Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- Aug 27, 2011

Well this is my first letter from the MTC. The past few days have been so crazy here. So after i got all my stuff into my room on the first day it was off to class. I walked in and my teacher was only speaking in Spanish, which was very hard because I didn't know any spanish to save my life. So I sat there the first day wondering about, what he could possibly be talking about. It was kinda discouraging, but I'm determined to pick it up as so as possible. My compañero es Elder Boyd, he is from Missouri, and full of so much energy. He took two years of Español in high school, which really helps with trying to learn Español. Well it was my third day in the MTC yesterday and they already had us teach investigators in Español. I can barely tell people about the gospel in English, and they want mi to do it in Español. Its crazy how the spirit just kinda steps in and brings stuff back to your mind. El don de languas( the gift of tounges) is an amazing blessing to have. So yeah we tried to teach our investigator, Oscar. I cant say yo (i) said a lot but yo was able to teach him a little bit, and yo beared my testimonio, and said the closing oración (prayer). But yo did it all en Español. So yeah it was way crazy. I can´t even begin to express how much mi testimonio has grown just by being here a couple days. The gospel is so amazing, and just thinking about teaching familias about it. Im sure you´ve all realized that im speaking in Spanglish. But im supposed to be using as much Español as possible. Well there really isn´t alot mas to say for this week, so until next week. Id love to hear from everyone.

Amor Elder Moore


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