Friday, November 16, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- November 14, 2012

Note: Matthew was able to see his Grandma Whittle at the San Diego again! Yeah! Congrats Brynn, Jaden, Marissa and Brad on your mission calls! We are so excited for you!

It was SO wonderful for me to see Matthew (Elder Whittle) yesterday at the temple. He looks GREAT and has that missionary shine and great spirit ! He looks healthy and seemed to me to be more mature and like a more well seasoned Elder than he did a year ago. I got to meet his companion, both fine looking young men, and when I asked if they got along well together, they looked at each other and smiled and Elder Goble immediately said, " I LOVE Elder Whittle !" I was so pleased that I got to visit with him for a little while. I met them at the top of the main staircase going up to the dressing and endowment rooms where I had been watching for him and hoping I hadn't missed him. It was funny because several people who work on my shift were just arriving so it was kind of like a reception line when I got to introduce him to some of my co-workers. Throughout the day people kept saying how nice it was to meet him. I guess I was really showing him off. As they were leaving going quickly down the staircase with their shoulders squared and a purposeful stride I had a lump in my throat and I thought, "There go some very fine 'Elders of Israel' who are more than eager to save souls for Christ and serve in a righteous way." He seemed to me to be a true shining bright light and you can surely be pleased with him and the work he is doing.
LOVE all of you. Mom/Grandma

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