Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- Sept. 1, 2011

Well I have officially been in the MTC for a week now, its so crazy how fast time can go when your mind is on the lord work. I have had the opportunity to see Elder Avery a couple times, and Elder Whittle and Elder Terry came and visited me for a little bit. It was so nice to see some familiar faces and get to talk with them for a little bit, they seem to be doing well and are actively engaged in the lords work. I haven't really been able to play soccer while I've been here at the MTC, which is kinda a bummer, no one in my district really likes soccer so we mostly just go to the gimnasio to play volleyball, basketball, or foursquare. Maybe one of these days ill be able to go up to the field and play some futbol. Well we have been teaching this one investigator, about our church and how he could pray. I commited him to leer el libro de mormon( to read the book of mormon) and and pray about it. He said that he would do so, and so where were going to check up on him in our next visit, but last night we found out that we would no longer be teaching that particular investigator. We will be getting two new investigators next week, and teach them el evangelio( the gospel). So i was kinda bummed out, that i wasn't able to talk to Oscar anymore. Well the good thing is there is always someone to teach. I can't really say that ive adjusted well to sleeping here in the MTC. Its so weird, waking up and not seeing my own room. I have to think about where I could possibly be, then I realize that I'm in the MTC. Funny stuff. Well im becoming more familiar with the language since i started her at the MTC. Del don del languas is such a powerful tool, who would have ever thought that I would be able to speak EspaƱol to an investigator, within the first week of my mission. Nothing is impossible for two people, if one of those people is the lord. I honestly believe that to be true. My district is full of good missionaries. Out of the 11 of us. Six of us are going to Los Angeles, four elders and two sisters. The rest are going to, Canada, Washington D.C, Peru. and the Mesa Arizona visitors center. So we are all staying in the americas. Well my time is almost up. I will be seeing you guys in one year and 71 weeks, but who´s counting right. Well I love you all, and hope to hear from you guys. Bernie good luck with the football, stick with it and who knows where you could end up in the future. Benien, good luck with the whole high school experience, just make the best of it. Its the best three years to just kick back and have as much fun as possible, while still getting all your work done. Education is key. WOW i cant believe i almost forgot the best thing that has happened this week. Every martes(tuesday) we have a dovational, they haven´t had an apostle come for like three months. So the very first week that im here guess what happens an apostle speaks. It was one of my favorites, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. What an amazing speaker he is. He is so powerful with the way that he talks. He talked about our image as missionaries, and had some pretty, demanding things to say about it. So amazing. Its so great when your have the opportunity to be in the same room as an apostle, the spirit is so strong. Well time is up, until next time.

Amor Elder Moore


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