Monday, December 31, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore--December 31, 2012

THEY CAME! Well this week was absolutely amazing. We were able to have a couple lessons with M and E. They were really powerful, and we got them to commit to come to church and to start reading the Book of Mormon. They came to church and had a really great time. They were excited to go to the gospels principles class, and when we got there the teacher wasn't there. So it turned out that I taught the class, and they still enjoyed it. We found a new investigator through a family in the ward. They are kinda less active, and so we went over there to teach the 18 year old son, and then his little, 9 year old, sister was there. We invited her to sit in on the lesson and she said yes. Then mom came in about 10 minutes later and said that she wanted to talk about getting C.  (the little girl) ready for baptism. What a miracle. We went to the Visitors' Center with them and and a wonderful time, looking at the christmas lights, and listening to music. We also were able to have a lesson with Norma this week. We had Hermano S. come with us, and it turned out really well.
So we were able to speak on Tuesday. It was nice to be able to hear everyone's voices, and to talk with you all about how things are going back home. I hope eveyone is having a great holiday season, especially because today is New Years Eve. Don't party to hard. That means you too, Mom. I know your are turning 41, but you'll have to take it easy. Hahah. Mom hope you have a great birthday that is full of fun, and laughter. Have a martinellis for me. So what are the big plans for this special day? As for us we are going to be have a zone activity. But it'll just be the elders because the sisters are all performing tonight. So all the elders are going to be playing basketball, and then going out for some food. Then we will head up to the Visitors' Center to support the sisters in the zone. Should be fun.
This past week we had transfers. Elder Garrett got transfered down to Redondo beach, and so I stayed here in Penmar. My new companion is Elder Casper. He is from San Antonio, Texas. He came out the transfer before me, and I served in the same zone with him, when I first came to the mission. He is the second oldest out of 5. Both of his parents served missions, in Brazil. He is a hard worker, and we have had a lot of success since he got here. It should be a really great transfer. Well that's about it for this week. Hope everyone is well.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

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