Monday, December 3, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- December 3, 2012

forgot my camera, pictures next week :(

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 1:31 PM, Taylor Ferguson <> wrote:
Hey guys!!!
Loved Greg's email, glad to hear all is well, and moving along.  Have fun on the trip, we see a ton  of tourists here right now haha it's super funny they stick out BIG time. but then again so do we :) 

Nope we can't go to the temple :( unless we taught 3 or the 4 lessons to a convert, then after a year we can go, or at the end of the mission we can.
I got the christmas stuff so thank you lots :) I love the advent calendar,Ii'll send a picture of it, I put the whole thing up on the fridge then each morning as I get my food, I look at the section I'm reading in that day, so it works out nice. It's good I've been reading a lot from the New Testament so it is good to re read some of the important parts. Oh, and remember that whatever you send, doubles would be preffered to make sure not to leave Aelsta CUUPA  (Elder Cooper) out.
No idea when we can call, I'm pretty sure whoever wants to can be there, and we can't skype (I don't think) I'll let you know when I find out.
Oh and to answer GG's question. Black GG was the last of her family to convert, so nope :(
But right now our progressing investigators are the only white ppl, in our teaching pool haha, 2 of them are this couple that just moved here from Lake Placid FL.  They had just recently got religous before moving up here. Then about a week after they moved here, the Spanish elders bumped into them, they are great and they love the BOM, and the Church web sites,].  It's really cool the mother was adopted when she was young, and never knew anything about her mother.  So for the last 20 years she has been trying to find things out about her, and all she has found out was her name, and burial place. So she went on the church web sites, and found her social security # and was SOOOO happy, she loved it. they are doing great!!
OUT o time, love you tuuuuuns. travel safe :)
ELder Ferguson :)
How are alll my mission buddy's doing. tell ty/john/karl to send me as much gun "spam" as they want, and I'll try to write.
Oh, and I got a letter from Joseph Browning this week, so hopefully I can write him too.
Wish Greg happy holidays from me, and safety!
re:love ya.

Sorry I totes forgot to mention that my leg was good after like a week or 2, so don't worry hahaha
I got the tree pkg on like Tuesday night, along w/ Bronte's pkg. so thanks soo much. Maybe don't send my black jacket tho, cause I got a temp one, and winter is almost over and I don't wanna lug it around for 1 1/2 years haha.
Yeah all the holidays in the heat is definatly weird, it does'nt feel like the holidays, plus I'm not too focused on that cause we got a ton of work to do haha.
We hear from Pres. Hall Every week, he emails us and tells us some things, and asks some questions for us tp email back to him etc..and since we had a mission conf. a few months ago I think it's every 6 months, so we got a lil while till another comes around.
We only work in 1 ward. the Olympia ward. we work w/ the ward pretty closely, and even closer w/ our ward mission leader,  Missionary relations is waaaay different here with the wards than back home. Out here they tell every priesthood holder to go out w/ us at least once a month. They mean buisness pretty much it's awesome,  I'm glad
I loved Greg's email, please fwd as many of them as possible.


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