Monday, November 26, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson- Novemer 26, 2012


Thanksgiving has come and gone supes fast. And this week I finished my 2nd transfer, and training woot woot. haha, The week was....interesting. For thanksgiving day, we had a turkey bowl, which was fun, w/ a lot of the missionaries, and the ward. Then we went to The professional Skydiver/basejumper's house, kinda ate w/ him a little, which was good/sad cause he is going through some rough family stuff right now/recovering from surgery and he was all alone for t-givings. Then we ate w/ the H's (Brother H does some of the temple tours and is super awesome.) For the main meal, w/ the Portugese elders. Then went to the Young Women Pres house, and ate there a little bit...but that was it. It was a rough day.We had a lot of families cancel on us, and couldn't really go it was rough. But we made it through that, and then on Friday, Elder Cooper was really sick so we just stayed inside all day, and I read the scriptures ALL day, which was good till about 6 at night. Thennnnnn I was bored. so yeah. It was great. haha. But our Haitian Friends were baptized on Sunday, so we were suuups happy for them.

I love you guys thank you all so much for everything you do, be safe.

Elder Ferguson

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