Boo ya!
Man I think I would maybe be ok with visiting my mission in November;) haha That doesn't sound to awful to me;) That'll be so great to have Grandma there with us. We should have her there the whole time! I love being able to see her at the temple. She's amazing! I always feel the spirit when I'm around her.
I hope Josh can get out there! That will be awesome! I'll keep praying for him. Tell him I love him and miss him, and that he's best be ready to go to UVU in a year. What's the Choster going to do for Christmas?? How's mama Cho doin?
We will be able to skype again this Christmas so that'll be great! It might be pretty early in the morning that we do it. We'll let you know once we figure out when.
So last week it was awesome. We had a super cool Christmas Party for the ward. There were about 20 non-members that showed up so Elder G. and I were going around like crazy trying to talk to everyone haha, and then we got up on stage with the guitars and with a phillapino guy that's in our ward named Ray and we played and sang Feliz Navidad for everyone. It was so much fun haha. The two little kids of one of our investigators got up on stage with us and were dancing around in front of the whole audience. I'll have to send you the video. It was pretty funny. The crazy thing was that we didn't really even practice. We practiced it once and Rays house for like 15 minutes, and then ran through it once together before the performance, but it turned out great haha.
That would be cool to get some testimonies to put into the Books of Mormon. I think that would be a great Idea. You can just send me the testimonies and I'll put them in the copies and get them out to people.
Well I hope you all have a great week! Keep looking for ways to spread the gospel. We're going to go caroling to non-members homes starting wednesday. Love you all! Hablamos pronto!
Con Amor,
Elder Witle
P.S. I think my ward mission leader sent dad something for his back on email.
P.S.S. I had dinner sunday night with Brother Empey's brother haha. Small world right. They're down in st. george now right??