Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elder Moore-- Sept. 15, 2011

Subject: Insta-care :(

Well this past week has just flown by here in the MTC. On sunday i was singing in choir and I got this major pain in my ear so my companion and I went to the front desk, to see what could be going on. They put me on the phone with a doctor and I told him what was happening, he had the MTC personel bring me down into Provo the the insta-care place because he thought that i could have an ear infection. Well we went down there and turns out I did it was so annoyingly painful. On the brightside it was nice to get out of the MTC. jajajaja. We had to go to the pharmacy and get some meds and I couldn't help but think about always going to the pharmacy with mom to get hers. I returned home that night and tried to get as much sleep as i could but with no luck i laid in bed for the majority of the night. The next day I was not feeling good at all, so i just laid in bed all day. I sat there and studied the language a bunch, but what I did that surprised myself is that i started reading, Jesus the Christ by Talmage. Wow i didn't think that i would because i hate reading in the first place, and Talmage can be hard to understand, but with the limited free time that i have here in the MTC, im currently on page 150. jajajaj. Its such a good book, with some amazing insights on the life of the Savior. This tuesday was really awesome as well, for two reasons. First every sunday and tuesday i am able to see Elder Whittle for like two hours in chior, we sit next to each and remember all the good times that we have had. Second tuesdays are the devotional days, so we are able to hear from good speakers. It just so happens that this tuesday we were fortunate to hear from another apostle, Elder M. Russell Ballard. Its so amazing the spirit that the apostle bring, and the learning that can take place because of that atmosphere. That basically the highlights for my week, we are just continuing the teaching of investigators, and living the life of missionaries. Well whats new with everybody back home. I haven't heard much from you guys. Keyton and Bryson? Dad? Mom it was funny to hear about your experiences on Sunday. G and Sessa, sounds like you guys are doing good and are adapting to the new house. Well there really isn't much more to say, hope to hear from you all. God be with you till we meet again.

Amor Elder Moore


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