Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle--November 28, 2012

Hahaha Boo Ya!
I'm glad Josh caught that:) haha It's possible that I could extend. The thing is with all these new missionaries coming in it might throw some stuff off, but if I do extend it will only be a couple of weeks. I hope I can! That would be awesome!
So for thanksgiving we ate some super narsty stuff. We ate a Phillapino delacacy called Balut. It's a half-incubated duck egg. It was pretty disgusting. We filmed ourselves eating it and we felt like throwing up a couple of times, but we ate the whole thing. So the egg is warm, and you crack it open and some juice starts to come out so you suck the juice out. (That made me wanna barf haha.) The juice was like brown and didn't smell the greatest haha. Then you break away the rest of the egg shell. Well to my luck the first thing that I saw when I opened the egg was the long neck and the head all squished into the body. So I uncovered it more and asked sister W. what I do next. She said just bite into it all. So we just started eating it all like a boiled egg. There were a couple of times I felt a little bit of a crunch. (probably like the beak or something haha.) The egg white was pretty gross too. It was all down at the bottom and it was really hard, and tasted like we were eating crumpled up rubber. So ya it was a fun experience. Sister W. was just laughing the whole time, and then said well now you don't have to eat anymore all day. You just ate an entire duck haha. She's so awesome!
I've been just teaching in english, but still get to talk to people on the street in Spanish a lot. It's fun. I just got to go on exchanges with Elder Simmons in spanishland here in Vista. We saw so many miracles together. He's the District Leader now in the Vista Spanish District so I get to see him quite a bit. There was a hispanic lady that we talked to and we asked her if we could come by and teach her and her family about Jesus Christ. She said no, la verdad es que somos catolicos. (The truth is that were Catholics.) So we asked her, well have you ever wondered why there are so many religions and different beliefs. She said ya know I have. I've wondered that same thing. So then we told her well the original church that Christ established was lost once the apostle's were killed and everyone just began to do their own thing, but we know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been brought back and that God has called a prophet and twelve apostle's to guide his church. Then we asked what would it mean to you if you could know that Christ's church was restored? She told us it would mean everything to her. Then we said what if we were to tell you that we had evidence of that, would you be interested in seeing that evidence. She said yes I would. So we explained to her what the book of mormon was and about Joseph Smith. She then said that we could come by this weekend and share it with her family. It was a really neat experience. People don't understand what we really have, but the more they begin to understand it, the more they want it in their lives.
I hope that Josh is doing better. I keep praying for him as well. Tell him I will write him soon, as well as the Choster. I'm glad that he'll be closer now. I miss that guy. I think about him a lot, and pray for him. How's Justin Christensen and Caleb Weeks doing? They're home now right?? That's so weird. I can't believe it's already almost December. Tell them all Hola por mi:)
Things have been going really well. Super busy, but good! It was really neat to have Elder Schwitzer here with us. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Love you all. Keep looking for missionary opportunities:)
Con amor,
Elder Witle!

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