Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle- November 12, 2012

was funny.
Things have been super crazy the past week, but really good. We've been having a lot of cool little miracles. We gave that big training to the Zone and everything turned out great. We had members come to it, and role play investigators. It felt like a mini mtc almost. It's been pretty cold here lately. Last night we were out and it was 49 degrees. I was freezing to death. I think the California weather has made me into a wuss now haha.
So we had a really cool miracle last night. We were at the gas station and after we filled up and put air in the tires. There were two kids that went walking up to the gas station. Well one of them stayed outside and he was wearing this crazy spiderman cosutme. So I went up and started talking to him while elder goble filled the tire up with air. I asked him where he got that crazy sweater and we started talking. His brother soon came out and they told us about how they had grown up in the Jehova's Witness faith, but how they didn't like it because they felt like they were being shunned for not keeping all the commandments. We started talking and they began to ask us questions about the Book of Mormon, and what the difference was between us and Jehova's Witness. We told them that we have continued revelation today, and a prophet and 12 apostle's. We then explained the apostasy and the Joseph Smith story. They asked us if they could get a book of mormon. We opened the trunk and gave them each one. Then they asked us about church. We told them where it was and invited them. They said they wanted to come this weekend. It was so awesome! "open your mouth and it will be filled." We had like a 30 minute conversation just there in front of a gas station. It was funny because they said that Mormon's are so much better at casually sharing the gospel. He said if a Jehova's witness doesn't have a suit on then they wont share the gospel, but then he said that he runs into mormons all the time who are sharing the gospel even if they're not missionaries. That made me so happy to hear that. That's how it should be. Have you guys been able to share the gospel with anyone recently? I love hearing stories about sharing the gospel.
Elder Schweitzer is coming to our mission this thursday and friday. He's going to be at our Zone Leader Council so that will be really neat. We have to set up 400 chairs on thursday for the mission wide conference on friday. It should be fun haha. It's good to be busy.
Well things are going well. Hope you all get over your sicknesses. Those are no fun. Everyone has been getting sick down here in California as well. Tell Cho, and Josh hi for me and that I miss them. Do either of them know how I can get ahold of Alex Tamayo. I've been thinking of him. I miss that guy. Tell them all that I love them and miss them. Keep praying for missionary opportunities.
Love you.
Con amor,
Elder Witle!

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