Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- December 3, 2012

> Hey flia,
> Well another week has come and gone in the mission. At the need of
> this week we will see what happens. It will be interesting to see how
> everything works out and to see who is going where. Mostly likely
> nothing will change and it will all be the same. I guess we will have
> to see.
> This week has just been a slow one. everything is just pretty much
> slow. I need to find a way to get things going again and get it all
> picked up. Basically I am in need of some serious revelation from up
> stairs. The most exciting part of the week was with Elder ViƱas. He
> gave a great talk. He pretty much just made us feel good about the
> work. We talked about a lot with repentence and with the atonement.
> Basically he said that every missionary is a good missionary(yes even
> the missionaries that mess up) and that we are all trying in the same
> cause. Now we can do better haha. It was crazy...I was busting of
> scriptures left and right just out of no where. It was pretty
> impressive. He explain simple doctrine in a deep way. That is the best
> way to do it in my opinion haha. It was just great. I got to see a lot
> of my friends from the mission again and catch up a little. Elder
> Gallardo had a surprise for me.. He had his family send me a soccer
> jersey from the team where he lives. There is a photo attached to just
> email of that. It was Awesome! He is a great guy. From there it was a
> pretty normal week. We are doing a lot of walking because the people
> are never home when they say they will be. It gets annoying at times
> because I know that they wont be there but my comp is obsessed with
> the whole "they told us to come" so we end up going past the house
> like 3 times just to make him happy. It is a lot of walking back and
> forth from place to place. It is a great way to devolop patience I
> guess haha. But really I dont mind it. We can do it if it makes him
> happy. Plus it is fun to see him get pissed about them not being
> there...He calls them 3 times and everything. I dont know...for me it
> is whatever... I cant force them to listen to me. I can only try. And
> if i have to walk and knock the same door over and over again to save
> a soul then I will do it. It is worth it to me.
> from there everything was pretty chill. My comp and I are still
> there...I think that I might have made it through to him but we will
> see. He is a good guy. Just not some one that I could live with for 24
> hours a day and seven days a week but sadly for right now I have
> to...Whatever. He is great. I hope the best for him and everything. We
> will see if he leaves at the need of this week.
> So this pday we did a lot of cleaning. Cleaning here is
> interesting...It is nothing like it is back home. To clean the floors
> we basically pour bleach everywhere and throw buckets of water around.
> From there you us a things to push all of the water outside. It is
> like cleaning the windows of a car at a gas station but with the
> floor. Maybe it isn´t the best or easiest way but it kinda works
> right? haha. Cleaning here is just a battle. Anyways from there some
> other elders came over to the pentation and we ate together. We did
> this mostly because the transfer will be ending this week. It is like
> the last time to see everyone before they leave. So It should be good.
> Anyways, that is about all for this week. I have been studying dandc
> and the second coming. We are getting a lot of questions about that so
> I guess I have to study it. Mostly it is just making my brain hurt.
> Haha I think I just need to find the spirit of prophesy and then I
> will understand it. Like Mcconkie says, We need to look 5 minutes into
> heaven to learn more then all of the things that have been written in
> this world. Anways I am safe and doing good. I just need to find a way
> to beat the heat here. I think I am going to buy a hat haha. Anyways I
> hope that everything is going well. I would still like an update on
> Josh. I heard that justin got out of the hospital and everything is
> good there. It is crazy to think that he gets home in ten days....it
> goes by pretty fast. If you see him tell him Hi and that I love him.
> It would be nice to hear from him haha. Anyways For now I have To go.
> If there is anything that you need just let me know. I will try to
> help. Only one more year to go and then I will be seeing you again!!!
> Until next week.
> Your Son, Elder Allen

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