Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- November 12, 2012

Hellllllo Cleveland.

I'm glad you got my package Mom, I'm glad ya'll had a good time at the party, and nothing too bad happened hahah.
I'm happy all is going well w/ Bronte, and her paperwork! loved the photo's! thanks so much.

I'm glad Brookie is getting the most of the party life before she ties the  knot... haha sounds like she's gunna have 2 rocking sides of the family!

Oh the election haha it was funny we had been talking about it a little bit during our comp study that morning, but then we started making a few phone calls, and after about 2 or three we realized everyone was super down about something.  And the 4th lady we called she answered and said "(sigh) well Elders, I'm pretty upset right about now." haha then we found out Obama won, but like in batman "the night is always darkest before the Dawn" so it'll be allright eventually.

WOW, I saw those pictures and was like!!! WT Heck? I recognized the car, but was like why is it in the back yard!?! haha well I'm glad everyone was safe, Halo 4 is just bad news apparently. I hope
Kendrick is doing ok.  Crazy!
Yeah so w/ our Haitian friends we wanted to make sure that they were understanding everything, so we decided to pass them off to the Creole elders anyways.  Later we found out they did understand everything and would have been good to go. so we were sad to lose them.  But through prayer we had their "slots" filled w/ some amazing ppl, 1 is a RC's brother, who's going through a rough time.  He is reading the B.O.M. like mad so its going great w/ him,  And the other 2 are some awesome ppl who moved from Lake Placid? recently and are looking for some no B.S. religion haha and they seem to understand that everything we do relates back to Christ, so they like that, and are progressing great as well.

Elder Cooper and I are still doing great, we'll be going to the outlet malls today for P-day, so I may buy a watch......but who knows ;)  The ward is really coming around and allowing us to help them all w/ their individual missionary efforts. so it's great.

Love ya'll, I'm praying for ya.

oh yeah and how is Kenny Ballard? and T- Steab, and JKW, and McGreggor?? my millitant pals. (hope i'm not forgetting anyone??)

Love hearing from you, be safe, Pray lots

Elder Ferga $$ as they call me. (not really)

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