Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- November 5, 2012

 Don't worry too much about not being able to Write last week, It was an alright week last week, but this week was sooo great, time is flying:( the transfer is over half over!) and it is just fast fast all the time. This week we saw loads of miracles. On wed we got a media referral for a lady that just moved here fromh Haiti, and only speaks French So we show up and knock on the door, and this lady answers and we ask if she was the referral, and she said "no" but before we could even say we were missionaries she said "but I want to learn too!' so she opens the door, and it ends up that the referral was just inside but everyone (4 ppl) wanted to hear our message. B ut since there weren't any males there we had to teach the Restoration on the doorstep. We taught in English, to 1 of the ladies who can understand English, then she'd translate to Creole to make sure she understood. they were super pumped and when we finished the asked "so when are you coming back???" We said when would be a good time for you, and they said "everyday!" so we have gone back like 4 times since and it's 2, 30' year old ladies, a 16 year old son, a 14 year old daughter, and a 5 year old daughter. so all the people of the baptismal age totally have a date for the 17th, (super prepared so we feel good about making it quick) and they all came to church yesterday. they rock!!! so I'll keep you updated on them.

On Halloween, it was great, we ate at a members home, then were able to go to a temple tour w/ one of our investigators. It was really FUN, then when we went home to get the mail I had 2 PKGS! one from you(mom) and one from BRONTE :) it was great. but for p-day last week we (the district) all carved pumpkins and elder cooper and my pumpkins totally won! Its sweet action!

I'm glad ya'll are doing well.  It was cool that one of the youth in our ward just got his mission call to CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA! He leaves like jan 4, so I was super pumped when I heard that hahah :) BRYCE HILL. good kid.

well I've gotta bounce, just know I love ya'll.
I'll try to send a pkg home today for all the b-days happening soon. :)
love you

Elder Ferguson.

p.s. we were at a members house this week and they totally had a LOTUS 72D! and a Jaguire XF & a Land ROver (all new new new cars) in their garage. it was radical! ahah

da church is true(in case you were wondering)
photos arent working today, so remind me to send them next week!!

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