was up in the air. Some how we made it. He pretty much slammed the gas to get us out at the very end but we made it haha. It was the most crazy taxi ride of my life.. It was such a good experience haha.
Anyways that is about all that i really have for this week. I love and miss you and hope that everything is going well back on the other side. just so you know I am dying for some letters. Tell me brothers and sisters to step it up and help a brother out haha I would at least like a once very three month update. Jenie is pretty good at it and Mom to so good There!! I love all of you and we will see what this next week brings. Get me updated on all of the good stuff. Tell everyone that I say hey. Oh and do you guys still do the mom lunch and get together or has that kinda fallen apart..anyways that is about it. Stay good and pray for missionary chances and all of that. All the missionaries need your help and your prayers. give them a hand!!! I think I will be studying presonal revalation if you would like to join me haha. LOVES!!!!!

Elder Allen

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