Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ELder Taylor Ferguson-- November 19, 2012

Hello everyone,

Sorry I  don't have much time to talk. I'mma go get my hair cut in a sec.  Our investigator pool kiiiiinda stinks...we had to pass off all our good investigators to their language missionaries. And our 1 main progressing investigator believes that the Lords prayer is the only true prayer we are to say, and he isn't even catholic! haha But it's ok we're meeting tons of new people every day, and we'll be converting potentials into INVESTIGATORS or GATORS for short haha.  For Thanksgiving we will need to stay w/ members most the day, but we CAN participate in a turkey bowl so we;ll do that and it'll be good. The pictures of your beard didn't come through. talk to yall nexty week.

 love you!


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