Monday, December 17, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- December 17, 2012

Subject: Shopping, Shopping, oh and did I mention Shopping

Well I imagine that everyone is going crazy back home, getting ready for all the festivities. Remember what I said last week, about not getting too caught up in it, but also enjoy yourselves. Well there hasn't been a lot going on, seeming how I just talked with you all, 4 days ago. On Thursday, we had MLT, all of the leadership in the mission got together for a meeting with Pres. Baker, and it was really good. Then on Friday not, much happened because we had District meeting in the morning, and then we had to have another one in the afternoon. So we were just super busy, with all the meetings. Saturday was our ward Christmas party, so that was really good, we were in the kitchen serving everyone. We had Christmas tamales, and rice and salad. It was all really good. Then we did a musical number where Elder. G. and I sang, and Elder. P. and Elder. T, did the bottles and glasses filled with water, it was fun. We sang Jingle Bells in spanish, and everyone enjoyed it. That was all that happened.
How is everyone else doing? Hope everyone is just having a good time, and enjoying themselves. Hopefully there is somebody who will have a snowball fight for me, and then make a snow fort. Oh how I miss those days. And some ultimate sledding up in Eaglewood. Fun times. Well thats all I have for this week, take care. Talk to you all soon enough.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

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