Monday, December 17, 2012

Elder Garret Allen-- December 10, 201

Well transfers have come and gone. Elder B. has now left and i will be
> with a elder from know where they built that canal haha.
> his name is elder A. he seems preety cool. we will see how it
> goes.Anyways it was sad to say goodbye. More for the fact that i am
> now senor
> comp and have to do all of that stuff....Yea...I am not to excited for
> that. Honestly I have no idea what to do from this area haha. I guess I
> just work hard and have hope that it is all going to work out. It should be
> a new adventure and a lot of stories. We will see how it all works out. So
> it looks like santa was right. I will be staying in good old tucuman the
> same ward as floresta. It should be good. it is a hard area but you just
> got to go forward. there isn´t a whole lot for you to do.
> I just need to go and look for what the lord wants because he knows.
> like you sad to weeks ago, we need to humble ourselves before him and
> he will make are weakness strong. He calls who he calls and he knows
> who he wants. he doesn´t make any mistakes, right?
> Anyways the end of this transfer was pretty slow. It was good to
> finish it off and move forward. I am actually glad that I was comps
> with Elder B...really it was a learning experience. I probably
> wont be forgetting him anytime soon. This week I dont have a lot of
> great story. Most of this week I spent traveling...There was an elder
> that had to go salta like three times and I was called to go with him
> and to make sure he wasnt a lone...maybe the dl should have done it
> but he asked me to and that type of thing doesnt bugg me. you need to
> help and elder out haha. So it was a lot of being in other areas and
> riding on buses. It was great. Besides that this week was pretty
> normal. We had a zone training and also this dec 14th is the christmas
> thing with president. We will be putting all of the zones of tucuman
> together. It should be interesting. we will see how that goes. I will
> keep you posted. besides that everything is just rolling right a long.
> I am 11 days from my one year mark. They say after that everything
> just go´s shooting down hill. we will see if it is true. Hopefully it
> doesnt go by to fast right haha. Anyways thanks a lot for all of your
> great counsel and help in the mission!!! You rock.
> So about the whole friends is cool. I understand you arent
> in a lot of contact with those people. I just need to write them some
> letters and see what is up haha It is weird...everyone is starting to
> come home now...It is totally going to be like a line of people just
> falling in...Justen comes home soon and caleb to...It is going to go
> by really fast. Only one year left to learn the most that i can and to
> become the best that I can...We will see if i can make it haha.
> SO how are things at home at this christmas time? Christmas here is
> going to be interesting...Mostly it is just a huge party...we get to
> call you the 24 of this month and we can use skype...I just need to
> find a place that has a camera...We will see if that happens haha.
> Anyways besides that everything is chill. The people here put up like
> 2 and a half foot trees and call it good. The cool thing is that night
> they light fireworks off so it might be like the 4th of july back
> home. we will see haha. anyways. everything is good here in
> argentina...I am dying of heat and that is about it. We will see how
> it goes with this guy from panama. i have hope that it will go
> is always interesting when you have your new comp. you necer
> know what you are going to get. i guess that we will see. Anyways, i
> love you guys and miss you. I hope that everything is going well. I
> will be seeing you next year. I cant wait to hear from you and to call
> you. I will try to see if I can skype but it will be hard to find a
> place to do it. Anyways that is all for this week. Take care and enjoy
> the cold while you have it...I so miss the cold haha. LOVES!!!!
> Elder Allen
> Ps. this week I am going to be studying forgiveness and the importance
> of the book of mormon. Let me know what you are up to. Read pray and
> go to church. haha love you

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