Monday, December 17, 2012

Elder Taylore Ferguson-- December 17, 2012

I'm so glad your trip was a  success and a memory success as well!
I am soooo pumped for Bronte! that is supes cool, probabally the 2nd best mission out there haha!!
So we'll let you know next week what time is best for us, will you write/co-ordinate w/ Bro B.(matt damon's Twin) so we can get everyone there? haha it'll be great
Yes i got all those pkg's so that address is correct.  So anything you send should be good to go.
But anyway we saw a cool miracle this week. my favorite zone leader that I have ever had called and told me how awesome I was and I felt the spirit really strong as he was talking to me.  Then I went out and testified like a lion. He is so great i wish i could be more like him...
(Elder R.-zone leader)
I'm super happy for/jealous of Brookie and Bronch for being able to go to the temple! That is supes awesome!  Tell me how it goes!? Yeah? you'll know why I loved it so much before I left!
Missionary work is super hard every night I cry and then I get over it and get stronger. Minus the get better part. Sometimes i miss you so bad mom...
The work right now is.....interesting, people are so "Busy" and use that as their excuse not to listen. Which is weird cause now should be the time they listen. but it's been really cool the last week, we focused really hard on talking w/ everyone we see, which makes for some great rejection, and meeting really interesting people. But we all know nothing happens in missionary work untill you talk to people! So we've found a couple new people and were working on converting them into potential inv.'s (into GATORS!)
But there are 2 things I  can't wait to tell you guys about.
1st) The 1st counselor in the Mission Pres. lives in our ward, so we talk with him a lot, and we hear this story yesterday about his nephew.
"he got his mission call packet this week, and when he opened it up, there was only 1 piece of paper on it, with 1 phone number on it. Thats all! So confused he called the number, which to his surpise went directly to Pres. Monson, who informed him that for the next 3 years he'd be serving in mainland CHINA!!!!"
Super super super superrrrr cool! That is so cool, even though it's only the 3rd coolest mission in the world ;)
2nd) Last Monday/Tuesday, during personal study I was reading in Alma, when I came across this scripture Alma 60:13, where it talks about sometimes the innocent are slain, to enable God to execute his justice on the wicked. I read it, it was cool, I thought about ambulance, and said to Elder C, "maybe this'll come in handy soon." then moved on. Then, saturday evening we we're talking w/ a widow, and she started talking about how the day before was her husbands death date, and how it was a really hard day for her, Then she decide to wind down, and watch the news, and she saw the stuff about the shooting. So as she was telling us this stuff she was just sitting there bawling, and all the sudden that scripture popped into my head, and we were able to really calm her down and give her some serious piece of mind. It was great to be able to help her out. :)
Well that's all sHE wrote today, sorry if I forgot anything.
Love ya'll a lot, congratz BRONCHO! I'm supes happy for you, along with everyone here! (cept they secretly wanted you to come here, and make it rough on me HAHA)

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