Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- November 18, 2012

Well another amazing letter has been sent from my amazing mother. take you very much for that amazing insist into marriage. Seriously on of the best parts about this whole mission thing is knowing that every monday I am able to go and read an amazing letter from a women that i respect and love so much. Really mom you are the best and thank you for everything that you did for me and that you are still doing. It meand so much and I am eternally gratefully. I LOVE YOU!!!
So the first thing is about the whole empty house thing...so I think it is time to let you into my plan...well better said me and brandons plans. So we are thinking about moving into your home and living there for a while to finish school and get are lives started again. So if that is cool with you that would be sweet haha. It is just and idea but it will probably happen. So we could just live in the basement. Obviously i will be but it would be sweet with brandon too haha. Also we would help around the house so you would have to extra hands haha so that is in the works maybe it will work out and that way you wont be so lonely haha. We could put all of the box out of the way and basically just rock it up hah. so yea. that would be the plan...if we had to we could play rent haha so yep. Anyways just think about it. I dont want to sound trunky haha but it is just some plan that popped into my mind when you talked about be lonely. Anyways, so if brandon gets home before me you should let him live in my room until we get home and he can be like your son for 6 months bahahaha.
So about the whole coming to argentina thing....So if that is super exspensive then i dont know but it would be pretty dang interesting to have you guys come here and to show you everything...I am not sure how it all works if the parents come to pick you up so we woulf have to figure all of that out some how but yea. It would be pretty cool. It would be really cool if some how we could get to chubut to go the elder gallardos house but that would be hard to do. It is on the otherside of the country. so we will see...honestly if it is alot of money you shouldn´t do it...honestly i will have absolutely nothing in the area of money when i got home so that will be my challenge but god has my back so i have faith. I will just have to work hard. I lot of people thinks life gets easier when the mission is over but i only see it getting harder haha.
Well now to tell you about the crazy week that i had haha. So it started out pretty normal and then it turned out everyone has a lot of problems and as a missionary there is a whole lot that i can do. When family doesn´t have food to eat so it is go talk to the bishop, the second problem was my husband beats me so we say go talk to the bishop. After that the week got crazy. We had to prepare for the baptism and get everything ready...the problem with that is that the founts here done drain by them selves they pump them out but luckly for us the pump is broken and they didn´t fix it so we and my comp got to get the water out by buckets!!! Heck yea!!! Another thing to remember!!! so basically i spent 3 hours getting the water out. It was crazy and we both ended up some what wet. The things that we do to get it all worked out and going well. Crazy. haha. After that the baptism went well. So after that day i was blessed to go see M. and N. get married friday. That is right. i got promission to go see there wedding!!! It was amazing.M. and N. are my good family that threw me the birthday party and everything. so those are the pictures. It was so good to see them again...it was like a taste of coming home and seeing my family and friends and just being in that again. It was a huge blessing an now i am so very greatful to be so close to my old area. The lord really is watching out for me. It is a nice feeling. also I gave Elder Gallardo his jersey there an he basically freaked out. He is super happy and thankful for it. He says thanks. There is also a photo of that :) He also says that he will send you a present mom from the south of argentina so some day you might end up with a random package from Chubut argentina haha. Thanks for sending it. It meant a lot to him. So after that adventure we had a pretty slow week. it was hard for me to get my head into the game for some reason but hopefully this week will be better.
So about where I am at. I leave in a house now. the houses here are all pushed together and all of that stuff. Basically where I am is city. There are very busy streets and a lot of people. The house i live in is pretty goo. We have ac so that is a total plus. The shower doesnt work and when it rains here are ceiling is full of holes so are front little room feels with water. It was interesting this week because we had a super strong storm that turned to power of for a while and dumped rain. The room basically became the great salt lake bahah. It was fun. there is a picture of that also. I dont know if you will be able to see it but it is there haha. There are still motos here but more people drive cars so that is different and the people are super different. It is only 15 minutes away but it is super different for some reason..it strange how it works out haha. As for beds we have bunkbeds so i am up off the floor. So everything is going well. It is weird to be in a house but it isnt to bad. The ac makes it all worth it haha..
So that is basically my week. I will be printing off your email for later to copy haha. There are some good things in there. It basically makes me happy. I am super glad to be in the work of the lord. The truth is that right now I am struggling but you just got to stay positive and look for the lords will and not yours. There is a great mormon message about a gardener with that by Christofferson. If Josh reads this I think that he should wash it. It helped me out this week. I am very thankful for all of those people that are helping and praying for my. I am so very greatful for all of you and for everything tht you do for me. Take care of yourselves and be safe. I love you all and the church is true!!!! look for the lords will in your life and all we work out. Try to be better everyday and find the things that you have to imporove. The lord will help you. That is the gift of the light of christ. Be strong in the faith and sure the scriptures. HAVE FAITH!!!!
I love you all and until next week. Paz Fuera.

Your beloved, Elder Allen
P.s. this transfer is over and i am still with elder bryner in the same spot so nothing has changed. I love you.

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