Monday, December 31, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- Dec 31, 2012

Parental Units (cone heads)
HOW art thou?
It was really awesome to see everyone (and mainly my gun! jk) I am great and happy, I'm glad you noticed, but I am dying right now......,my hair is waaay to long! I feel like I need to get it cut all the time! haha
Yeah the Brawdy's said Brody, are super great, they helped us out a lot, then after we (Elder Cooper and I) finished skyping we went and ate some deelish BBQ! And they all loved the Baked bean the most! haha who wouldn't though right?  But right as we we're finishing up our luncheon ( I feel old saying that) we got a call from one of our recent converts. But since we were at the meal we did'nt pick it up. Then the Bishop (brother Brawdy's father in law, whose house we were at) got a call from him too, so he answered it, and we found out that our recent convert Eric, died Christmas morning. Eric was a 20 year old guy, who was a little sickly both mentally (not enough to be unaccountable though) and physically. But not sick enough to die, we were very surprised as to his sudden passing. He had a really rough life, he and his family are very poor, he didn't have many friends, he didn't work. He had a rough life. While it was obviously sad, at the same time it was a very very faith building experience for us. The reason being, that Eric was a missionary find from this last spring. He was baptized on Jun 25 2012, and died Dec 25, 2012. Less than 6 months after he was baptized he passed away. Eric though his life like I said it was rough, however through all that stuff he always had a VERY firm faith in Christ. He was always searching for a church where he felt Christ wanted him to be, and one day he was blessed to find it.  He took action and was baptized. Now the faith building portion of this story is this, that obviously there is no such thing as coincidence. And the fact that he was always searching, then finally found Jesus Christ's church, then passes away being released from some pretty heavy stuff shows that God is preparing people for us to share the gospel with, not just us missionaries, but everyone! It shows that we CANNOT judge people, because believe me if you saw this guy you'd never guess he had  faith like he did/  I love that you and dad both talked about Pres Monson's talk in your emails cause it's exactly what I learned this christmas.
love your child!

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