Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Devin Oviatt--November 12, 2012

Hi fam,
Im good! This week has been really good. Me and Elder Christensen are getting into a really good grove. I cant wait to see where we are at at the end of this move. Im also excited that we are still going to have thanksgiving here thanks to the Forsgren family. WE are trying to get alot of new people to teach! So we are talking to everyone!!!!! which has been hard for me because I have had a really bad sore throat for about a week. Hopefully it gets better :) Yeah so sense I sent pictures I dont have as much time but hey at least Im emailing my family unlike ELDER C. He is watching mormon messages. Haha it makes me laugh.
Lets see funny story for this week. ummmmm so we went over to a DA this week and I was hoping I could gooo my whole mission w/ out having to worry about it but we went over to a Da and they made us Pizza. Perfect I love Pizza!! But I saw the first one they got out of the oven and it was covered with ham & pineapple!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO. I asked he daughter if the other pizza was different and she said yeah . Super happy but then they brought out the other pizza and it was covered w/ chicken and pinnapple. I ate salad! :( (Still hate the flavor)
So yeah that was funny we also had a halloween party at our chapel. That was alot of fun. But we ran out of rubbish bins so the bins were over flowing. but what you going to do???
Miss you guys Im jealous of the snow!
Elder Oviatt

"Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal"

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