Sunday, November 25, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- November 20, 2012

Man I'm so jealous that Jaden is going to Peru! That's so awesome. Peruvians are the best. I've taught a couple of them on my mission. They're such great people. She should try and learn quechwa (spelling?) while she's down there. That's awesome about Brad as well. Tell him congrats. He's going to love Chile. We have people in our ward who are from Chile and they're super nice. They always ask if we are hungry or thirsty and want to feed us haha. Brad's going to get fat:)
Elder Goble is from American Fork. He's such a funny guy. We've been having a blast. He has one eye and the other one is fake so he always opens and closes his pens with his eye and it freaks everybody out.
It was so great to see Grandma in the Temple. She has such a good spirit about her. I feel like she's the one with the shining light. It was fun to talk to her there while she introduced me to everyone. She needs to come up to Utah when I get back and live with us!
Gertrude is doing great! He wrote me a big long letter talking about how KT Mafia is going to be restarted once we all get back, and told me a lot about how his mission is going. He seems to be growing a lot and seems to be doing a great job with the language. I'm excited to talk to him one day in Spanish. It will be fun. Tell Josh he needs to start learning! He's got a year still ;) (extension! Boo ya!)
The conference with Elder Schwitzer was so great. Kind of stressful getting everything set up and giving trainings, but it was great! The spirit was really strong. It's always neet when a General Authority visits the mission. President Cook came out to a couple lessons with us when Elder Schwitzer was here, and Elder Schwitzer went out with the assistants to a lesson. It was a neat experience. Elder Schwitzer's car battery died just as we were leaving with President Cook, so Elder Goble and I turned around and went and gave Elder Schwitzer a jump.
Things have been going well. I can't believe that we are already half-way through the transfer. We've been so busy that this transfer has just flown by. Elder Goble and I are getting ready to sing and play guitar together at the Christmas talent show. It's going to be fun. We're going to sing Nearer my God to thee. We'll try and record it.
Wellp not a lot of new stuff to tell ya. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Love you all. I like the Carne asada idea. You should make Molet! I love that stuff! Don't forget the Chapulines!
Con amor,
Elder Witle!
P.S. Tell Kaleigh congrajulations for me!


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